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Minister 'rffi;": -&ui::':"*':- Ministre of Veterans Affairsand des Ancienscombattantset $;l Minister State(Agriculture) )i'4*' .

i of ministre d'Etat(Agriculture) Ottawa, Canada KIA 0P4

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JULI I 2010

Mr. GordonJenkins NationalPresident NATO VeteransOrganization Canada of clo 35 BiscayneCrescent Ottawa,Ontario K2E 5R9 DearMr. Jenkins: Thank you for your letterof congratulations my appointment on as Minister of Veterans Affairs and for expressing your interestin ensuringthe full participation the NATO Veterans of Organization of Canada the commemorative consultative in and activities of Veterans Affairs Canada. Please accept apologyfor this delayed my reply. I am honoured carry on the importantwork of the Department to in supportof Veterans andtheir families,and interacting with Canada's groupswill be essential meeting challenges key Veterans in the ahead. Throughregularconsultation communication, Department and the hasa long historyof cooperation with Canada's major Veterans organizations, I look forwardto maintaining and thesecollaborations and finding new waysto establish relationships. I understand you recentlyspokewith the Directorof Program that Policy, and he reaffirmed Department's the commitment Canada's to major Veteransorganizations the importance a collaborative and of



-2relationship between Veterans Affairs Canada the NATO Veterans and organizationof Canada. The Department looks forwardto working with you and engaging your organization throughfuture consultations. In closing,I would like to takethis opportunity congratulate on to you the success your organization. goalsof the NATO Veterans of The Organization Canada of clearlyresonate with Canada's rnodern-day Veterans I understand as your membership continues grow sincethe to organization was established 2007. in Your continued commitment Canada's to Veterans ensuring and their interests well represented greatlyappreciated. are is Sincerely,



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Jean-Pierre Blackburn. P.C..M . P .