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Bibliomania 8

Fear and Trembling

(book one) Bibliomania 8, April 3, 1998

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What Are You Scared Of? Grandpa
by Elizabeth Belnavis 4 by jennifer Goldschmied 25
The Undone by Ali Bencivenga 4 Dark by Michael jannace 26
Darkness of the Night The Great White Fear
by Thomas Cucurullo 5 by Heather Dorval 26
Nuclear War by David Dillon 5 My True Fear by Jeona Riccio 27
True Fear by Timothy Fishman 6 Could It Ber by Allan Guce 28
What Is Fear? Fear by Zvi Weiss 29
by jennifer Hernandez 6 Fear and Trembling
Night Fright by Casey Kasprowitz 7 by Rebecca Weiser 30
Fear by Vinny Vargas 7 Fear and Trembling ..
Fear by Tamarin Vuotto 8 by Itana Goldstein 31
Three by Kirsten K. Traehte 9 Memories by Michelle Suberi . 32
Fear by Robin Lee 10 Fear and Trembling
A Frightening Visit by Elizabeth Cohen 33
by Anthony Balzofiorc 11 Fear by Lisa Maseiullo 33
The Ghost and I The Tell - Tale Poem
by Johnny DeFend is 12 by Paul Handog 34
Fear of Height Fear by Ariel Gannon 35
by Kimberly Farrelt 12 Alone at Night by Megan Hydo 36
The Fire by Allison Giovinazzo 13 Zeebo, and Bozo and Krusry, Oh My!
Night's Sounds by Jackie Saia 14 by Kari Tannucilli 37
The Red X's by Ashley Varriale ·15 Fear by Sareada Heyward 38
Fear and Trembling Fear of Changing Life
by Jessica Finkelstein 15 by Alfred Palermo 38
Fear of Rejection A Night in the Ward
by Jennifer Cerami 16 by Brian Strongreen 39
Fear and Trembling Absinthe
by Tamara Stern 17 by Genevieve Deangelis 40
Fear and Trembling Suicide by Denise Ciaramella 41
by Chris Carbonara 18 Fear by Earl Gatchalian 42
Long Legs by Jacqueline Meluso 18 Teen Pregnancy
Fear by Syad Saad 19 by Lee Michael Dobson 43
Fear and Trembling The Fear of No Man's Fear
by Darren Mnviglia 19 by Seandale E. Gutter 43
Death by Katie Young 20 No More Laughing
Where Am I? by Pia Clemente 21 by Amanda Rose Paternoster 44
Home Alone with a Mini-Monster Midnight Cry by Alina Mejias 45
by Andy Tam 22 Natalie Morelli 46
Fear by Dana DiGiulio 23 Fear and Trembling Poem
I Fear by Marissa Chapnick 23 by Kristen Minett 47
Fear by Katie Lark 24 4

What Are You Scared Of ? by Elizabeth Belnavis

Are you scared of the dark, or a big dog's bark?

Are you scared of a vampire sucking your blood, or a big drought or flood?

Are you scared of the monsters under your bed, or a mad man chopping off your head?

Are you scared of the ticking of a clock,

or a sea monster coming up onto the dock?

Are you scared of being home alone,

or someone stalking you on the phone?

Are you scared ofa bumble bee, or the deep dark sea?

Are you scared of snakes,

or making a huge mistake?

Are you scared of the sky falling, or a strange voice calling?

Can these things be here?

Do they cause you great fear?

The Undone by Ali Bencivenga

I may fear the things I cannot know - the unknown

I may fear the places I cannot go ,- the unexplored.

I may fear what I cannot see - the unseen.

I may fear what I cannot

be - the unattainable.

I may fear the feelings I will not show - the unspoken.

Darkness of the Night by Thomas Cucurullo

I fear the darkness of the night, The quiet stillness with no light.

The thunder breaks the silent gloom, The lightening streaks without the moon.

The rain hits on the window pane,

The wind howls with no refrain.

The furry creatures run here and there When daylight comes they go nowhere. The clock ticks slowly towards the dawn

With day break comes the new morn.

The sun rises to greet the day The fear I had is far away.

Nuclear War by David Dillon

Hiroshima, Nagasaki, just some cities to name a few, No one knows which city shall be next.

Radiation, Explosions,

Death and carnage, People dying, children crying.

Paris, London, Moscow, New York.

Could they be next?

Could we be next? Only time shall tell

Who will stay and who will go.

Radiation, Explosions,

Death and carnage, People dying, children crying.


True Fear

by Timothy Fishman

What is fear?

Fear is not a roller coaster or a scary movie.

Fear is an emotion burning deep within.

What is fear?

People out there starving, Not knowing what to do, Living in fear of war, Killings everywhere.

