What is Communities 2.0 ?

• • • • • Engaging with New Technologies Partnership of 5 orgs working across Wales Internet Mobile Phones Multi Media e.g Digital Storytelling

What is GEECS
• The George Ewart Evans Centre for Storytelling • Based in the University of Glamorgan • Digital Storytelling and Participatory Media

Some questions that we need answering......

What do you want to use technology for?
      

Communication? Taking photos? Socialising? Networking? Shopping? Community Engagement? Online services

What stops you from using technology?
Is it that sometimes technology seems too far advanced for what you can handle... … or is it that you have the feeling that you may look silly using technology that you don't understand?

How do you think technology can help you?
Even if it is as simple As having a catch up With your neighbours... “Texting is the new garden fence”

What would you like to know more about?

Mobile Phones, Computers (computer literacy), the internet, software, digital photography, online services, social networking, skype, digital storytelling...

You can do it!
Take a photo that illustrates what you would like to get out of doing taster sessions with us.... What are your areas of interest? What issues do you want to overcome? What do you hope to achieve / learn? Upload the photo to the computer And share your thoughts with the group