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Wo j a eetac 1 face poftourly SEyMpous SRI Ligne 10 thine lie » pS sel begp'oy pamchiew yd O Ries oe Wer us edhe gab! « Mock Exam (Il) May ‘06 Food Hygiene & Nutrition Instructions to candidates: a) Time allowed: Three hours (plus an extra ten minutes’ reading time at the start - do not write anything during this time) b) Answer any FIVE questions ©) All questions carry equal marks. Marks for each question are shown in [] 4. Consumer demand for healthy eating options continues to increase as concerns are raised about the food we eal 2) Discuss action that food preparation staff can take to ensure that EACH of the following dishes complies with the requirements of a healthy menu: i spaghetti bolognaise ii fred fish iii meat pie iv beefburgers v cheese flan 10) b) Describe the main types of chemical compound that influence taste, and indicate on which parts of the tongue EACH compound may be experienced, 10) 5. Catering managers will need to agree upon a number of objectives when planning and designing a kitchen. a) Examine factors that willbe influential n kitchen planning and design. (14) b) Specify what aspects should be considered when choosing cutting boards. i6} 3. Storing food correctly will help to ensure that food remains in a prime condition up to its ‘Use By’ date. ) Identify FOUR different causes of food spoilage, and describe how EACH cause may be prevented from happening (8) ) Examine FOUR methods of preserving meat, and, for EACH method, give ONE example of a type of meat suitable for preserving by that particular method 12] 4, National restaurant chains maintain a standard menu throughout their establishments by a successful implementation of a company-wide portion control policy. a). Explain how you would introduce a policy of portion control into your establishment. 10) ) Standard recipes are a written formula for producing a dish to a specified quality and quantity. Discuss the advantages of using a standard recipe in a catering establishment. (10) 5. With a declining lunch hour, and more food being eaten whilst on the move, vending machines may now be found in all sectors of the hospitality industry. 2) Examine factors that need to be agreed upon before installing a vending machine. {10} b) Discuss the advantages of installing a vending machine for the service of cold non-alcoholic drinks. [10] 6 Acook-freeze system will allow a caterer to store prepared menu items for a longer period of time, Examine factors that will ensure that customers are served safe and hygienic food using such a system: 2) Preparation and cooking b) Portioning and packing ©) Labelling d) Freezing e) Regeneration (20) 7. Employers have a legal responsibilty for the safety of their staff in the workplace. a) Discuss how risk assessment may be carried out in the kitchen, (5) b) Specify rules that should be observed when handling knives. (5) ) Explain the action to foliow upon discovering a fire [5] 4) Discuss the principal methods of extinguishing a fire. 3] 8 Food must be handied and stored correctly to prevent it from becoming contaminated. Describe how you would deal with the following foods in the kitchen to reduce the risk of an outbreak of food poisoning 2) Cooked rice b) Eggs ©) Pork sausages 4d) Raw chicken [20] MOCK EXAM (I) APRIL 2006 FOOD HYGIENE AND NUTRITION Instructions to candidates: a} b) °) 1 Time allowed: Two and a half hours Answer any SEVEN questions All questions carry equal marks. Marks f each question are shown in {] The planning of menus, obtaining supplies and supervising the me: significant part of the duties of a catering manager in a hospital. preparation using specialist staff are a 3) Differentiate between the role of a dietician and that of a nutritionist 10] b) Examine guidelines that need to be considered when compiling a menu for institutional or industrial catering in order to provide a nutritionally balanced diet. (19) Spoilage of food starts from the moment itis slaughtered or harvested but the speed of deterioration can be controlled. Examine FIVE methods by which food may be preserved and explain what happens to the food during the preservation process. Describe ONE advantage for EACH method examined and identify ONE food that may be prese-ved by that method. [20] The purchase of kitchen equipment is made only after careful consideration of alternative possibil whether reviewing the item itself or the material from which it s made. a) Evaluate factors that should be taken into consideration before purchasing or hiring a large item of kitchen equipment (e.g, an oven) (14) b) Compare and contrast the health and hygiene issues relating to the use of chopping boards made from wood, polyethylene and rubber materials. (6) Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) is a system that critically examines each stage of the preparation and service of a dish to assess risks and decide action to prevent contamination, Construct a HACCP flow diagram for frazen poultry, from delivery to service, and indicate the Critical Control Points that need to be given particular attention to minimise any health risks. (10) Caterers who have responsibility for purchasing food need to be able to recognise quality points in food, Discuss quality points that you should look for in EACH of the following commodities and explain correct storage procedures: a) cereals 2) fats ¢) fish a) mik 8) offal (20) A centralised production system is used to prepare food in large-scale kitchens such as those found in hospitals and institutional catering operations, a) Discuss advantages to the caterer in adopting such a system. b) Outline factors that will influence the profitablity of a centralised production system. ©) Explain what action food handlers in a centralised production system can take to prevent food from being stored for toc long a period. 1 Before being allowed to handle chemicals for cleaning, employees must have been trained in their correct storage and use. a) Compile a set of rules for using chemicals that would be suitable to display ona staff notice board. [10] 5) Explain now you would treat a member of staff who had fainted from fumes given off by a cleaning fiuid. [5] €) Outline the minimum contents that a first aid box situated in a kitchen should contain. (51 For persons whose intake of protein in their diet is minimal itis important that they have plenty of carbohydrate available a) Explain why carbohydrate intake is essential when protein is not available b) Outline the function of carbohydrate in the body Identify the main types of carbohydrate and establish TWO sources for EACH type. Describe the effects of cooking on starch The practice of Assured Safe Catering should be implemented in all food premises to prevent the possibilty of food becoming contaminated. a) Briefly describe what the system of assured sale catering entails, b) Compare and contrast the causes of chemical food poisoning with the causes of bacterial poisoning, ©) Rodents are @ dangerous source of food contamination. Explain how rats and mice carry harmful bacteria onto food and the measures that can be taken to control infestation A wide variety of cultures, each with their own ways of cooking, represent the nations of the world, Discuss the cultural influences that the following cookery styles have had on our eating experiences a) Indian b) Mexic ©) South-East Asian d) Moroccan Cook-freeze is a specialised system that allows caterers to take advantage of retaining food for a longer period of time, Examine factors that will ensure that customers are served safe and hygienic food using this system a} preparation and cooking ) portioning and packing ¢) labeling d) freezing e) regeneration (20) ‘Outbreaks of food poisoning continue to remain at an unacceptably high level and pathogenic bacteria are the most common cause. 2) Describe the ideal conditions that will allow bacteria to develop on food (10) b) Discuss row outbreaks of food poisoning can be prevented [19 nefanonod namients ave alse gore Gok ad Ut «pce 5 cbeeil-atom > 145 ‘es Fle BL ? poctiameHon voi 7 fe reolince Lol Av A k Reabicel cove! -f Cle tdrer Kuro! wove Py sche ? fr yoencyy L Tne Omriance 2 houdlars Woe V1} 2 AP fren deliver Whe food fe fhe ocblrnes kldewn chy AW fet roan ow imal oviggn fom poy Card) e cach fro bal bdrey clerre