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Prospectus 2009

Federally Chartered Public Sector University


Noman Bashir NI(M)
Chief of the Naval Staff
Chairman Board of Governors
Bahria University


Vice Admiral (R)

Mohammad Haroon, HI(M) T. Bt

It is my pleasure to welcome the 2nd batch of MBBS students. Bahria University is a multi-
discipline, state-of-the-art University which has made remarkable progress in a short span
of time. Our graduates compete with the best and have excelled both in Pakistan and
abroad. Our vision is to make Bahria University the best educational institute in the country
for quality education. We have inducted highly qualified and experienced teaching faculty
to impart education and training in health sciences at par with International Standard.
Alongwith education the University curriculum and scheme of training caters for general
grooming of students through host of co-curricular activities.

I may assure that you will have a very supportive and congenial environment at Bahria
University Medical and Dental College to enhance your intellectual potential in variety of
academic areas.

I hope your affiliation with Bahria University shall remain the best time of your life, and wish
you success in your future endeavors.


Prof. Dr. Syed Tipu Sultan

MBBS, DA (London),

It is a matter of great pleasure for me to give this message on the occasion of admission at
Bahria University Medical and Dental College Karachi. This facility at Karachi Campus for
training of future medical fraternity is an excellent addition to medical colleges of the
country. This medical & Dental College equipped with state of the art training and teaching
tools would set a pace for other institutes both in terms of quality medical education and
allied training infrastructure.

Highly qualified and experienced team of the college faculty, dedicated to teaching &
training of medical students are present as full time teachers practically & in real sense.

Modern teaching & learning methodologies at par with rest of the world leading medical
institutions have been adopted to ensure that our students learn to apply latest techniques
used in the field of medicine.

It is my proud privilege to welcome 2nd entry of MBBS students and assure them that their
training and grooming at Bahria University Medical and Dental College would lead them to
a successful, knowledgeable and professionally competent medical practitioners of
international standards.
Pakistan needs & deserves best medical institutions, we are proud to be one of them.

1. Chief of the Naval Staff - Chairman Board of Governors.

2. Rector Bahria University.

3. Deputy Chief of Naval Staff (Training & Personnel).

4. Principal Staff Officers or Administrative Authorities as approved by the Chairman.

5. Director General Medical Services(Navy).

6. Chairman, Higher Education Commission or his nominee.

7. Secretary Ministry of Education, Govt. of Pakistan or his nominee.

8. Secretary, Ministry of Finance, Govt. of Pakistan or his nominee.

9. Secretary, Ministry of Science and Technology, Govt. of Pakistan or his nominee.

10. Vice Chancellor, or Rector of a recognized Pakistani University nominated by the


11. Assistant Chief of Naval Staff (Educational Services).

12. The Heads of Constituent Units of Bahria University.

13. Two nominees from the industrial or Financial Sector nominated by the Board of


14. Two renowned Educationist as approved by the Chairman.

15. Deans of Faculties of Bahria University.

16. Registrar Bahria University.

17. Registrar PM&DC.

18. Principal Bahria University Medical and Dental College Karachi.



Mission 01

Objectives 01

Location 03

Statutory Bodies 04

Teaching Facilities 06

Teaching Hospital 13

Other Facilities 15

Learning Strategies 16

Liaison with Parents 21

Admission / Academic Rules 22

Examination Rules 24

College Discipline 28

College Fees and other charges 29

Faculty 30

Bahria University - Salient Features 34

Bahria University Management 41

Sample Test Papers 42


The mission of Bahria University Medical and Dental College is to impart
quality education in field of health science at the under graduate and post
graduate levels.

Providing state of the art educational programmes for health professionals at
the under-graduate and post-graduate levels.

Monitor and upgrade academic facilities and medical curricula for degree
programmes at par with the emerging trends and technologies in health

Development of fully integrated medical education system at par with of

international standards through modular / semester based learning for
under-graduate, post-graduate and doctorate programmes.

Develop collaborative relationship with other medical / health educational

institutions at local and international levels by sharing programmes, visiting
faculty and exchange of students.

Developing research facilities for students and faculty of the college.


Our campus is compact, friendly and offers everything that you

need to get the most from your studies and for your free time.

