´Blissful Griefµ

(Clarissa S. Rosalia)

Days had gone and passed me by Life has brought me pain and pride I stayed a tough one, I had tried Strong and brave with all my might. God has always been my guide I swam the distant seas of nights Climbed the mountains, peak and high Swift the heavy rains of tides. But then It·s hard for me to fight All the trials in this life. Thou shall not have to me had lied My only strength, gone out of sight. To you I gave my whole heart trust I did devoted faithful love But then you change for worldly lusts The vow we made, you just forgot. I wondered why, what have I done? Was it a heavy grounds of fault? I can·t remember anything Except I guess, the lust you dreamt. Whatever now, I just believed That you can·t find in me the things Your contentment, I can·t give And to your pleasures, I just failed. Well done! You did the greatest twinge! I throb and ache for the pain You have my blessings, though I grief Farewell! I wish you all the best.

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