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July 2010
While in Wyoming last month, we had a great time seeing many people and visiting many places. Everywhere we went, we were greeted with love and encouragement. One new thing that happened was the opportunity for the kids to bottle-feed and hold two newborn lambs. As we stood outside Golden Prairie Church in Burns, under a beautifully dark-colored sky and surrounded by open Wyoming fields for as far at the eye could see, I was overwhelmed by God’s awesomeness. It was intensified with the knowledge of something we need to share with you. You may recall that in the last couple of years we have been challenged by FamilyLife’s President Dennis Rainey to rise up to the Lord’s calling us to “10X growth in the next 10 years”. Along with that vision came the understanding that we needed to do things differently in the future. Our department, Field Ministry Group, wrestled with how we could capture that vision, as we know we can’t each travel 600 days a year and work 50 to 70 conferences each. After much prayer and guidance from God, our leadership has decided to restructure our entire department. In a nutshell, FMG will be moving from 1 Field Rep. having 5-7 cities to a team of Reps having 15-21 cities AND regionalizing their efforts. Not only will this new structure allow the Reps to combine efforts on each event, but they will be able to capitalize on their greatest strengths in three newly-defined roles: Care, Connect, and Coordinate. As I reflected on this new direction, I was not sure how I was going to fit into the scheme of things. Frankly, I love doing all three aspects of my job and now being asked to focus mostly on one area did not excite me. In fact, I kept putting off the meeting with Gene Haub, who is the department manager, to discuss where I fit in. Finally, he cornered me: “Lunch today—no options.” Gene asked me where I saw myself within the new structure. I told him that I like the balance of all three roles, so I don’t really fit into just one. I told him that I would serve where he needed me the most. Well, Gene listened and, to my surprise, agreed with me. He then offered me a position I would have never picked or pursued myself: Promotions Chief of Staff, Field Ministries Group, U.S. Operations. He wanted me to be his “right hand man” within the entire department! This decision took time and prayer. Anne and I discussed it at length, and we accepted. With this new role comes the responsibility of overseeing all 137 Weekend to Remember Getaways in the U.S. I will analyze, design, implement and track all processes and procedures that go into the promotion of every conference, and help develop the new 3 Rep/Regional Ministry Model. This will in turn, free up each of the 29 Reps to have more opportunity to impact marriages and families and bring more to Christ. This project speaks to the systems analyst part of my education, and I am excited to accept the challenge. Although, I will keep the Phoenix, Tucson and Columbus getaways until another Field Rep is able to take them from me, I have jumped in with both feet! So, back to that night in Wyoming....I’m standing there feeling the coolness of the evening, watching our kids holding these precious little lambs. I reflect on this new role, and I am so overwhelmed to see Him orchestrate our lives to now reach tens of thousands through you. Please know that we could not be here without you, and that God is using your sacrifices in a mighty way!

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from Anne...

I had the privilege of going to the Tucson WTR Getaway this month. It was great to be able to work with Robert, and to meet the Phoenix/Tucson team. Robert has built great relationships with these couples, and they have a huge heart for marriages and families in Arizona, so it was easy to have fun with them. Saturday morning we began the day with a devotion over bagels and orange juice. When the team headed down to the ballroom, I stayed to clean up and put things in the fridge. I was surprised to find out that there was no running water. And the air conditioner wasn’t on, either. I went to elevator to find it running on emergency power! As I made my way to the ballroom, I discovered that not only was the power out at the hotel, it was out in most of Tucson! So, what to do? Could we see inside the ballroom? Could the couples hear the speaker and take notes? Would we all survive being in a crowded room without a/c? Couples began filling the chairs in the dimly lit ballroom. The team hurried to the prayer room. Robert and the event planner, Larry Lindahl began putting together “Plan B”. The hotel staff brought out bottled water. A few minutes later, the speaker, using a flashlight to see his notes, asked the conferees if they would like to begin. Soon laughter was heard wafting out of the open doors. What had seemed a sure disaster had turned into an unplugged, intimate session discussing God’s plan for marriage. No one left the room. Less than an hour later, the problem was solved. The lights came on and the a/c powered up. The speaker’s voice boomed over the sound system, and the projectors lit up the screens with power point slides. At the break, the team handed out the iced water bottles and the couples stretched their legs. The schedule was resumed, and the day went on as usual. But the enemy of all marriages had his plans foiled that day. Every couple had stayed to hear the message. The Power had been on, after all.

Tucson, Phoenix and Las Vegas Weekend to Remember Comments
"We started talking again." Married 19 years "It is amazing how much I take away even after attending 6 times." Married 11 years

Changes lives!

"The conference helped my wife and I take a good marriage of 18 years (and) utilize tools to make it a great marriage for the next 50 years." Married 18 years

"I was arguing with my husband all the way to the parking lot here (at the hotel). I yelled :divorce" and walked away. (Describe the effect the conference had on you...) My eyes were open to how disrespectful I am. I love my husband, but never showed it to him. I will now work.. to be a "wife" as God intended." Married 6 months "This conference has completely turned our marriage around. We were close to divorce and very isolated. We made break-through advances in our marriage and determine(d) to follow God's plan for our marriage from now on." Married 6 years "We are completely changed and can't wait to start our new life together." Married 3 years “Tremendous!! We want/pray these lessons spread across our country like wild fire!” Married 11 years

33 new believers!

“I can't even describe the profound impact this conference has had on our marriage. On Friday, we arrived with no hope and were totally ready to give up. We are leaving with hope, and healing has begun. Our family will never be the same.” Married 9 years


"I love him all over again." Married 5 years.

“Laughing again w/ my husband. My marriage was struggling. There was nothing positive I could mark off. I can proudly say I experienced joy last night/today and hopefully forever w/ my husband after this conference. I feel we have work to do but our faith is strong - we are a team!! God is our amazing leader!!” Married 23 years.

“How great is our God, Sing with me, How great is our God, And all will see, How great, how great is our God” Chris Tomlin

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