Lesson 1 English 150 Course Introduction

Two writers on Writing

Bill Flanagan
novel about the 70¶s rock scene

Cecilia Galante
coming of age novel

Welcome to English 150 Composition One
Mr. Harmon


Three questions
‡ What is the best book you ve ever read?
± Catch-22 by Joseph Heller

‡ Where is the most beautiful place you ve ever been?
± St. John¶s, the Virgin Islands

‡ What s the weirdest thing you ve ever eaten?
± Soy Cheese

The Daily Writer s Prompt:
‡ Examples:
± Explain the meaning of life in ten words or less. ± Describe your neighbor s nose. ± What would you do if you had no money?

‡ Born in West Virginia ‡ Married with two children, 2 girls 1st and 3rd grader ‡ Live in St. Charles ‡ Missouri University B.J.; Webster University M.A.; Lindenwood University M.A.T. ‡ Enjoy family, reading, writing, and travel

Alphabet Time
‡ In three minutes time, arrange yourself in a line alphabetically by your first names.

On Writing
There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and open a vein.
Red Smith Sportswriter

On Writing
I'm not a very good writer, but I'm an excellent rewriter.
James MichenerNovelist

On Writing
The wastebasket is a writer's best friend.
Isaac Bashevis Singer Story teller


It has often been said there¶s so much to be read, you never can cram all those words in your head. So the writer who breeds more words than he needs is making a chore for the reader who reads That¶s why my belief is the briefer the brief is, the greater the sigh of the reader¶s relief is.

Assignments Due Next Class
‡ Using your handout, pick any two of the words on the page and combine them to create something new. ‡ Stone and camera would become a stone camera capable of doing many more things than a normal camera ‡ Read in Great Writing
± Pages 2 through 8 ± Be able to describe the writing process

Composition I Overview

Composition I Overview

Composition I Overview

Composition I Overview

Composition I Overview

Composition I Overview



Web Resources
‡ Little Brown Handbook:
± http://wps.ablongman.com/long_fowler_lbh_ 10/

‡ Great Writing:
± http://highered.mcgrawhill.com/sites/0072370645/information_cent er_view0/

‡ My Blog:
± http://harmonhd.blogspot.com/

‡ All essay assignments will be uploaded to Turnitin.com for grading ‡ During the next week, you must sign up for Turnitin.com ‡ Details next class.


‡ Be prompt
± Be ready to learn when class begins.

‡ Be prepared
± Have materials with you and know due dates; turn in work on time

‡ Be a polite and positive participant
± Speak in a normal tone of voice, and listen attentively.

‡ Turn off all cell phones, mp3 players or any other electronic devices. Do not be rude to me and your fellow students by using these devices in class. ‡ If you need to make a call or a text, you are more than welcome to do that in the hallway, as will I. ‡ Absences ask classmates or go to class blog to find out what you missed

‡ Grades are based on the accumulation of points. ‡ Points are based on:
± Class participation (effort) ± Completion of assignments (daily work) ± Major projects, and exams
Our Grading Scale
‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ 90-100% 80-89% 70-79% 60-69% Below 60% =A =B =C =D =F

Grades are calculated on cumulative percentage and are rounded up whenever possible.

Late Assignments
‡ Any assignment turned in past the due date is late ‡ The grade for that assignment will be

automatically reduced by 10%

A word about participation
‡ Given 150 points at start of semester ‡ Lost points for texting during class, excessive talking, and/or any unnecessary disruption ‡ So, turn cell phones off in class ‡ You are more than welcome to make important calls during class in the hallway outside the room

My Pledge to You
‡ I will trust you until you give me reason to do otherwise. ‡ I will respect you and work with you to solve problems. ‡ I will promptly correct and offer feedback on your work.

My Pledge to You
‡ I will work with you to meet learning goals. ‡ I will offer extra help and alternative assessments should you require them.

What are some of your expectations for this course?

Here s to a great semester!
And one more pledge: I will never give you a test like this:

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