Be patient Be openminded Smile often Savour special moments

Make new friends... Rediscover old ones... Tell them that you love them... And when you love them... Feel it deeply

es ri or ems w bl es e or pro mi gn I get ene ses i r n om Fo rdo pr Pa ep Ke

If you get more than one chance, try again Prize your good ideas Try not to make mistakes And if you do, learn from them

Be crazy Appreciate miracles when they happen Notice where the sun is in the sky Listen to the rain

Watch for rainbows and falling stars Look for the beauty around you

Smile with your heart Confide in others Give to others Be gentle with others, always

Hope Desire Grow Work hard Be yourself

Be understanding, when it’s needed Have confidence in life Have faith

Ha ve Co con mf fid o rt enc af ei rie ny nd our sel f!!!

Enjoy Life!!!!

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