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Doctor Zhivago

Doctor Zhivago

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Published by Carmina
A synopsis and critique i wrote on the movie "Dr. Zhivago"
A synopsis and critique i wrote on the movie "Dr. Zhivago"

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Published by: Carmina on Jun 18, 2008
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Doctor Zhivago: Synopsis and Critique In the times of the Great War and the Bolshevik Revolution, there

was also a great tragedy. The tragedy of losing innocence, being exploited, becoming unfaithful, and suffering for the decisions of other people. Doctor Zhivago mixes historical content with a romantic tale of symbolic characters. Each character represents how different characteristics of Russians responded to the Revolution through the treatment of the beautiful woman called Lara. Lara was used and abandoned while only the love of a struggling poet named Dr. Yuri Zhivago remained loyal. With time and attention, this movie addresses Russia’s hardships through war and recovery using a romantic account of an orphan girl’s parents. Various people can say that Doctor Zhivago was utterly dull and they’d rather be doing homework instead of sitting through a grueling 3 hours of sluggish plot. Others can state they loved the movie and the way it was played out. I can go about this two ways; I agree on the fact this movie was a bit too long, and I can agree I loved the movie for what it was. I much prefer movies with back to back action-drama, which unfortunately Doctor Zhivago lacked. This drawback made it occasionally difficult to follow the story. I did, however, love the plot entirely. When the movie was finally over, I realized what the characters represent and how it ties in with the historical content. It dawned on me that the roles of the humanist, capitalist, and radical-communist all affected Lara the same way they affected Russia. All of this I found was very poetic and had profound meaning to me in a sense that it addressed many emotions that was also seen in people during that time.

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