From Indymedia to Demand Media

Participation, Surveillance, and the Transformation of Journalism
The Next HOPE New York City, 2010

C.W. Anderson College of Staten Island / CUNY

³The entire Scooter Goon Squad«´

The Nature of the Shift 

Activism Politics Love poverty

exploitation algorithms low wages riches


From One-to-Many to Many-to-Many

The Socio-Materiality of Indymedia

The Emergence of the Participatory Web 

For Nicholson the first Indymedia site uniquely brought together the hacker systems of communication which had developed in the early days of the BBS and the ARPAnet with an expanding counter-globalisation movement and its non-expert adherents and enthusiasts. The interactive elements which were so novel in the Indymedia site had a long history in ³the smaller base of the open source community of programmers who were writing websites for other programmers and were used to using the most advanced technologies of the time to rate and improve their programs.´
‡ (³The Medium is the Message,´ Zanny Begg, 2010)

The Ubiquity of ³Web 2.0´

From Indymedia to Demand Media

The Socio-Materiality of Demand Media 

Search engine query data and bids on advertising auctions Generate potential article topics Calculate potential total value of each article Determine compensation Farmed out to one member of army of freelancers and laid off journalists

The Product

The Shift
Participant People Politics Paradigm



Engaged Community



Demand Media

Laid off journalists

The algorithmic web



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