Nyon (Switzerland), June 22-23, 2010   Whereas, Station Casinos workers have formed an Organizing Committee to exercise their right to join a union, a right that is promulgated in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and protected by the laws of the United States of America; and Whereas, on February 19, 2010, the Station Casinos Organizing Committee presented the company with a petition that stated, in part: “We demand that Station Casinos Ownership and Management respect our signatures and agree to a fair process for us to decide whether to have union representation without management interference and intimidation;” and Whereas, Station Casinos responded to Station workers’ organizing campaign with an intense and vicious anti-union campaign; and Whereas, on May 28, the U.S. government agency in charge of enforcing labor laws issued a 127-count unfair labor practice complaint against Station Casinos, alleging that managers, supervisors, and security guards used threats, intimidation, interrogation, surveillance, bribery, discouragement, discrimination, discipline and physical assault against workers who were engaged in legally protected union activities; and Whereas, as a result of Station Casinos’ bankruptcy reorganization, Deutsche Bank, JPMorgan Chase, and Fertitta Gaming will become the owners of four and potentially more of the company’s properties where workers are organizing; and Whereas, as a result of the company’s bankruptcy reorganization, other new owners and managers could come to own and operate some of the company’s properties where workers are organizing, Therefore, be it resolved that UNI GAMING UNION hereby: 1. Demand that Station Casinos immediately cease all illegal anti-union activities; and 2. Demand that Station Casinos respect workers’ right to organize freely under U.S. law; and 3. Call on UNI GAMING affiliates to engage in a global campaign to support Station Casinos workers’ right to organize; and 4. Call on Deutsche Bank, JPMorgan Chase, Fertitta Gaming and any other future owners and operators of Station Casinos properties to respect their employees’ right to organize everywhere and anywhere as promulgated in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

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