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Lee mengwei story

Mrs. Lee mengwei is an artist who underwent an vitro fertilization to

induce an entopic pregnancy at RYT hospital. They give him a

Hormonal therapy by administrating oral female hormones to

receive the pregnancy. Then Implantation is done; they used IVF

techniques u to make entopic pregnancy by implanting an embryo

and placenta into abdominal cavity, There was a high risk of

hemorrhage when it ruptures. The Embryo growth is monitored and

If implantation is complete Mrs. Lee will stop taking hormones

because the pregnancy was taken over and the embryo will secrets

hormones to maintain growth. The growth of fetus is monitored;

Heart rate and ultrasound of fetus was normal. The delivery will be

cesarean section to remove the placenta and baby. The removal of

placenta is really dangerous because there will be risk of