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Im Sara July

Im Sara July

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July Astrology by Imsara
July Astrology by Imsara

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Published by: stpetebeachtoday on Jul 23, 2010
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Pete Beach Today features astrology reports from Imsara, an evolutionary astrologist, acupuncture physician, writer and speaker. Enjoy! -----------------------

July 2010

Two Coffee's and an Eclipse

ARIES –FLOW…like a river of inspiration you can tap into new and exciting energies astir in your life. A primary need is to challenge your own creativity and dare to be more than you have been. Breakthroughs are possible over July and the coming years that can influence the direction of your life. Yet, avoid leaping before you look. Stay out of battles in general and particularly the ones that are none of your business. Once you get started with action on some new ideas then more shall surely follow. Take periods of quiet to get away and ponder more deeply what meaning you have given to your life over the last seven years. Then hear me when I say that that will all transform as you experience the next seven! TAURUS –PERFORMANCE…includes the need to organize and classify your world in a way that works more effectively for you. Counter any whipped up emotions with moderation and care. Avoid opening yourself up to manipulation from others. Examine recent and past goals and see where you stand in their accomplishment. You might want to kick things up a notch. A helpful strategy is to find new ways to build community beyond your immediate circle. You can find that your life begins to take on new meaning with a newfound freedom coupled with satisfying activities. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

GEMINI – SUPERFICIAL…there is a need now to look beneath the appearances of things. It is important to feel the truth of whatever it is you might be contemplating. If something doesn’t ring true in your gut then do not do it. Many people are fooled by appearances as we can see if we just look around. Pay attention to details. Ask yourself if you are avoiding something. Enlist the aid of those you know support and understand you. It is important to move through any apparent blockages by daily asking for inner guidance and then doing the next task. This is not the time for just going through the motions in any area!

CANCER-the word NO…is a word that can be quite handy over the coming months. Consider if you are doing too much to help others. There can be a feeling of heaviness or of being weighed down and the foremost consideration is to learn when to help and when not to. A desire for you to nurture and to be helpful is normal but it must not cost others their self-reliance. Think carefully about the term “mother” and how you may habitually take on this role or otherwise attract others that are searching to be “mothered.” These years now and ahead are for the purpose of regeneration and rebirth for you, generally because you have Pluto opposing your sun sign. This means that the energy working in Pluto will strive to shear away the inner selfimages you carry for the purpose of coming to a deeper understanding and inner strength. Allow yourself to make room for those who show you genuine appreciation and support. Let go of baggage that was never yours to carry in the first place!

LEO –RESEARCH…you may find you need to get deep below the surface in certain areas of your life to fully understand what is going on. This is also the time to also open your eyes to new potential within you that you will never realize unless you take risk or two. This can prove to be quite rewarding for you in the long run. Search for new solutions. Try new options. Follow what gives you a sense of contentment and happiness—sounds corny I know but if you haven’t tried it don’t knock it. Sometimes we can try to operate in two very different realms without realizing that all it does is create conflict. To where do you belong?

VIRGO –HOMEBASE…what’s cookin’ at home base? Like enjoying a warm fire it is time to get back in touch with what brings you a sense

of center and of nourishment. If you encounter any feelings of loneliness seek to assuage them with making your home more of what you need and getting rid of what you do not need. Finish up the summer in style by allowing yourself to indulge in a few special touches. Sign up for any activities that might also add to your knowledge or bottom line interface with life. Avoid any self-sabotage by facing any feelings of separation or even bitterness squarely. Travel is always an excellent option to refresh your perspective or add new joy to your life!

LIBRA –TWO HEADS…are always better than one and like two little children it is important to find one you can share your innermost feelings with. This requires a sense of comfort and safety so you can speak your truth and know another understands. Any issues that need clarification it is time to address. New understandings can be gained and elements not previously seen before can now surface. The mistake would be to NOT communicate when actually a new depth of expression is now required. If there is any sense of stagnation or frustration it is most likely because you or another is not on the same page. Keep things open and share what you are thinking…really thinking! SCORPIO –DARK…occurrences can push you to look for deeper elements of your truth in places that are beyond your current capacity. Push deeper in order to enlighten and illuminate. Ask the questions that will catalyze your inner wisdom into new understandings. Practicing trust and courage will help to open up new channels of communication and you would do well by devoting a portion of quiet time every day to inner reflection. Know that the choices you make in the new future will help to structure your life in the years to come in ways that help you to nurture your light and ease your fears. These days inner security can only be found within.

