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03 Product development and presentation Knowledge Requirment

03 Product development and presentation Knowledge Requirment

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1 Explain the main considerations in the choice of commodities & other material for the development of the new product? RECIPE;COST;AVAILABILTY;QUALITY;CONDITION;RESEARCH;FOOD SAFETY;FOOD VALUE. While coming up with the new products in the restaurants we have to take in consideration the following aspects:RECIPE: - Commodities & other material to be used in the recipe should balance each other. They should not over power each other in taste, aroma, presentation, etc. they should not involve a complex & time consuming cooking process. COST:Cost of the commodity is an essential factor. That is it should be easily purchased by the restaurant & fit the price on the menu.Commodites & other ingredients should not be very expensive Or dear to purchase. • BUDGET:-Their should be enough budget with the business to buy the commodities & experiment with the new product. Further when the product is ready the business should have enough resources to carry on with the production. • SELLING PRICE:- Selling price on the menu should cut out the cost of commodities, and other expenditure. Selling price should be kept by taking in the mind the market we wish to target. AVAILABILITY:-Availability of the commodities & other materials depends widely on the following aspects. • Season: - Commodities & other material in the kitchen are seasonal. That is they are available season wise only. So while developing the new product this should be kept in the mind whether its commodities will be available seasonally or through out the year. • Quality: - Quality of the commodity should also be set as such it shell never be negotiated, because better products give excellent results. And it should fit the purpose to be used with. • Consistency of supply: - Again the supply is very important without it the product demand cannot be met. If some items are produced to stay in the menu through out the year. Then it should be made sure that they are supplied. • Research: - Before applying the dish to the menu. Through research should be made about the commodities & other materials in the market. As per their price, availability, suppliers, etc. Through the books, pictures, leaflets & articles, etc.Competition in the market should also be thoroughly investigated for the new products they are going to launch in the market. • Food value: - While making the recipe it should be kept in the mind that all the materials used shell balance the nutrition demand of the body. • Food Safety: - Food safety of the materials & commodities should always keep in the mind. Made sure the supplier gives the proper quality assurance &

hazardous food such as the fish, shell fish, meat, eggs, etc should be purchased from the reliable source only. Condition that will depend if the commodity is available in the frozen, dehydrated, fresh, etc.

3.2 State the factors that need to be considered to ensure food safety in the development of new products. LEGISLATION, COMMODITIES, EQUIPMENT, DESIGNING, PREPARATION, COOKING, HOLDING FOR SERVICE, STORAGE. • Legislation: - Every country have different regulations to what extent and ratio preservatives, colours, emulsifiers, etc can be used in the food as to keep food safe. That is in the jams, jellys, etc. Further law evaluates the standards of the supplier & gives them license to carry out their business. • Commodities: - There are different types of commodities to choose from such as fresh, frozen, caned, dry, etc. While choosing them lot of factors are kept in the mind such as nutrition, yield, economic factors, etc. Method of production of the material & commodities is also kept in the mind, to whether they kept the safety standards & government regulations while their production. Shelf life also plays major role if shelf life of product is quite more & do not have any specific temperature requirements then the food can be purchased in bulk & stored. But if food item is perishable then it is better to be purchased on the daily bases as in the case of the dairy. Supplier quality assurance shell be always their that they must have the certificate approval from the government. Where ever possible organic supplies should be given main preference. • Equipment: - While using the equipments in the production of the new product in the kitchen. It should be made sure that they are in top quality, & sanitized and cleaned. So that their should be no physical, chemical & biological contamination. • Designing: - By this term it means while developing the product recipe allergic factors should be kept in the mind. That is fish should never be incorporated with milk so is the red meat. Hence alternatives of the food articles should be their. • Cooking: - Appropriate, economical & safest method of cooking should be followed. While cooking the food it should be heated till so that food poisoning does not occur. While testing the food proper safety steps should be used like always use fresh spoon to taste the food. Internal temperature of the food should be measured with the help of the thermometers, etc. • Holding for the service & Storage: After the food is cooked if it is to be stored it should rapidly cold & stored in the cold rooms or refrigerators above---. -. Hot foods to be served hot should be holding on hot plates at ……

