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Lecture Nine

Lecture Nine

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Published by: Ron Knorr. PhD on Jul 23, 2010
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Middle School Curriculum ED 441/641 Section 400 Lecture Nine • Introduction

Here we are at the end of the line for the readings for this course. The topics assigned this lecture are a vital part of the MSC – how do we assess and the theory behind it, what makes an effective principal, and, finally, what is the future of the middle school. Juvonen has a highly critical view – one that you may or may not share. Hopefully, no matter what your opinion, are this class you now have an informed one to base your thinking on the future of the middle school and as part of your final assignment – a synthesis of your own thoughts of MSC. Remember, I’ll be happy to review an outline in advance, but not at the last minute! • I have decided not to assign articles for the last day - just the readings from FYW. Grading and Standard Assessments Effective Leadership and The Future of the Middle School The only article I will assign is attached. It is dense, but explains a lot. The reflection question is as follows: Based on the vast history of assessment in American Schools, how would you describe your own testing philosophy as it relates to the material from this article. Explain in detail with references from the article. For the readings from FWY Chapter Six: In your opinion, and based on your readings, what makes an effective principal? Chapter Ten: Do you share Juvonen's assessment of middle schools. Explain your thinking with details from your thinking, experience, and readings from this course.

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