SAGITTARIUS- CROSSING POINT…ponder carefully any key ideas you intend to present to others at large. There is a need for some caution now for things unforeseen can halt your path unexpectedly. Go slowly and meditate as to what ideas are in synchronicity with the times. Avoid overworking and pencil in relaxation and play. Keep expectations of others to a minimum. Consider what any costs may be to what appears to be larger gains. This could only be temporary in the long run and create unnecessary complications. Be mindful of both your

rights and the rights of others. Seek to understand first and then move forward.

CAPRICORN –SAIL…above troublesome issues by garnering a new attitude and some fresh approaches. Do not sweat the small stuff and transcend minor difficulties via adopting a bird’s eye view of things. You can do it. Calm, steady, yet humorous observation can reveal much to you now. There will be time enough to get back to the grindstone and employ more practical strategies. For now you need to rise a little into the clear blue sky and you might even run into an angel or two. It is a time when good old-fashioned optimism can help you more than you realize and actually carry you forward into a new and expanded view! It IS all about location…location…location!

AQUARIUS –SINCERITY…sometimes the only thing required in life to “Pass Go” is a healthy dose of sincerity. Watch out for hidden ideological or philosophical traps. Illumination or liberation is not so much to be achieved but to be restored via eliminating all the untruths versus searching for “the” truth that every religion mistakenly things it possesses. Perseverance is what can be quite useful to you now. Keep moving towards that which gives you a feeling of authenticity and light. Find a cause that makes you smile and get more active within it!

PISCES-REASESSMENT…new trends are popping up like shoots in a summer garden as you make a decision to move through games of hide and seek and eliminate conflict. Give up hoping or trying to subtly persuade someone to do something. Eliminate habits of communication and behaviours that are time wasting and useless. It is good to practice more focus for in the years ahead this particular habit will be priceless. Figure out what the central issue is behind any unsettled arguments or issues. Again, things are rarely what they appear to be yet it is futile to continue to deny the elephant in the living room. Toss any need for justification or vindication. Be wary of those who try to gain unfair advantages and reflect on what you truly value! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

My mother had a saying she used rather frequently, “If the shoe fits wear it.” In that simple motherly wisdom lay the seeds of how to successfully merge with the oncoming energies of the potent New Moon Solar Eclipse we will experience on July 11, 2010 at 2:40 PM EDT.

We each are now on the threshold of decision. The time has come. Bring all unfinished business to an end. All grandiose displays of humans being the center of the cosmos with a mandate to dominate nature need to be put to rest. In my humble opinion, this belief alone is what keeps the door to so-called heaven closed.

What needs to be addressed is that we have serious flaws within humanity’s relationship to the planet. Key to understanding the seriousness of this mistaken core belief is to feel how fundamentally untrue it is. Then look around to see how it clearly has not worked for us. Any relationship born from untruth is bound to come to misfortune. And so it is (again) as we gaze wearily at the Gulf, the latest debacle in our attempt to make greed work.

Quite simply, the essence of this upcoming eclipse is essentially about our concept of nature and our relationship to it. I am referring to both the nature we see, the nature that surrounds and supports us as well as human nature. Can we agree for the purpose of this article that we as a society believe we are superior to nature? Then ask yourself if you believe you are equal to the grasshopper. Then ask yourself where you may have gotten the idea that you were NOT. IF all is one, then ALL is one…equal, part of the whole, or hologram of life. We may be unique, as a grasshopper is from a butterfly or fish, but certainly not “special” and all that unfortunate word implies.

Therein lies the root of disconnect in humanity—false understandings of what is seen versus what may be true if given a deeper, more Scorpio look. I am not talking about science here. I am talking about what is true within our very own DNA. We ARE nature. We ARE what we are violating. We have the cosmic right to say a big collective inner and outer NO to this and so we arrive at the turning point of this coming eclipse.

So, let’s take a moment and flush out the significant points of this very important timeframe and see how we might apply them to our daily lives. The fundamental instinctual issue as to what we are talking about centers around seeking to harmonize polarities inherent in any kind of relationship. For the sake of discussion let’s focus on the relationship between humanity and nature.

We can start with the concept of community and admit we could stand some improvement in that area. Attention now needs to be focused on what is going on around us and what people can accomplish when they join together in collective enterprises despite their philosophical differences. We now have communities perishing. Why do we need crisis most of the time to act as one unit?

This concept of community implies friendly relations from ground up and includes nature. Just because nature does not use language like we do does not mean it doesn’t communicate. New studies in Africa are discovering elephants talk all the time and much of it is beyond our hearing. They are actually building the first library of elephant language. No, I am not kidding.