While storing the food it should be made sure that no loss of quality & quantity take place. 3.3 Describe the main consideration that needs to be taken into account in designing new products. CURRENT STYLE & DEMAND: - Before making the recipe design we have to know the latest trends in the food of the customers. What are their likings & dislikes? Which item in the menu is doing well & which is not. By these new concept of recipe is introduced. All this in formation is gained by through research by media, books, internet sites, etc. And then it is decided to what recipe is to be made. AUTHENTICITY:-Recipe that is to be introduced in the menu should always be authentic in the way of its ingredients. Like beef burger can be made by different variations by using different condiments, spices, etc. But the main ingredient like beef, bread buns, etc remains the same these are authentic. They cannot have any other alternatives. COST: - When making the new recipe cost factor cannot be ignored. New products (recipes) should be economical in the sense of money, labor, efforts, etc. New product should be easily produced in budget of the kitchen. New product should be designed by keeping in mind the equipment hat are present in the kitchen. PORTION CONTROL: - It’s very important for the organization as to decide the proportion control of the recipe in order top fix their cost & keep consistency in their product. It should be easy to set a portion of the food item & proper technique & method should be in place. As to use ladles, scoops, etc. SERVICE:-While designing the recipe or product the skills of the staff at hand for its production style & service should evaluated. That is how it is made & service style in which it is served to the guest i.e.:- American, British, French style of a service etc. EQUIPMENT: - Availability of the equipment on hand should be considered as they make job easier & require less labor as per time. While developing recipe it should be made sure that vigorous utilization of the equipment should be done at hand, It should not be as such to produce just one item in the menu we need whole new piece of equipment. As it is lengthy process & there are no guarantees that new item introduced will be favorite among the guests. BALANCE: - All the items in the menu shell balance each other in the context to the flavour, colour, texture, etc. Recipe should be simple to produce, economical as per the labour, cost, resources, etc. Ingredients should contras each other in the recipe & have distinctive character of its own as such. ACCEPTABILITY: - all the hard work comes on this stage. Recipe should be acceptable by the guests as per its taste, texture, fragrance, aromas & appearance. As such dish should be so eye appealing that it stimulates the hunger of the guest, so are its appearance, smell & taste. And attracts the guest to the restaurant. MENU: - The new item that is to be mixed in the menu should come under proper course. That is a new egg dish should come under oeufs only. Dish in each course should be different from each other as per appearance, taste, etc. It should balance the menu & plate of the guest. Selling price of the product should cover all the expenses to make it & profit margin also. S.P should not be too high so that guest does not feel cheated price wise & quantity wise.

TEAM: - All the team members should understand their role in the development of the product. They should find up new methods & recipes. They should have zest to upgrade their skills & knowledge. Service staff should give detail to the guests of new item introduced and serve the food in best style & take the feed back to the kitchen. Hence with the proper team product development is continuous process. 3.4 Describe the main considerations to be taken into account when choosing the techniques, methods & equipment in the development of new products? TIME: - In the kitchen staff have to prepare series of items for the menu. So it should be made sure that the items introduced in the menu should be simple & follow easy techniques to produce in the less time. That is they should require less preparation time& cooking time. It’s holding time should also be evaluated as such can it be partially cooked before service & then cook fully. Or it needs to be served straight after cooking as it cannot retain its shape, texture, etc for time. SKILLS: - Person should must have the through knowledge of the commodities to be use in the recipe; s/he should also have knowledge about the substitutes that they can use. They should have al the necessary manual skills in order to produce & use the commodities to their advantage .It should always be made sure that the simple & easy techniques & methods should be used for the production for easing the operations in the kitchen. And yet the recipe should be interesting. FACILITIES: - All the facilities should be used available on hand in the kitchen to simplify & faster the kitchen operation with the use of the machines & equipment in the hand. Bulk preparation of the new product could be done and be stored & hold in the safe temperature zones such as in the refrigerators or hot plates, etc. As for the skills of the staff should not be ignored the item should is such that it can master by every one involved in the cooking process in the kitchen. And service of the product should be as such that it can be easily adapted by the service staff. EQUIPMENT: - Available equipment should be easily used in the processing of the new item with the minimal food wastage & hence reducing the cost of production. Machine to be used should be used under food safety principals i.e.:- it should be thoroughly cleaned before & after the use, etc. Machines should be adaptive & perform numerous tasks by changing the attachments. SERVICE:-