What is fear?

Fear is not a ghost,

or goblins, or a thing or two.

Fear is a rage consumed within you.

What is fear? Fear is life itself;

every day something new.

What Is Fear by Jennifer Hernandez

Is fear the thing

that hides in your chest?

That walks behind you in the shadows? That makes your house creak?

That brushes by like a ghost of cold air?

That rings the telephone in the middle of the night? That takes away your common.sense and courage? Or is it just a tremble in your head

That makes your adrenaline pump harder?


Night Fright by Casey Kasprowitz Quiet darkness

Not a sound,

Creepy, crawly

Creatures around.

Under beds

Are where they hide, Snorting, wheezing Disgusting inside.

Waiting to scare Someone near, Hearts racing Because of fear.

Hands shaking-

Oh what a fright, Glad I don't

Sleep here at night.


by Vinny Vargas

When I am scared

I have some fear Like bees buzzing, Near my ear.

Or dogs barking In the park.

When it gets dark, The possum comes out. I run quickly home

And lock my door.

Safe in my bed

I look straight ahead; For tomorrow will be

A much better day for me.

, i



by Tamarin Vuotto

Life may be beautiful. Yes I can see,

but in the middle of that beauty, fear is brought out ofyau and me.

The trees, the birds, the grass out there,

The garbage, the pollution in the air.

The religious, the kind, brave and strong, The robbers, killers, ones who don't try at all. Crimes, deaths, gangs at night,

The young who die in a fight.

Suicide and wars,

People who break the laws. We need to stop fear,

Because the future is very near. Weare all one,

Underneath this fearful sun.

• I



by Kirsten K. Trachte

High in a dark cathedral

the bellringer rings the bel1s. They echo throughout the village and down into the pits of hell.

Now by the clock

in the center of town the watchman watches the bellringer's rounds.

By the side of the road a cold beggar waits, watching happy people stroll by the lake.

Not one of these three people feel that help is coming near.

Don't know what will become of them. All they know is fear.




by Robin Lee

You keep on running,

Beads of sweat running down your back, You're shaking so hard,

But.you keep on the go

Then you sroplllll

And think,

Why are you running? What are you running from? Your heart?

Your soul?

Your life?

Then you come to your senses, And turn around,

And decide not to run from your fears, Instead face them.

A Frightening Visit by Anthony Balzofiore

I'm really quite scared when I go there, it's true.

The place where he works is all clean and so new. The sounds that I hear when I walk through the door, are frightening enough to fall on the floor.

He smiles in my face and asks if I'm fine.

At that point he looks just like Frankenstein. My palms are sweaty, my pounding heart races. It happens to all who I know who have braces. It's only a' matter of time until I'm done.

I want to get rid of this man and have some fun. My head is spinning

My nerves are shot.

My knees are shaking.

My stomach's in a knot.

I hope that this visit to him goes real fast. I hope that this visit to him is my last.

Come save me from him ifI 'rn not out real soon. The sound of his drill is a horrible tune.

I'm frightened and nervous and now you all know - the dentist is where I'm so scared to go.


The Ghost and I by Johnny DeFendis

When the moon rides high up over my head, I am snug and warm in my bed -

When I am outside in the creepy dark.

It is just the ghosts and I standing in the park. The ghosts move around

Making their moaning sound.

I try to listen to see if they're near. When my eyes wander they appear. The ghost looks at me, eye to eye, And all of a sudden it starts to cry.

The ghost came closer and didn't pretend,

The whole time all he needed was just a true friend. Some ghosts are mean and some are sad,

I'm glad I didn't run into one that was bad.

Fear of Height by Kimberly Farrell

My friends say I do some curious things. I won't climb a ladder or ride on swings. I won't climb a mountain.

I won't climb a hil1.

Going out on my balcony even makes me feel ill!

I won 'tslecp in a bunk-bed, my palms start to sweat; My sleeping bag is better, on that you can bet.

I won't go sky diving, nor a horse will I ride.

I panic at the thought

Of being outside!

I won't go skiing. The ski lift I hate.

I go in the clubhouse, and there I wait.

I won't fly an airplane, coax as you might. What's wrong with dear Kimmie?

I have fear of the height!



The Fire

by Allison Giovinazzo

The doorbell rang.

I was not quite awake.

The pounding kept coming. I thought the door would soon break.

"Just a minute," called Mom. Who would think it was a fire? But it turned out it was

And the flames kept shooting higher.

Dad took off out the door. Frankie ran towards the wall.

Mom called 911. .

I couldn't move at all.

A voice broke my trance.

It screamed, "Get out the door!" As I rushed toward the pavement, People gathered more and more.

The hoses came out.