Just think if we took some time out of our lives every day to just see and hear the dialogue of nature more deeply. Consider that we do not need to understand per se—the ability to just “tune-in” is also in our DNA for we are animal-human. Our task is to just pay more attention. Just imagine if we could spend just a bit of time in finding ways to dialogue with nature. It is more than possible for folks who know kinesiology and who are associated with Findhorn in Scotland and Perelandra in Virginia do it all the time. Eventually they discovered they had to throw out most of what they thought they “knew.” See: perelandra-ltd.com.

The 9th house of philosophical and cosmological beliefs is emphasized in our eclipse chart with a need to build new connections (Juno asteroid) to nature that are self-sustaining and lend themselves to selfsufficiency. The emphasis is on the right brain, or intuitive side with a

focus of grounding new understandings and new ideas within local communities. Why do we view such an obviously abundant world as somehow scarce in resources? Why do we condone this idea of scarcity?

The Juno-Sun-Moon connection in the 9th house asks us to apply nurturing harmonious relationships within the international community and end the push-pull conflict. It implies new opportunities, new goals and new jobs within the community if we use our common sense and wisdom. It asks we evaluate our beliefs in light of how they are working for us. It asks us to end our old narcissistic perspective as seeing ourselves somehow at the center of the universe and raises an eyebrow or two at the grandiose idea we can actually “heal” nature. Nature heals US. It IS compressed cosmic consciousness…the cosmos in FORM.

How may this apply to you? You just need to look at what you are doing within your relationships, how you cater to your own need to feel special and what remains that you need to surrender. As a group we need to stand and say NO to the never-ending seduction of glamour and our penchant for staying in comfort zones, however that may apply personally.

It is not necessary to fight about it. Everything begins on the inner planes. This is where we need to speak with authority, so it reverberates through the ethers, “This ________is not acceptable.” We are not two year olds anymore who have to listen to the “powers that be.” Really, we DO know what is good for us.

The core idea is that the first and most crucial step is to say an inner NO and only then can we affirm what we do want. The 11th house Saturn states that the responsibility lies in each of our hands. No more viewing Nature as a trophy or an unfeeling object. The chart moves forward in emphasizing new approaches, new routines, new initiatives in health care, using courage and passion to unite diverse views and synthesize opposing viewpoints for the purpose of service to all!

In closing, we can ask where this eclipse may take us when all is said and done. Well, it appears that the plan from a chart perspective is about continuing to cultivate what could be called the spirit of togetherness as we seek to truly make this earth our home. It hints that we need to ask for help from the cosmos for the key is transformation. In watching nature one learns that it works not through the illusion of “power” but taking energy in a current form and transforming it into another form. Power is exhaustible—it destructs. Energy transforms itself and can do so again and again.

In your own life you might consider that the law of attraction works through harmony. If you want to be in that flow, then move towards what feels right to you, (i.e. feels nourishing) and move away from what doesn’t or feels like a struggle. It is that simple. In just practicing this you can begin to expand your consciousness to a sense of greater fulfilment and sweetness. Ask every day for what can bring you fulfilment while first admitting you may not really know. In general, we have only been sold a social “vision” of what we need to have peace of mind and happiness. Obviously it has not worked. How we can best help ourselves and the larger whole is by beginning to see that we do have cosmic help. The need is to stand tall and ask to tap this greater strength without the doing of fancy dances, pleading, ritual or fanfare. It is our basic heritage and right to be supported by the cosmic reality. We have been brainwashed into thinking we have to work, suffer, or earn it in some way. This is nonsense. WE just need to ask—and then let go. The only requirement is that we must be sincere—it must come from deep within our heart— Cancer! So as you greet this auspicious new moon solar eclipse in Cancer this July 11th, 2010, know in your heart that the time has come to take on a larger role in your own life. Take time to reflect how your choices and subsequent actions may affect those beyond your immediate world. It is a time when we are called to move out of inertia and if nothing else, use your discernment to engender a broader vision and

exploration of alternatives to a better and more wholesome new beginning!

About the Author BIO Come, My Friends...Tis Newer Worlds to Explore....

Imsara is an evolutionary astrologist, acupuncture physician, writer and speaker. She also innovates and develops specialized programs to promote physical, mental, emotional and spiritual growth. She holds a Doctor of Oriental Medicine and a Master’s in Public Health. Imsara will also soon be taking appointments in Safety Harbor, Florida. She will be joining the staff of the Bhakti Center for Consciousness and is excited to be offering new classes and more!

Also: Please visit me at the following website: www.imsara.com

Call for an appointment at: 727.821.8300 Imsara & Earthwork © 2010 - all rights reserved.

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