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The mission of Taoyuan Toastmasters Club is to

provide a mutually supportive and positive
learning environment, in which every member has
Toastmasters Club
19:00 Sgt-At-Arms
the opportunity to develop communication and
leadership skills, which in turn foster self-
confidence and personal growth.

桃園 國 際 英 語 演 講 會 19:02

Opening By President

Toastmaster of the Evening (3-5”)

Brian Lin

Johnny Chang

Agenda : 12/19/2008 Timer Andy

Ah-counter/ Vote counter William
Venue: 桃園市中央街 26 號 B1 會議室 - 中央街桃二街口
Meeting Time : 1st & 3rd Friday 19:00~21:00 19:25 Variety Session (10”) Ann Chiu
Social Time : 21:00~21:30
Website: 19:35 Prepared Speech Session Johnny Chang
C1 My Childhood (5-7”) Aron Huang
Contact : Brian Lin 0926-915-167
2nd round : 真鍋 Café 桃園市春日路 150 號 03-333-5865 C2 Role Play (5-7”) Sharon Liao
C2 My Sweet Troubles (5-7”) Bethany Hsu

Breaking A5 Dream (5-7”) Pi Fen Hong

News 20:10 Intermission (10”)

1 : No meeting --------1/2/2009 20:20
Table Topics Session (10”) Ginger Chiang
(1-2” for each speaker)
20:30 General Evaluation Session Eugene Tsai
2 : Officer Training ---1/17/2009
Timer Report / Ah-Counter Report for Prepared Speech Session
C1 Ice Breaker (2-3”) Maya Wen
C2 Organize Your Speech (2-3”) Henry Wang
C2 Organize Your Speech (2-3”) Mike Kuo
Trophy Winner A5 (2-3”) Louis Fu
20:40 Language Evaluation /Sharing (5”) Brian Lin
Date : 12/5/2008 meeting 2nd Timer & Au-Counter Report for individual Evaluation session
Best Speaker: Judy Wu 20:45 General Evaluation (3-5”) Eugene Tsai
Best Evaluator: Henry Wang
Best Table Topic : N/A 20:50 Closing Remarks by TME Johnny Chang
Best Joke Teller: Andy Comments from Guests ,announcement of Trophy Winners
20:55 Brian Lin
Best Session Master: Iris Hsieh & Closing Remarks
21:00 Meeting Adjourned

Editor: Iris Hsieh Next Meeting: 1/19 Editor: Maya Wen

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