Life as a student is full of challenges and opportunities. This all is

provided at Bahria University Medical & Dental College to help you
shape your future.


The college campus is located in a central area of the city, on the main Stadium Road;
about a 15-minute drive from the airport.

Address b. Surgeon Captain (R)

Bahria University Medical & Dental Dr. Ghulam Mujtaba Abbasi, TI (M)
College, 13 National Stadium Road Director Health Sciences
Karachi, Bahria University, Islamabad.
Tel: 0092-021-9240002, Ext. 308 Email:
Contact No: 0092-051-9263402
0092-051-9260002, Ext. 309
Contact Mobile: 0333-5233784
For any query regarding admission /
general information, please, contact the c. Surgeon Commander (R)
following: Dr. Akbar Waheed, TI(M)
Deputy Director Admissions and
a. Professor Dr. Syed Tipu Sultan Student Affairs
Principal BUM&DC, Karachi
Tel: 0092-21-9240002, Ext. 309, 308 Email:
Contact No: 0092-021-9240002
Ext. 320, Mobile: 0333-2330758


Board Of Governors
The Board of Governors of Bahria University is the supreme governing body for all major
policy matters concerning the University and all its constituent departments including
BUM&DC. Chief of the Naval Staff is the Chairman Board of Governors as well as the Pro-
Chancellor of the University.

Board of Governors Meeting in Progress

Academic Council
BUM&DC is represented at Academic Council of Bahria University by the Principal of the
College, the administrative head of Teaching Hospital PNS Shifa, and professors
nominated by the College. All matters of academic policy are referred to the Academic
Council by the Principal of the College.

Academic Council Meeting in Progress


Faculty Board of Studies

The Faculty Board of Studies is chaired by the Principal of the College and consists of
nominated faculty members. It meets at least twice a year (though more frequent meetings
can also be called, depending on the need)to address academic matters.

The Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) degree at BUM&DC is a five-
years program, accredited by the Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (the statutory,
regulatory and registration authority for medical and dental education and practitioners in

Registrar Receiving PM&DC Inspection Team

Presentation on BUM&DC is being given to MP&DC Inspection Team


The premises of BUM&DC consist of an mortuary which can accommodate more
independent building within the than six bodies. Human cadaverous are
boundaries of Bahria University Karachi available for dissection purpose. Students
Campus. are encouraged to do dissection in order to
increase their psychosomatic skills.
Each classroom is equipped with internet
access and modern teaching aids The department had also a very spacious
including multimedia projection and PA air conditioned state of art histology
System. laboratory. The lab is provided with large
number of latest Olympus Binocular
The college has well-equipped microscopes & imported Carolina series of
laboratories in its various department: slide boxes. There is also a latest Multi-
headed Microscope which is connected
a. Anatomy with a closed circuit camera so that slide
b. Physiology images can be projected on a wall
c. Biochemistry mounted 36'' LCD monitor. A micro
d. Forensic Medicine
technique section is also present where
e. Pathology
tissues are processed for preparation of
f. Community Medicine
g. Medical Education slides. All the labs are equipped with
h. Pharmacology multimedia / OHPS etc.

The Department of Anatomy The Anatomy Curriculum is developed in

The Department of Anatomy at Bahria such a way that the subjected is integrated
Medical and Dental College comprises of with other basic science subjects and also
well trained and experienced with clinical sciences. Interactive lectures,
postgraduate faculty members. Since case base discussions, problem based
the subject of Anatomy is one of the main learning and structured practical sessions
Basic Science subject therefore the are some of the teaching strategies. These
teaching methodology adopted is unique types of teaching methodology help the
& integrated with other subjects of basic students to learn both knowledge & skills.
The Anatomy Museum contains computer-
The department consists of a very large based three-dimensional models designed
air-conditioned museum. The museum to aid both students and teachers.
has a large collection of plastic models
which are procured from Germany. These Anatomy Dissection Hall
Diligently performed dissection is the
models depict various human body
mainstay of the learning process in gross
structures & the students can use these
anatomy, and it is done best as small group
teaching aids to learn and enhance their
activity. The group generally consists of
knowledge in the subject of Anatomy.
four students who are assigned a body part
The dissection hall is well lighted and fully for dissection. The College Dissection Hall
air-conditioned. It is provided with a large has facilities for the dissection of eighth


