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Aspen-Getting Started Customizing Unit Operation Model

Aspen-Getting Started Customizing Unit Operation Model

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Published by Surya Budi Widagdo

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Published by: Surya Budi Widagdo on Jul 24, 2010
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1 Use a text editor such as Notepad to create a text file called
2 Type the full path to Mem2.obj in the top line of the text file. For
example: D:\Program Files\ . . .\membrane\Mem2.obj.

3 Save the file and exit the text editor.
4 In the DOS window of the Aspen Plus Simulation Engine, type asplink
[dlopt membrane2_list_objs.opt] membrane2
A file called membrane2.dll is created. This is a Fortran shared library.
Using a shared library avoids the need for a linking step when Aspen Plus
runs. Once you have the shared library, it can be used with Aspen Plus
even if you don’t have a Fortran compiler available.

Note: If you simply type asplink membrane2 Aspen Plus will create
membrane2.dll using all the object files in the default directory.
5 Create another DLOPT text file called Membrane2_Loc_DLL.opt.
6 In the top line of this file type the full path to membrane2.dll.

7 Save the text file and exit the text editor.
8 Put a copy of the Membrane2_Loc_DLL.opt in your Aspen Plus Working
Directory. At run time, you will tell Aspen Plus the name of this file so that
the shared library will be available.

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