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Have You any Work fora UUuron: oR A COMPARISON ‘Betwixt 4 Cooper's, ard a Joyner’s Trade, wherein their Qualities are both difplsy'd : ‘ut pil the Cooper, 2 you Bere 11 find, The Joyner does Excell in.ev'ry Kini. HE Cooper, and the Foyer, are Two famous Trades: ‘They both are cunning Work-men ; they both are crafty Lads: ‘They both can varnulh oftheir Work ; boch will you Trepan + "Pet fiy what you wil, the Cooper is the--—— Mane ‘they both have their Trade well) €0 give the evi! his Dues Nay, fome ick, not to fay, He was their Mller tou: Bey sjough dhe Joya do appear che more Active Blad Tree Jay what you nil, the Cooper i the : work in Timber, but not in the fime Wood : The Conger works in 2, shat Hilts males firm and good Tor eg’ Axe, that on the Heed all Lordly Traitours knocks: see fiy what you wil, she Cooper # the — Fox. “the Joyner he Cof late) work’ for Life. tbont a Tree, Tite ibe Old Tripele-Ost, which near Hide-Park you fee + Flere snany Traitrous Pendalis have had a fhrewd DiGi Per fay whas yoo wil she Cooper i their —Malter. ‘They both hhoops Hogfheads, and a Hole 7h? Side leaves oper nes all Things, except a Neck thae’s broken up irthe Suiock of their Git Aterher pers —— 7H’ Elder Brother. “The Caper he = Jom 7 Joys Though boch were wrapt fay you wil the COB “The cower cn bis Friends, late cafts a Squinting- Bye: Ne Govuer too of fate, does fhrewdly look: awry 7g Fhoush they do, in this one Point, bath of them agre ot ip what you wil, the Cooper's —— fre He. Both are Truc Prevents, and of the Newelt (Gach a5 Fak Preigter does with an el Vamp) Gat the Glory of the Church ; both in che old Way bre! "Yer fay what you wil the Cooper its —— le ‘The cooper fie can make a Speech to be admit TRE Foyer too can prate, as it he were inf’: 1 feme bis Clapper is Well hung, (Twi them well hung both, Fey what Jom il, she Cooper i the ——~ Youth : ‘They boh went to Osfird to Study, fuppoles Bueno both of One Colledge, yet both ot Brasrn-Nofe: Bet Gr of them flaid behind, his Degrees to take then ry what pou ily the Cooper ## «-—— Quaker “The Univerfiy difeovered foon their Parts: ‘But it had never yet There, Mafters of fiuch, Arts: But it Jad cm for the Good Old Cavfey doublels is Right Boy: «ea Simhat you wil the Cooper i she —y-a Whi Boy. aT TES TS BTW TS COTS olives, then’ eryes, spe Farrer by and by; fogue + —— Rogue. ta The King And the People do Refolve, ig dl 1 fy phae. yon wil, the Coos Cicat Schollars ftood amaz’d, to hear‘the Cooper plead \ ‘fad Wonder’d too to hear, what theglearned Joyner {eid : He of all che Bawling Curs, is the Chief Concrouler: | [ox - Bit fay what yar gall the Cooper is — Old Jouler. - + i, you BREE Chief wWord-wan to a Broxer y the | aver work’t for both, bat make) not Work {0 fare; °¢ got longs agoe, ymuch soa: Cacper's Gri fone} —— Sly Thi ing, does often"work with Fools ; ‘ile Fuser does the time too, and ulés che fame Tools: And though he be accounted, by ail a Subtle Slave 5 Tut fp what yon will, the Cooper és the —— Knave. The Coaper by his C ‘The Cooper is an Elder-man of Fame ard Renown; ‘The Fozwr is likewile a Free-man_ of Town: And though he wears no Gown, he did lately wear a Chain; Tet fay what you will, the Cooper merits —— Tivain. Poth (like their Tellow-Tradefinen) ene Cant and Cringe, to Cheat ‘Their Cuftomers with Wares, Falls and Aduleera And (51: to their-own Fathers, tor a, Peuny Tet jay what you will, she Cooper és the They both can Yea and Nay, both can Profe, to get Linwary filly srend-Coeks imo their “Tréfeltrous Nee! Both cad’ fear likke Seints, wich Carriage’ wond rous Civil Tes fay whut yon wil, the Cooper is a——Devil. The Cooper he is free to work ith? Tower all Day ; uv not with th’ Pepi Lords, at Pins or Bowls 0° Pla Or any fach Prophane Game, whereof the Fape's Conti Tet fiy what yon wll, the Cooper's the —— Top-driver; The Farmer has a Frecdom herein beyond the Cooper : For he ih? open Field, with etch tpay play a Rubber: And though he were fo mad, bis Neck to venture at-one Stake there ; Tet fay whst you will, the Cooper’s the —— Match-Makers i The Cooper he has been a Parlisment-Cevatie The Forner had been for the Next Elestion fair, Had he not late mifcarry'd by the Aember’s Divifion ; Tet fay what you will, Cooper's she: Politician, All_you can for the Joyner fay, (fay your Belt, or Wort). ' 1s, That he had che Honour to be Exalted fit, | Well, Ple to oblige you, grant that Part of your Text: Tet fiy what you wil, the Cooper will be —-— Next, j Now, pray take Notice all of you, whate’re you are, “That fore the Noble Coopr, the Jomner do preter B -You mutt conics, Chae if with him in any fore compar’d, E's fay what you will, the Cooper is a—— Laird. Finis,