The neighbors pitched in. The bushes that were on fire just wouldn't give in.

Looking at my house

had me so scared.

It was more than I thought Anyone could bear.

It turned out all right though. We made the flames die.

But I'll never forget

When my fear rose so high.

Night's Sounds by Jackie Saia

It's a yawn, a breath, a sigh -Could it be some mysterious guy? It's a sound you just can't ignore, But oh what's behind the door? It's so quiet that - it's eerie.

It can't possibly be the tooth fairy. Please let me fall asleep.

My eyes are so heavy they're closing. Thank goodness, I'm almost dozing. Oh no, I hear it again.

Could it be little green alien men? I try to get out of my bcd,

But my body won't move with my head. Ah, daylight, what a beautiful sight!

I made it through the night.

How brave the sunlight makes you feel, Chasing away scary night sounds

that are unreal.


The RedX's by Ashley Varria1e

Nothing makes me more nervous and this is not a jest.

Than a time I study long and hard and I still fail my test.

The red x's look like omens

of something terrible ahead.

The demand of my parent's signature is something that I dread.

I fear the look of my c1assmates who know my awful mark And the look of my mother

as she registers a shock.

I'm afraid of any number that begins with less than eight.

I fear, this fear will stay with me 'til I receive a ninety-eight.

Fear and Trembling by Jessica Finkelstein

What would life be like without fear?

No one to hold hands with in a horror movie.

No one to cuddle with on a dark and stormy night. No one to comfort you when the branches arc

whistling on your window.

No one to reassure you that it's only a shadow on the wall. No one to wake you up in the middle of the night and say, "Don't worry. It's only a bad dream."

And no one to make you feel better when you are scared or trembling with fear.

That would be life without fear.

, .


F ear of Rejection by Jennifer Cerami

Never being close to you, Never being near,

I now realize my love for you is my greatest fear.

I would like to know you even better than I do,

I would like to show you that I can be sincere to you.

As I think these thoughts,

I feel that there's something pointing me in the wrong


Is it my paranoia or will I just receive rejection?

I cannot bear to cry again, For as you know it's dismay, To fear you'll go away.

It's always here,

My greatest fear, Whether it be far or ncar,

That I could never shed another tear.



Fear and Trembling by Tamara Stern

Scared, frightened, and alone, He struggled to deny,

The voice he heard was not real, Nor the staring eye.

The dark, masked face was just a dream, The footsteps were his creation, The helpless child sat and hoped, This was all his own imagination.

Again, there was a voice, Which he tried to ignore, A loud slamming sound,

Could it be his back door?

The lights dimmed out, The house was all black. He could hear his enemy,

Was he going to attack?

By the window,

A silhouette could be seen, The boy sat without movement, Too frigh tened to scream.

The man stepped forward, This was a scare,

The young child gasped, His last breath of air ...

Fear and Trembling by Chris Carbonara

A bloody skull stuck on my wall,

A river of blood flowing from the hall, When I opened the refrigerator door Body parts fell on the floor

The house was shaking in the middle of the night It's a skeleton and mummy getting into a fight

I live here every day

Too bad I don't have any money to move away.

Long Legs

by Jacqueline Mcluso

There was a huge creepy spider with long needle-like legs


As soon as I spotted it, I knew I was destined for doom.

The spider started to crawl up my bed and under the covers. When 1 felt its pointy legs against my skin, I felt really


All of a sudden, the black hairy spider was on my face. My heart started to beat at a very fast pace.

I letout a scream as soon as it bit me.

I got up the nerve and jumped in the air. The spider went flying way past my hair. He landed so hard; he was dead instantly.

Now my heart was full of nothing but pure misery.



by Syad Saad

Fear is an amazing feeling.

It finds its way into our hearts in many ways. Fear of failing helps us go on with our lives. Fear of being alone plays with our minds.

Fear of getting hurt helps us stay alive and healthy. What would life be without fear?

There would be no struggle without fear. Fear is important,

Fear and Trembling by Darren Maviglia

A chill goes down your spine like falling into ice cold water.

A dead stop of your heart before it speeds up like a roaring race car.

It begins to pound

as if it were a beating drum.

The blood flows through the veins like water rushing down a waterfall.

Letting out a sudden gasp.



by Katie Young

I was driving home, exhausted and worn out from work one day,

And in the car racing next to mine, I saw Death.

Death himself was sitting in the black sleek car next to mine, And as I looked into his eyes,

I sawall of the souls captured, struggling, Twisting, screaming, to get out.

Dressed in his black, hooded, flowing robe,

I looked at him when he stared at me, and saw nothing

Giving me a grin, even though he didn't have a face, he smiled

at me,

It shivered down my bones, my mind telling me that I would be next to die

Then Death raced on ahead.

