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Published by Leish Coley-Slade
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Published by: Leish Coley-Slade on Jul 20, 2010
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Dear Sir/ Madam We are the parents of Leisha Coley and we are writing to you in support of her partner

Mr Nicholas Slade application for rediency. Are daughter Leisha left new Zealand for her O.E back in july 2005. By Christmas time that year she had conveyed to us through are weekly telephone calls that she had met someone (Nicholas) in the U.K that she thought a lot of. When she came back to visit us for her dads 50th birthday and her brothers 21st it was clear these feelings had developed quickly. She told us how much she thought of Nicholas and how they had been spending every weekend commuting and seeing each other. By the time July 2006 came round there relationship had developed to the point where we felt it necessary to visit are daughter in the U.K to meet the young man Leisha had fallen in love with. We spent Christmas and New year with Nicholas and his family and then travelled around Europe with Leisha and Nicholas. During this time we could see that our daughter had found the person she wanted to spend the rest of her life with and it made us so happy to se her so much in love. Leisha and Nicholas had by now taken the next step and moved in with each other into Nicholas’s parents house as they could not bear to be away from each other during the week. They then set their plans in motion and decided to return to New Zealand in Sept 2007. They arrived back in New Zealand on that date and since then have lived under our roof. They have booked their wedding for 16th Janurary 2009 and they are still so much in love. Yours sincerely Wayne and Anne Coley

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