Prepare for surgery if indicated:  Subtotal Gastrectomy ± removal of a portion of a stomach  Total Gastrectomy ± removal of the entire stomach  Antrectomy ± removal of the entire antrum (lower portion of the stomach)  Billroth I (Gastroduodenostomy)  Billroth II (Gastrojejunostomy)

Pyloroplasty ± repair of the pyloric opening of the stomach 

Vagotomy ±
severing of the vagus nerve, which decreases gastric acid by diminishing cholinergic stimulation to the parietal cells and decreased physical activity of the stomach.


Avoids foods/liquids that cause irritation Takes prescribed medications Participates in stress-reduction activities; stressstops smoking No complications (Hemorrhage, Dumping Syndrome, Marginal Ulcers)

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