Sweet Allure When I first laid eyes on your alluring face, I felt enchanting flying entities in the depths

of my abdominals den; this pleasurable feeling has finally tamed my inner beast which had domination over me for far too long. As I look at you, I am distinguishing one of the many great faces of the most high; your godly features so captivating, I believe you are the physical manifestation of something more; something greater, something holier than I. It is your enthralling image why celestial beings in realms on high, bow down in your presence - singing songs of praise. Just seeing you through mortal eyes, deeply affects the emotional midpoint of my inner torso; these feelings so strong, my center of essence melts cubes of a frozen form back into its authentic state. My fourth chakra of a viridescent shade, is now actified, and spins expeditiously in glory of thee. Because of you, my life drum now beats behind the sweet melodies of adoration, which can only be heard, and felt by the godlike figure of love, Amor. Morgan O. Smith

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