Frightened, and shaken, I got home fine,

Rested, assuring myself that it was all just a dream, Then the door bell rang,

And when I opened the door, there stood Death Himself, beckoning to me.


Where Am I? by Pia Clemente

Grasping the rail, I am awakened by the mechanical sounds of opening doors.

Through blurry vision, my eyes adjust to the dimly lit view of the deserted car.

I quickly jerk myself into an upright position, realizing my surrounding to be unfamiliar.

As a screaming man with large wild eyes entered, I rushed out the door.

I clenched my chest, to slow my beating heart.

Drawing a deep breath, I look for clues to determine my location.

Startled by a rat seen through the corner of my eye, I bolted toward the stairs.

Though I was alone, I couldn't let go of the feeling that I was being folIowed.

I climbed the stairs slowly, glancing behind me, viewing my eerie surroundings.

I couldn't help wondering what r would encounter.

A bottle of booze peeked out of its brown wrinkled covering, gang tags drawn on the wall alI around me.

r could only guess what was in store for me, as I look out onto the deserted street.

There were broken lamp posts against the moonless sky.

The leftover remains of the abandoned cars, made me wonder, whether my remains would be discovered here as well.

As I nervously crept along the deserted streets, I became, increasingly more frightened with every alley I passed.

Out of one darkened alley, a shadowy hand reached slowly out for me.

It twisted me around and I asked, "Officer, can you help me?"


Home Alone with a Mini-Monster by Andy Tam

One late dreary night, just before midnight, Michael was home alone,

glued to his seat, in the dark, doing his homework.

Winds blowing hard in the darkness, Thunder and lightning grumbling loudly Poor Michael,

an alone.

Parents having a party, No kids allowed. A rule is a rule.

The bell struck midnight. Homework is nearly complete.


A very strange noise.

He couldn't concentrate anymore something was there, close to him.

The growling,

louder and louder, like a monster.

A shadow was approaching slowly

a tail, a pair of small feet, a head, a body.

Michael picked up a baseball bat, ready to strike. any second.

The creature popped out. Michael -- scared to death fainted on the floor.

AU because of -- a harmless, little gerbil.



by Dana DiGiulio

Fear is like a dark, deep hole,

filled with the dancing of shriveled up lost souls.

Until the pitch of the dark night,

I go under the warm covers of my bed to keep away the fright.

I close my eyes and now I am brave,

but this lasts only a moment because dreams do not behave.

I find myself running from whom I do not know.

A cold hand stops me from where I want to go.

I wake to see the bright of day, and realize that I'm fine; dreams are dreams and only scare the weakest of mind.

I Fear

by Marissa Chapnick

I fear who is on the other side of the door

when the doorbell chimes.

I fear who is on the phone when the phone rings.

I fear who might be watching or following me wherever I go. I fear who to trust.

I fear sickness.

I fear hurt.

I fear pain and suffering. I fear death.

I fear many things in my life, but the one thing I fear the most is emptiness in my heart.



by Katie Lark

When fear came to my doorstep One dark and stormy night She let out screams of terror Screams of death and fright

With eyes so very bloodshot red The blindest bat could see

The screams of souls she took in the past Start crying out to me

, ,

With her hair of snakes and serpents And skin so pale and white

I start to wonder to myself

If I'll be her dinner tonight

I slam the door and start to run Up in my room I'll hide But if indeed she is a ghost She'll invite herself inside

I start gaining courage Fear's worst enemy

I know they never get along They always disagree

Now she starts to scream again Her scream of death and fright When suddenly she slips away

Now I can sleep tonight.




by Jennifer Goldschmied >

My biggest fear is filled with pain and sorrow.

It's a recurring question:

Will my grandfather be here tomorrow?

He suffers in silence, never once a tear.

Although, when I watch him Death is my biggest fear.

I will miss his warm, kind smile. Never giving in to the thought.

Living, always, in constant denial.

And, even when he is gone.

His essence will survive.

In the hearts of many

is where his spirit will thrive.

But until then,

all I can do is wish and pray that he will live on maybe just for another day.


by Michael Jannace Dark lives under your bed and in your closet.

It returns every night just

to scare little children.

Dark scratches at your bedroom window begging to enter.

Dark remains until the sun comes and scares it away.

It comes back, of course, and haunts you every night of your life.

And when you die, you become the darkness, and do to kids what dark once did to you.

The Great White Fear by Heather Dorval

The thought of-sharks gives me chills, A swimming killer, one with gills.

Its cold cruel eyes, its icy stare,

When you see that fin, swimmers BEWARE!

The great white shark, king of the ocean, Swims through the water with effortless motion.

