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Minister 'rffi;":
-&ui::':"*':- Ministre
of VeteransAffairsand $;l des Ancienscombattantset
Ministerof State(Agriculture) )i'4*' . i ministred'Etat(Agriculture)

Ottawa,Canada KIA 0P4

JULI I 2010

Mr. GordonJenkins
NATO VeteransOrganizationof Canada
clo 35 BiscayneCrescent
K2E 5R9

DearMr. Jenkins:

Thank you for your letterof congratulations

on my appointmentas
Minister of VeteransAffairs and for expressingyour interestin
ensuringthe full participationof the NATO VeteransOrganization
of Canadain the commemorative andconsultative
VeteransAffairs Canada.Pleaseacceptmy apologyfor this delayed

I am honouredto carry on the importantwork of the Departmentin

supportof Veteransandtheir families,and interactingwith Canada's
key Veteransgroupswill be essential in meetingthe challenges
Throughregularconsultationandcommunication, the Department
hasa long historyof cooperationwith Canada'smajor Veterans
organizations,and I look forwardto maintainingthesecollaborations
and finding new waysto establishrelationships.

I understandthat you recentlyspokewith the Directorof Program

Policy, and he reaffirmedthe Department'scommitmentto Canada's
major Veteransorganizations andthe importanceof a collaborative



relationshipbetweenVeteransAffairs Canadaandthe NATO Veterans

organizationof Canada.The Departmentlooks forwardto working
with you and engagingyour organization
throughfuture consultations.

In closing,I would like to takethis opportunityto congratulateyou on

the successof your organization. The goalsof the NATO Veterans
Organizationof Canadaclearlyresonatewith Canada'srnodern-day
Veteransas I understandyour membershipcontinuesto grow sincethe
organizationwas establishedin 2007.

Your continuedcommitmentto Canada'sVeteransandensuringtheir

interestsarewell represented
is greatlyappreciated.



) /.^,l:
/- t'
.i t'
Jl' .- '{r.. 1.r,.,.r,_

Blackburn.P.C..M . P .

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