human bodies at a time. Students are Anatomy Museum

required to carry out their dissections Medical students need to be completely
within the time allotted. Their presence in familiar with human anatomy. You can
the dissection hall for allotted hours is imagine it would be impossible to repair a
mandatory under college rules. cartilage if the surgeon does not know
precisely where it is and what surrounds it,
or to transplant a kidney without knowing
exactly how its blood vessels are
connected. Located on the ground floor of
the college building, The College Anatomy
Museum is a valuable source for both
students and teachers of anatomy. The
museum collection is laid out in sessions;

For the purpose of demonstrations,

students are divided into small batches
and assigned one teacher, who
supervises dissections, interacts with
students as required and also grades
their performance at the end of the
dissection sessions. Usually students are
introduced to all the members of faculty
Head and Neck; Thorax; Visceral Anatomy;
during the length of the course. The
Limbs; Sectional Anatomy; Nervous
dissection of each anatomical part is
System; Osteology, and Embryology /
divided into sessions. Before each
Developmental Anatomy.
session, the dissection work for the
session is described in detail and the
goals to be achieved at the end of the The museum houses an impressive
session are outlined. collection of models, mostly imported from


Germany and China, including models of

dissected specimens and various human
organs. Some of the models in the
museum are available for use by other
departments, The models are
complemented by poster depictions and
catalogues, as well as a number of
computers in the library that provide
access to anatomy teaching software.
The Bone Room connected to the
museum contains osteological microscopic appearance of the cells and
specimens and a radiograph collection. tissues of the body.
The Anatomy Museum is a busy place
because it is always being utilized by the
The Histology Laboratory is equipped with
maximum students and teachers. The
F i v e - H e a d Te a c h i n g M i c r o s c o p e
Department of Anatomy and Histology
(Olympus) with CCTV camera and two
feels proud to have a world-class
monitors and Binocube Microscopes
anatomy museum for the teaching of
Department of Physiology
Histology Laboratory
Human Physiology is the branch of
The Histology Laboratory is a combined
medicine that deals with the study of
teaching, research and general service
functions of human body. It is intimately
laboratory for the Department of Anatomy
r e l a t e d w i t h H u m a n A n a t o m y,
and Histology. A full range of sectioning
Biochemistry, Pharmacology, Pathology,
techniques for light microscopy is
Behavioral Sciences, and is mother of
accommodated. The laboratory makes,
medicine. The department of Physiology
maintains and updates the normal
comprises qualified and well trained
histology teaching slide collection. These
teaching faculty, headed by Prof. Dr.
microscope slide Sets are central to
Sadiqa Syed with 15 years of teaching
familiarizing students with the normal
experience in this subject, and more than
20 paper presentations and publications in
leading journals of country.

The Physiology Laboratory is very well

equipped with latest and modern gadgets,
apparatus and instruments like Biopac,
spirometer, stethograph, ergometer,
binocular microscopes, ophthalmoscope,
perimeter, PEF meter, centrifuge and ECG
machine etc. The lab is also provided with


overhead projector and multimedia including the Biopac Student Lab System.
facilities; such a provision at our disposal
will benefit students maximally in
demonstrating CDs and conducting
tutorials and practicals. The lab staff is
also highly experienced and well trained.

The first year syllabus will be taught in

three modules in integration with
Anatomy, Biochemistry and Community
Medicine. The course is basically
designed as student-centered with
maximum involvement of students as
active learners. The modes of information Students use the power of the BSI System
transfer will include lectures, tutorials, to conduct the most widely studied
interactive sessions, problem based responses in physiology labs and perform
learning (PBL), presentations, and case online analysis. Lessons target the
based discussions. A comprehensive Circulatory System, Respiratory System,
exam will be conducted at the end of each Muscular Function, Brain Function,
module, in addition to frequent tests, exercise Physiology and Neurophysiology.
followed by a final examination. This will
c o m p r i s e T h e o r y, V i v a , O S P E
EXAMINATION. The theory exam
includes 50% best choice questions
(BCQ) and 50% short essay type
questions. Practical examination
includes structured OSPE and relevant