Fearing nothing, prey to none,

That murderous shark is my fear number ONE!

It's always on my mind when I go to the beach, One thought of a shark and I begin to screech.

I stay on the sand, out of harm '5 way, Hoping my fear will fade some day.


My True Fear by Jenna Riccio

I heard thunder in the distance, And to my dismay,

The wonderful awaited weekend was over, And in a horrid building I would have to stay.

The wide walls in this strong structure, Stand tall, dark, and strong,

I have always loathed going to this place, And in my heart, I feel it is wrong!

In this place I speak of,

You're placed with many peers, _ Oh! I detest this place so very much, The thought of it makes me jeer!

This building I am describing, Is one you've heard of, I'm sure,

res a place that all children desperately dread, And I doubt this place, I will ever adore!

School is the place of which I am telling you, It's filled with many terrible things,

Like books, homework, exams, and teachers, And to me, fear is what it brings!


Could It Be? by Allan Guce

As I walk down the street late "at night

I am filled with these things called fear and fright.

I glance at my watch, half past ten.

I wonder, "Could it be?"

To keep me busy I sing show tunes.

I gaze up in the sky and see a full moon.

I hear heavy footsteps behind me And I wonder, "Could it be?"

I pass the park and I glance at the basketball court.

There is no sign of trouble of any kind or sort.

Wait! A faint thud is what I hear.

Could it be?

I turn the corner and am almost home free.

I calmly search my pocket for the house key.

Those footsteps again closing in on me.

And I wonder again, "Could it be?"

I dash towards my house taking the steps two by two.

I am so relieved as I reach the top of my stoop.

Turn around to find nothing there and I suddenly feel very stupid.

I chuckle at myself and silently say, "It couldn't be."

Or could it?



by Zvi Weiss

Fear. What exactly is fear?

Is it what nightmares are made of?

Or perhaps it is what drives people to insanity? Is it what makes people tremble in the night and start pleading to G-d for mercy?

I think that fear is what crawls down

your spine when you are all alone.

It is what is creaking upstairs tight above you. It is what is lurking beneath your bed

when you go to sleep. It is what is behind you when you are too afraid to turn around.

Fear knows when you are sleeping, ..

and when you are awake. It waits .

to strike just when you least expect it-

When you are all alone.

Fear is the footsteps that make your blood run cold. Fears arc the shadows that are cast onto your walls in the depth of the night. Fear is the bump in the night

that you always hear late on those cold nights. Fear is all around you.

Wherever you are, however old you are, you will always have fear. Frankenstein, Mr. Hyde, Dracula,

all had a hint of fear. But that is not real fear. No, fear is no one that you expect it to be. Fear can possess anyone.

Fear knows no boundaries or limits. Fear is everything that you see .... And everything you don't.


Fear and Trembling by Rebecca Weiser

I couldn't wait [0 set sail Out [0 sea, The stars the sky the ocean and me. I went for a vacation with my family,

To relax and have fun and just to be me.

Not knowing what to expect on this boat, I JUSt hoped it would stay afloat.

As excited I was to go on this trip,

I was a little "scared" to be on this ship.

One night not expecting a thing,

All of sudden we heard a bell ring.

"We've been hid" "We've been hid" the captain did shout. All the passengers started rushing about.

My knees started to tremble,

My hands started to shake.

I hoped it was a dream.

So I would soon awake.

I realized that it wasn't a dream,

I closed my eyes and started to scream. Water was rushing all over the place,

I could not recognize even one face.

The hope and fear I had to survive. Everyone prayed to stay alive.

The beating and pounding of my heart was so loud, I was sure it was heard by the rest of the crowd. Pushing my way into the life boat,

So over crowded could it stay afloat?

Into the waters we shivered with cold.

Some were men, women, young and old.

Not all were saved as we hoped it would be.

As we watched the TItanic go under the sea.

I couldn't believe this was happening to me.

All I wanted was to set sail out to sea,

To relax. have fun and JUSt be me.


F ear and Trembling by Itana Goldstein

There was a young girl from a New York borough, Who always had a problem, staying out of trouble, It wasn't that she ever did a thing that was bad, Only she was afraid to do anything at all - how sad.

She tried to do her homework and stayed up all night, But constantly thought her work wasn't just right.

She ceased even trying and worked less and less, I

Became a dunce in school and her report card wasa mess. I

Everyone made fun of her and called her names,

She was bursting with embarrassment, fear, and was full of shame.

She was messy •. so ceased eating - her condition became critical, That's when people figured she was a genuine imbecile.

But nature has its ways of setting things straight,

For she stopped indulging on a Friday and it was getting late. she was starving - so what if she thought her manners poor!

Look at all the food - this was Shabbat, not Yom Kippur!

