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Schools 4 Schools Update

Expansion of Schools 4 Schools overseas
2010 South Africa Schools 4 Schools Team The new S4S team has arrived on the ground in South Africa and have just completed their induction into life in South Africa. The new team is: Paul Mason (Manager), Natascha Sommer, Jodie Goldsmith and Emily McDonald. The team will be sourcing content for the S4S programme, conducting weeknd workshops for Peer Educators and capacity building workshops. You can follwor their work with GOLD through the blog: http://schools4schools.wordpress.com/

Schools 4 Schools Asia In 2010 Oaktree is proud to announce that its S4S programme is expanding to include Cambodia! It will engage in new opportunities for youth and education with the introduction of Schools4Schools Asia. The programme is still in its early stages but opportunities and potentials are countless.

Next in store for the Future Fund....

Dinner at the Governor of Victoria’s House

Governor De Kretser and his wife are very generously holding an Oaktree Vision Dinner at Government House in the following weeks that will be attended by some of the state’s leading busines and community members along with key Oaktree volunteers. Vision Dinners are a way of sharing the vision of Oaktree and extending our support network to others who are interested in support and contributing towards the Future Fund. These dinners are also an excellent way for volunteers to discuss with guests the reasons behind their dedication and motivation to this organization.

For more information and updates on Oaktree, visit our website http://theoaktree.org. Alternatively, if you’d like to nd out how you can become more involved email us on info@theoaktree.org. 3

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