The learning resources include books,

interactive CDs, colorful transparencies, Dynamic experiments with students as
and internet facilities. Students would be subjects increase interest and retention
welcome to contact resource persons for and develop critical thinking. Basic lessons
solving their queries and making their guide and prompt students, promote
concepts clear. hypothesis-driven student inquiry with
advanced options or develop user-defined
Physiology Laboratory lessons and research projects.
Physiology Laboratory is located on the
second floor and is well equipped with all Department of Biochemistry
the modern equipment required by Biochemistry is the science concerned with
medical students in practical work, the chemical basis of life. The key objective


of biochemistry is to learn molecular The Biochemistry Laboratory is located on

basis of all biochemical process. the second floor and has enough space to
Biochemistry encompasses large areas accommodate more than thirty students at
of cell biology, molecular biology, and a time. It is also well-equipped with the
molecular genetics. The knowledge of latest instruments to fulfill the needs of
biochemistry is essential to all life medical students to perform biochemistry
sciences. Biochemistry and medicine are practicals in a safe environment.
intimately related. Health depends on a
harmonious balance of biochemical
reactions occurring in the body, and
disease reflects abnormalities in
biomolecules, biochemical reactions,
and biochemical processes. Biochemical
approaches are often fundamental in
illuminating the causes of disease and in
designing appropriate therapies.

Biochemistry Department has well

experienced, qualified and enthusiastic
Library and Allied Facilities
faculty. It has a Professor, an Associate
In order to encourage the pursuit of
Professor, two Assistant professors and
knowledge through extensive reading and
five lecturers. It has spacious laboratory
research, the college is provided with a
and one preparation room. The
spacious and well-stocked library where
laboratory is well equipped with modern
text books, reference books and
gadgets and fine glassware. The library
periodicals are available for the use of
has large collection of recent editions of
faculty and students. The library also
Biochemistry books. Teaching strategies
houses workstations connected to the
will be lectures, problem based learning
internet, and a good number of CDs and
(PBL), case based sessions, tutorials
audio- visual material on the topics of
seminars and practicals. Biochemistry
clinical and basic health sciences.
Department has one PhD and four M.Phil
faculty members and going to start PhD
and M.Phil programme in Biochemistry
very soon.

Biochemistry Laboratory
This laboratory plays an impotent role in
giving students a hands-on opportunity
to verify chemical principles and learn
important techniques for safe chemical


The Higher Education Commission will be exposed to important concepts of

(HEC) has provided Bahria University free anthropology, behavioral sciences,
full-text online access to the digital library biostatistics, epidemiology, research
of the international Network for the methodology, demography, psychology,
Availability of scientific Publications health economics, sociology, health
(INASP). planning, national health policy and other
health related issues. They will also be
This has been done under INASP's informed regarding the existing health
Program for the Enhancement of system and services in Pakistan.
Research Information (PERI). The PERI
program has provided access to over The importance of research and
12,000 full text online journals including community based teaching cannot be
publications on medical sciences and of overemphasized and are important
the world's leading bibliographic and elements of modern training at a medical
reference database including those from college to produce complete doctors. The
Blackwells, CABI, EBSCO, emerald , Gale Department of Community Medicine has a
, institute of Physics Publishing (IoPP), plan to equip its students with current
Oxford University Press, OVlD, (Silver concepts in research and their
Platter), Springer, Mary Ann Liebert, applications. Most modern tools of training
Bentham Science and Royal Society. Our including models (manikins) and charts at
faculty members and researchers have community medicine museum as well as
access to an unlimited amount of data field traand visit to places of public health
and information which they will be able to importance will be important component of
use to provide current and up-to-date the medical college teaching beside the
information to students. A well equipped usual lectures and tutorial in class room's
Audio-Visual Section is attached to the sessions.
College Library.
Students will be required to complete one
research project of public health
Department of Community Medicine importance during their training period
Community medicine department is the which will be published in national and
back bone of any medical college. international journals. The department has
Medical students will be trained through a very dedicated team headed by a highly
this department right from the first year to experienced professor, who has four post
fourth year (The only subject in medical graduate qualifications in the subject of
college which is taught for four years). community medicine and has represented
country at international level including
During this period they will be trained Oxford University, England and University
about holistic concepts of health i.e. not of Amsterdam, Holland. He is also invited
only physical health but mental, social by College of Physicians and Surgeons
and spiritual health as well. Hence they Pakistan to facilitate their research