She lapped up all the soup and ate everything in sight, She ate like a slob - but she ate with great delight.

Now she does a whole lot of things very well indeed, For perfection is important but doesn't compare to need.


Memories by Michelle Suberi

We have suffered more than enough, Here in this ghetto, all day long.

It is too hard and rough.

In this camp it's dark and cold. Very little food is given.

All day long we have to work, Until we're tired and beaten.

I'd like togo away and run, Where there are better people. Somewhere along the road, There, faraway,

Where no one hates each other.

Hopefully the day will come,

Where a few of us will reach this road, Before it's too late

To run away.

We have lost our patience to wait.


Fear and Trembling by Elizabeth Cohen

Fear of the unknown,

Trembling at the thought of what might come next ...

. Fear of power,

Trembling at the fact of someone higher ...

Fear of the mysterious,

Trembling behind those that are different ...

Fear of solitude,

Trembling alone, no shoulder to lean on ...

Fear that leads to hope,

Trembling transformed into prayer •..



by Lisa Masciullo

I once asked myself, what is Fear;

And how would I know if it is growing ncar? Does it go under the table way out of sight;

Or does it hide under my bed and come out in the night? Is it the agony of defeat and not doing well;

Or is it the thought of a place one might call hell? What about becoming a husband or wife;

Along with many other challenges of life?

Is it the thought of losing that very last breath;

And coming face to face with the darkness of death? Or how about failing that test or that quiz;

Can't anyone tell me what Fear really is?

The Tell - Tale Poem by Paul Handog

There is a scary story that I know.

One that is written by Edgar Allen Poe. It is a story that made me scared.

Nothing in this world could've gotten me prepared For such a horrible point of view

Of what the human soul can do.

In this story, which is not long,

One man killed another who did no wrong. He hid the body under the floor

As someone came knocking at the door. He said, "Hello," as the police came in, Not knowing of his horrible sin.

Then a steady thumping came into his head,

And he thought, "How can this be? That man is dead!" When the man couldn't take anymore,

He screamed out loud and pulled up the floor. You should know what happened next,

But this whole story left me vexed,

What was that thumping? Where did it start?

Then I remembered. It came from the tell-tale heart.



by Ariel Gannon What is Fear?

Sweaty palms and the tense feeling deep down inside?

The feeling that the end is near?

The sensation that you just want to hide?

When your stomach is in one big knot and terror fills your mind?

Do you think of an airplane flight?

Do you dare to glance behind?

Do you imagine a fire burning hot and bright?

What makes you afraid?

The stinging buzz of a bee?

A mysterious noise that was made?

The thunderous crash of the sea?

Monsters that live in the dark?

Dolls with scary faces?

A dog's vicious bark? A fear of high places?

What makes your hands tremble and shake?

The thought of climbing that staircase so high?

Is it caused by the feeling of an earthquake?

Or a meteor falling from tho sky?

The thought offailing a major test?

Finding out about your missing child?

Giving it your all and being Cut from the best?

Being surrounded by animals in the wild?

Is the correct word just "scared"?

Thinking you're right, will you be wrong in the end?

The thought, "Has anyone ever cared?" :

Thinking just how many rules did I bend?

Being forced to look at a horrid sight?

Having to wonder will anything ever happen to me?

The thought of not winning after fighting with all of my might?

The thought of not knowing what will be?

Fear is what a person hides from.

It is an emotion powerful and strong.

Yet we must push ourselves to overcome. We cannot be afraid our whole lives long.


Alone at Night by Megan Hydo

Terrible things lurk at night, Hellish things, ghoulish sights. Everything is scary in the dark, Owl screeches, dog barks. Never go out without a friend. Loneliness can cause one's end. You and I both surely know,

That screaming to death is no way to go. Happy are those who stay at home.

o Inside away from all the unknown.

Never leave from your safe room.

Going out could cause a fatal doom.

Too many frightening things are found. Odd looking creatures slithering around. Finding yourself featful at night, Enveloped in darkness, without any light. Always beware of the slightest of sounds, Rising zombies from the ground.

Into your skin the bugs will crawl. Sucking your blood and looking for more. Frankenstein, and" Dracula too,

Every monster will be looking for you. At midnight the bats swoop at your head. Run for your life or soon you'll be dead. In and out the moon does glow. Turning, twisting shadows flow.

Stars twinkle in the sky.

Everyone's nightmare begins to die. Light of morning defeats the night, Finding yourself without a fright.


Zeebo, and Bozo and Krusty, Oh My! by Kari Tannucilli

Everyone thinks clowns are fun

But for me they make me scream and run. Fun-houses scare me, you see,

Because I never know what's behind door number three. It could be Zeebo or Bozo or just a trick.

