English grade 7 Pre-Reading Activities A: Discussion These statements are paraphrases about a famous person.

Read them and answer the questions that follow: 1. Now she's rich, she can't forget other people who are poor and she feels she can do something to help people. She doesn't believe poverty happens to people who aren't clever enough to avoid it. 2. She's started an organization that can help all kinds of people in lots of different ways. 3. Music is fun and she really enjoys it and makes a lot of money from it. But when she's old she doesn't believe that she can say she did things to help people through music alone. 4. Love is becoming very important to her. 5. Her life has been hard but she's still alive and she feels grateful . Questions What job does the person have? What does she want to do? What kind of person is she?

Jewel Wants More Spirit In Life Than Music
By Jacqueline Wong SINGAPORE Friday April 9 Born Jewel Kilcher, she rose from (Reuters) - She has dug her way out waitressing in coffee houses and of poverty and now top-selling playing gigs in San Diego, Alaskan singer Jewel wants to help California, to become an international star who has graced the those who have not. covers of Time magazine, Rolling "When you've lived with poverty, it Stone and Vogue. bites your heart and changes how you see the world forever. It changes "I get paid to be who I am and that's the course for the rest of your life,'' really fun, a great position to be in,'' says the folk-pop singer whose mused the young musician on the Southeast Asian leg of the Jewel home used to be a van.

Jewel, 24, surfaced worldwide in 1995 with her hauntingly sparse acoustic debut album Pieces of You. The album has since sold more than 10 million copies. Despite her success, Jewel regards herself an ordinary person yet feels the burning need to make a difference to other people. Music is fun but it doesn't change the world, she says. "I'm now in a position where I can do something about it, and I can't just turn my back on it...can't just pretend that (poverty) doesn't happen to many, many other people that didn't have a talent to get them out of it.''

Spirit Tour. But her child-like nature seems to belie a serious intention to make things other than her career happen. "All over the world there is tremendous need. We have set up an organization that can be limitless in its ability over time to do many, many different types of projects,'' she says. The organization, Higher Ground for Humanity (HGH), a non-profit, humanitarian foundation set up with her mother, Nedra Carroll, was launched about five years ago.

B.Comprehension Questions Read this part of the article and answer the questions: 1. What kind of musician is she? 2. When did Jewel become famous? 2. How many copies has Pieces of You sold? 3. What is one thing she wants to do? 4. What is one job she had before she became a musician? 5. What did she used to live in? 6. What has she done with her mother? C.Vocabulary Match these words from the article with their meanings (the tense used in the meanings may not match the tense of the word): Words Meanings 1. poverty A. to say something to yourself in a thoughtful way 2. belie B. aim 3. intention C. improving the lives of people 4. mused D. to give a false idea of something 5. humanitarian E. being poor

------------------------------------------------------------------------------D.Comprehension Questions Read this part of the article and answer the questions: 1. Who did she dedicate her album Spirit to?

2. Jewel has set up an organization called Higher Ground for Humanity. Where is it working to produce clean water? 3. How does she feel about music? 4. How is Higher Ground for Humanity funded? 5. Where can you find information about it? 6. What are some groups that it has helped? MAKING A DIFFERENCE
Jewel dedicated her second album "When you're on your death bed Spirit to the one who inspired that looking back at your life, I don't outlook -- her mother and manager. think that's what's going to make me feel like I did a great deed.'' "I don't have enough good words for According to a mission statement on her,'' she says. HGH's Web site, the foundation is Carroll wrote that Higher Ground's funded by Jewel, her mother as well as other individuals and vision was to help the ongoing organizations. discovery of what it meant to be human. Jewel has donated money from sales of her book of poetry A Night The organization is involved in Without Armour, merchandise and projects to produce clean water in concert tickets. The foundation also Asia, Peru and Mexico. takes gifts of expertise, time, ideas and prayer, because many projects "My mother has always sought to involve promoting values in the understand what it means to be a family, workplace and community, human being in the highest sense the mission statement says. and how to be that.'' Groups that have received help About the wider purpose of her life, include youth, research, the arts, Jewel freely admits that music is community building, spiritual kind of frivolous. development and alternative health care. "It's creative, it's a lot of fun and I make a really good living out of it, . but it doesn't change the world.''

E. Vocabulary Match these words from the article with their meanings (the tense used in the meanings may not match the tense of the word): Words 1. inspired 2. outlook 3. frivolous 4. deed 5. funded Meanings A. not serious B. attitude to life C. an act D. to provide a project with money E. to make someone feel something

F. Comprehension Questions Read this part of the article and answer the questions: 1. Who did she sing with when she was a child? 2. What does she think women in Alaska are like? 3. After her parents' divorce who did she live with first? 4. How did Jewel and her mother try to save money? 5. How many albums has she made? 6. Does she think that love is important?

Jewel used to work the bars as part of her family's trade of entertaining, but the singer-songwriter hasn't come away hard-edged. "The reason I was in bar rooms wasn't because my parents were neglectful. It was just our jobs,'' she says. Jewel performed with her father as a duo in local bars, hotels and Eskimo villages. She attributes her ability to stay above the fray of bohemia to a childhood in Alaska, which she calls a strong place of very self-reliant people "where women live alone, build their own cabins and hunt by themselves''. cut down on living expenses by moving into separate vans. Part of their experience was to eat cheaply, mainly peanut butter and carrot sticks. "Nothing's killed me you know, so it's good ... Being alive and having a house is the best thing anyone has and I've always really felt thankful for that,'' she said.

With two albums to her name, Jewel feels fortunate but says the responsibility to humanity becomes larger the more successful she becomes. Pieces of You has been described as a time capsule of where she was at 19 and her second album Spirit, the embodiment of the themes she now cherishes. Asked if Jewel and her two brothers spent she still believes everyone yearns their early years in Anchorage, Alaska. When her parents divorced, for love, she says unequivocally: "I believe there are two places each she moved with her father Atz action comes from in the world, and Kilcher to Homer,Alaska. They that's love and fear. That's the choice lived in a log cabin on an 800 acre family homestead with no electricity all the time...and you usually do both in a day.'' or running water. In 1992, she moved to San Diego to "I think I'm moving more and more toward love.'' live with her mother and tried a variety of jobs, including waitressing. Mother and daughter attempted to

G. Vocabulary

Match these words from the article with their meanings (the tense used in the meanings may not match the tense of the word): Words 1. hard-edged 2. neglectful 3. attributes 4. self-reliant 5. yearns Meanings A. thinks something was caused by something B. independent C. tough D. to want something very strongly E. not taking care of something properly

H. True or False? Answer these true [ T ] or false [ F ]questions: 1. Jewel first performed in public in 1995 singing songs from her Pieces of You Album. 2. Her family life wasn't very stable or settled. 3. She says her parents didn't take care of her. 4. The most important thing in her life is her music. 5. Her mother has taught her a lot about life. 6. She has only worked as a musician. 7. Singing is hard work for her. 8. Profits from her music fund Higher Ground for Humanity

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