methodology workshops both at national problem-based learning, learner-centered

as well as international level. teaching, clinical teaching and ready to
provide effective feedback to enhance the
learning process. The department of
medical education at Bahria University
Medical and Dental College is interested in
raising the standards of the teaching and in
developing a pool of trained faculty

Faculty development is essential to train

medical faculty in educational theory and
specific teaching skills as well as to
Students at Bahria University Medical & encourage a flexible and learner-centered
Dental College will be trained by highly approach to teaching. For this purpose
motivated and committed team of various interactive, practical and hands-on
disciplines to enable them to become a workshops have been designed to lay the
complete and ethical doctor who will not foundations of medical education.
only be the best medical graduate of the Workshops are primarily focused on
country, but will compete at international current and effective modes of medical
level at high level of excellence. teaching in order to enhance facilitation
skills of our faculty.
Department of Medical Education
Finally, self-reflection and critique of
Medical teaching around the world has
teaching techniques are vital to propel
expanded beyond the classroom and
medical schools towards promoting and
now includes teaching in small groups,
aiming for uncompromising excellence in
continuous assessment and provides
medical education. In order to promote
instructional materials beyond the
excellence in teaching, Bahria University
syllabus. Bahria University Medical and
Medical and Dental College is aware of the
Dental College aims to encourage
current and effective strategies which will
be applied in our own settings to enhance
and maintain the standard of this
prestigious institute.


Pakistan Navy Hospital, PNS Shifa, one of the largest hospitals in Karachi, is situated in
DHA Phase-ll, about 30-minute drive from Quaid-e-Azam International Airport Karachi.

Administration of the Hospital

Ÿ Surgeon Commodore Shuja Ul Mulk
MBBS, M.Sc (Adv Med Admin)

Ÿ Surgeon Captain Sajid Farooq PN

MBBS, M.Sc (Adv Med Admin)
Deputy Commandant

Ÿ Commander Zubair Ahmed PN

Executive Officer

Ÿ Captain (AFNS) Nasreen Kausar PN



Over the past three decades, PNS SHIFA has evolved into one of the best hospitals of the
country. It not only provides tertiary healthcare facilities but is also a recognized hospital
for postgraduate medical training in virtually all disciplines by College of Physicians and
Surgeons Pakistan. PNS Shifa is also playing an important role in the teaching and training
of nursing officers, nursing cadets and medical technicians.

lt houses over 700 beds and offers various modern day indoor and OPD facilities

Medicine, Surgery, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Cardiology, Neurosurgery, Orthopedic,

Urology, Ophthalmology, Peadiatrics, Pathology, Radiology, Anesthesia, Intensive Care
Units, Rehabilitation Medicine, Skin & Verereal Diseases, ENT, Dental, Emergency and
Trauma Department and Burn Centre, etc.

Aero Medical Evacuation of Casualties


Health Care
To provide necessary health care facilities Bahria University guarantees its faculty
a full-time medical officer assisted by members a lucrative benefit package that
paramedical staff is available during gives them the peace of mind so necessary
working hours, students needing urgent to pursue their teaching goals with
and specialized medical treatment are undivided attention.
referred to PNS Shifa, where they may
also be hospitalized if required. The faculty at BUM&DC emphasizes the
importance of self-reliant learning, where
Faculty students depend more on their own work
The faculty at BUM&DC constitutes some and research and less on traditional
of the most highly qualified professors in lecturers. This is necessary in order to
the country. The college inducts faculty produce healers who are observant, good
members based on their academic critical thinkers, effective planners, and
distinction in their respective basic or able to project their ideas efficiently.
clinical disciplines or in the field of
biomedical research. They must display a
commitment to patient care, blended with
a scholarly and investigative approach to
clinical medicine that inculcates the spirit
of inquiry ,in their students as well.