But I'd rather go home it's making me sick!

Those bright red noses, that bright green hair.

With those painted on smiles they shouldn't have a care. But they do, you see,

They enjoy scaring people like me. From the shadows they jump

Make my heart go thump-thump. They squeeze in a car too many to' fit

They think they arc funny but truly have no wit. They strike fear in my heart

They know they playa part

In my nightmares at night

When dreams are full of fright

They make me shiver and shake

In my bones I feel a slight quake

I have tried my best to beat this fear

But I scream whenever Krusty happens ncar I guess next time we go to the rides

I have no choice but to run and hide,

For ifPennywise walks by

Of fright I might die.




by Sareada Heyward

\Ve only fear when it is fit,

Sometimes fear comes when you least expect it. I fear for those who fear for themselves,

They should try to put their worries on shelves.

Fear in itself can be scary,

Trying to overcome it can make you weary.

Fear can come about when something bad is about to happen, That's when you could feel trapped in.

So take hold of yourself, You can be saved.

F ear can be overcome,

And you feel that you have won.

Fear of Changing Life by Alfred Palermo

I fear that things are changing too soon, Just like the phases of the moon.

The weather is going from cold to hot, Many people are getting sick, but I am not.

We are growing up very fast,

And I may not be prepared for this at last. People arc dying - some at young ages, Life has so many different stages.

These many changes happen to us, Often without much ofa fuss.

We may not know how to handle it all,

Just keep on going and don't let yourself fall.


A Night in the Ward by Brian Strongrcen

The door creaks, The floor squeaks,

Someone's a-tappin' on my door, An eerie voice cries, "Nevermore!"

As the th under claps outside,

I wonder how to save my precious hide. So I lay under covers and cower,

For it was the castle's bewitching hour.

Loud, long moans echo off the walls, Chains arc a-rattlin' in the halls. Shadows dance about the room,

There is no escape from my impending doom.

Ghouls try to unlock the door,

As mice scurry about the floor.

My mind filled with wonder, my heart with fright, For I'm in this castle on Halloween night.

There's a heartbeat heard in the air

Jacob Marley's in my chair,

A raven, too flies freely about; All this terror I could do without.

I don't remember my bed ever talkin', And my chairs are up and a-walkin'l

As aU approach I ask the doctor for a sword, That I may defend this mental ward.

The doctor says I'm very insane,

I beg to differ, I'm ahead of the game. For all those "figments" in my head Have made the poor man rather dead.

And I'm next!



by Genevieve DeAngelis

Under blankets and teardrops pulled up to my chin Cuts of wormwood, little one, horror on my tongue My lips were silent just before .....

Skin was so hard So very hard

Everything spoke through my eyelids just before ....

Your skin so hard Heart harder still

Shadows black dance around my head Absinthe shivers down their mouth My little monsters drink to me Strip away security

I feel their hands around my ankles, bones, all of my little pieces

Pull me crashing, crashing down I am the feast

Make love to me the Darkness Greed Sing my. skin to sleep

The Devil's kissing down my back like silver bells

sweet angels

My skin is breaking for the King The sun will soon drink me and send night's will through me Until Absinthe kills again



by Denise Ciaramello

Seeing her lying there Blood dripping down

Not conscious of what's going on I felt a rush of heat and sweat

My heart beat loudly within my ears All alone on the bathroom floor Seeing my best friend die

My mind went blank

My body shook

Tears poured down my face.

, .

I Ii'. ~ f'

f ~~ •

• ... JI

J • I'·, •

- I .~ I . 'J.:

Sitting in the hospital

Pacing down the hall Wondering what went wrong Seeing her body

I grabbed her hand She squeezed i~

But I felt nothing there She looked so peaceful But she felt so empty ..


• ' • I • ~

My stomach was twisted

My eyes were closed shut from crying so much

Outside I waited for the news to come I " ,

Exhausted, confused, emotionally drained

Till I heard the doctors say '. ,

She'll be okay.

; ,



by Earl Gatchalian

You read me.

Why do you read me .. Are you curious?

Are you reading slowly? I can feel your eyes.

I am inside you.

I look into ...

The dark caverns in your mind. Your mind will be my home. You cannot resist.

Do you feel me inside you?

Do you feel my coolness on your back? The tingle in your spine?

You cannot resist me.

You will not stop reading.

Slowly but surely ...

I am taking control.

I have your neck.

Now your hands.

You do feel a chill don't you. Your legs ...

Are mine.

I'm still digging at your mind. Can you feel me?

Feel the touch of my hands as your mind becomes mine.

Don't turn around.

I will not allow it.

I have tightened my grip. It's getting colder isn't it?

I feel myself getting stronger inside you. You cannot escape.