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· REPRODUCIBLE - is that it is written so that it can repeated with consistent results. · EASILY PREPARED with a minimum of steps in logical sequence to produce appropriate end results - from simple to complex recipes. Ingredients are listed in the units in common use that enhance accuracy. · CONCISE is brief but comprehensive enough to furnish needed information. · INTERESTING has appeal in that it furnishes variety to the meal · PLEASING TO THE SENSES has stimulating and satisfying flavor and aroma with appropriate texture. · ECONOMICAL has qualities of economy-not always from budget standpoint but also economy of human and material resources. Minimum and efficient human energy less time, expenditure, use of dishes, utensils and appliances are appropriate. · Adaptable to Health concerns (diabetes, cholesterol, etc.) Standardization is the optimum goal for a recipe development procedure. 3.5Describe the factors to take into the account while cooking newly designed products. Experimentation:-While coming up with the new recipes & cooking them it is must to experiment with them. So their should be adequate facilities, time & place provided to the staff. To come up with the new recipes it is important to train & update the staff so that they can come up with pleasing modifications & new recipes of the products. Records: - While cooking the new designed products the proper documentation is must. As it is a tangible track & information about the product development. Records such as recipes, photographs must be documented & saved. For future reference. Testing: - Testing of the product must be done by keeping the basic recipe as the base. New product should be tested for its quality, taste, fragrance, texture, etc. Further the opinion of the consumers is also very important whether they like the product or not. A

test for the yield of new recipe is also very important. As it helps in setting the cost & portion control. Cooking methods: - Whatever the cooking method is to follow it should give best results in compare to the quality & yield. Kitchen is very busy place so it should be made sure that best, easy, economical method in compare to time, labour, etc should be followed. That is using less of effort & resources come up with great product. To keep the authencity of the product it is important to record the temperature, time & method used to prepare & cook the food. 3.6 Describe the main considerations to be taken into account when evaluating new products. Developing new products does not end when the recipe is made but its evaluation is equally important so it involves series of steps to do the evaluation of the product. Business Image: - Product should be evaluated as per the present image of the business producing it. For example if the “sub-way” has come up with the new salad say a sandwich it should must highlight heir image of good nutrition while publicity. Food Safety: - Food safety is very crucial factor to keep in account. Food should be evaluated for its minimum storage period & temperature. Its shelf life should be are fully evaluated especially recipes involving hazardous food. Preservatives if added should also be evaluated as such they don’t create any allergic reaction with the food. Potential hazards should also be analyzed & critical control points should be set. Demand: - Demand is very important economic factor to be analyzed. That is if their would be no demand for the product then it is no use to produce it. Customer reaction to the new product this can be done by providing the sample of new recipe to the people in trade fairs, in premises it self, etc. And the feed back should be taken as to their likes & dislikes. Sales mix “A sales mix is the proportions of sales coming from different products or services.” A sales-mix analysis is simply a recap of the number of items sold, their food costs, and consequently, the profit margin for the restaurant. Higher the sales mix after the introduction of the new product higher is the demand. Sales Volume same goes with the sales volume higher the sales volume of the premises after the introduction of the product higher is the demand. Timing this factor also influence the demand of the product. If he restaurant launches new product say a special version of charismas pudding in period else then Christmas. Then its demand will be less as if it would have done in the Christmas period the sales & demand would be higher. Method: - There are different methods to evaluate the new product; Expert panel this will include all the chefs & executive chef, sales manager, service manager, etc. Bigger the organization is more complex is their panel. For example if McDonalds come up with the new product the expert panel would be brought in. But if a small scale local eatery comes up with some thing self assessment would be suitable by the person bringing up the recipe. Whatever the size of organization customer evaluation is very important 7

should never be neglected recipe should be evaluated as per the the customers to be targeted & modified. Peer comments should also be taken in the account as their expertise & experience also comes handy while evaluation.

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