Marysville School District

For Immediate Release
July 20, 2010 Contact: Superintendent’s Office/Jodi Runyon 360-653-0800 Sherri Crenshaw, Board Chair, Submits Resignation to Pursue Teaching

Sherri Crenshaw, Director District #5, submitted her resignation to fellow board members and the superintendent on Monday, July 19, 2010. Following is a letter to the community sent on her behalf: Marysville School District Families, Community Members, and Staff: I am proud of the efforts of the board of directors and district staff around focusing the district goals which includes emphasis on closing the achievement gap. Much progress has been made as we have moved forward together and set the clear, concise goals for the district. Because of this work and progress, it is difficult for me to take some necessary next steps. After discussion with and the support of my family, effective Monday, July 19, 2010, I have resigned my position with the Board of Directors. Due to personal reasons, it is necessary for me to seek regular employment. My desire is to return to my professional teaching background and preferably seek a teaching position in Marysville, a choice I am unable to pursue while serving on the board. I am excited about the accomplishments of the board and the concept of being a part of the continued academic work of the Marysville School District. Teaching children is my passion and I look forward to the opportunity of embracing the district goals and working with others to achieve those goals – especially the work in closing the achievement gap. While the timing of my resignation may not be optimal with the recent resignation of Michael Kundu, I am confident in the work of our board and district administration to carry on and strive to make the best possible decisions for each and every child. I would like to thank the Marysville School District community, families, and staff for the opportunity to be of service to you. Sherri Crenshaw Board President/Director District #5

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