When you finish,

you might seem the same. But hear this ...

I am you.

Your soul is mine. Trapped in my words.

The screams inside your head ... Will be the last thing you hear.


Teen Pregnancy by Lee Michael Dobson

What a shame!

They cry and cry - but who's to blame? They blame the guy all the time -

like it isn't their fault.

They're the ones who should have been taughtYou can say, "No!" - It's all right.

You should have said, "No!"

But instead

you're living in fright.

I ~ • ~ I


The Fear of No Man's Fear by Seandale E. Gutter (johnson)

Crashing upon the shores of reality, trembling,

[he walls of my soul leave me bruised;

to mind the demons of the fourth-world come as one to a body; my trembling soul, so filled with fear, rapidly flows off into

the dusk; ,

night contemplates with the winds which direction to breeze; asking myself at thought continuously .. :

"Why docs my soul tremble?"

But the body that I once conquered, since the birth of Christ feels no tremble, no fear;

down upon the earth I stare,

watching all the souls exiting the bodies trembling just as I .

My questions arc being answered but I yet asked one .

But nowit seems to all come to me

as I look closer the last tear drips from the face

no motion of the body that lies on the ground (none) so I understand no tear but fear, that I feci is no fear.

What is fcar? Fear is of the unknown.

I am no longer a parr of the Earth so therefore I feel no fear, but the fear of no man's fear.


No More Laughing by Amanda Rose Paternoster

As I sit in the dark black room, the walls are closing in.

My space is becoming less and less for I'm going to die. My breath is getting shorter and shorter as the demons rise from each corner.

Each with a face of an enemy.

I used to laugh at fear, but now I'm staring it in the face, and there is no more laughing.

My body's trembling as my mind races.

Crying out with pain, sitting here with blood surrounding me.

Big man, slammed down, shut up.

Intolerant pain consistently flows through my body. Screams of horror echo through my mind as he steals my soul.


Tears trickling 'down my face as the blood trickles from underneath.

Never thought of this, the only thing I feared.


, ,. , .

Midnight Cry by Alina Mejias

~ne demon stalking the night air, Angels._fly, a blur in black.

Bloody footprints left by the demon's mind, Washed away by the tears the angels create. Why do the vultures love my path?

They circle and laugh as I stray from the road. The demon, my shadow in the light,

It feeds on my heart. It tears my mind apart.

Sorrow knows no boundaries in my horrific state of mind.

A demon, trapping blue wings,

rips them apart in my sight. "

One by one, stars collide with the ground.

My tears fall like the rain to wash away the ashes:

In spite of my genius, I know nothing at all.

I walk the lonely night, traced over in my mind. I follow my screams into the air,

The demon won't leave me.

I go insane as it rips through my body, I lie shattered, as the ashes fly with the wind.

My hands are battered from the pounding they did to my soul.

My being whimpers in pain, as it kneels to die.

While the demon holding the knife, giggles




Natalie Morelli

, I

I live my life in fear.

A day becomes a year. Everything makes me shiver. Everything makes me quiver. Always filled with terror From the slightest little error, I tremble and I shake

Just like an earthquake. They say I'm paranoid,

And my life is not enjoyed. I'm not truly alive

How do I survive?

I fear it's all a trick.

It almost makes me sick. But there's nothing I can do. I fear everyone -- even you.




Fear and Trembling Poem by Kristen Minett

One spooky night you are all alone.

Suddenly a ring, and you know it's the phone. You pick up the phone and answer all nice, But the voice on the other end is as cold as icc. The man says, "Are you home alone?"

Your body freezes and you let go of the phone. So many places and nowhere to hide.

You wonder if the man is already inside.

Your senses come back, but you still are shocked. Finally you realize the back door is unlocked. You grab the lock and lock it tight.

You spin around and get a fright.

You grab the switch and pur the light on. Suddenly you realize the butcher knife is gone. Oh my God, now what do you do?

Why has this man come after you?

Suddenly upstairs you hear a sound.

You try to crawl and stay low to the ground. The hair on your neck is beginning to rise. Suddenly you feel tears in your eyes. What can you do but just sit down and cry,

And pray that somehow you can get rid of this guy. The doorbell rings and you get a great scare.

It's your next door neighbor, Mr. Brown.

You don't know him well 'cause he's new to this town. he said that he saw a very strange man,

And He wanted to know if he could lend a hand. You say thank you with a state of surprise, 'Cause you notice something strange in his eyes. Oh my God, out comes the knife.

What can you do? You fear for your life. ' Just at the moment you hear a loud boom.

The cops had been caned by your neighbor, Mrs. Bloom. Your life is still here, and you are all right,

But never ever will you forget this night.



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