This just in: A week after the horrible school shooting at Virginia Tech, Stockt on Police were called to Amos

Alonzo Stagg High School to protect the teachers f rom the insanity of their students. At first, there was great concern over the w elfare of the teachers since the recent tragedy is so fresh in our minds. And wi th good reason. Stagg High is a violent, viscous place that breeds criminals the moment children register for the 9th grade. Routinely, teenagers are arrested o n campus with various weapons and narcotics. The school resembles a prison yard and has since the campus was locked-down in 1998. In the wake of that psychopath ic shooting in Virginia, it was naturally assumed that violence would erupt on t he Stockton school campus. These sort of things are to be expected in Stockton; natives here kill each other with the sort of hatred usually reserved for family or religious enemies. We like to kill our best friends. The principal of Stagg called a staff holiday before the opening bell on Monday, and urged teachers to stay home and avoid the homicidal children at all cost. The students meanwhile s hrugged their shoulders at the stupidity of the adults in charge and most left s chool to smoke Marijuana and watch Fox News, where violence and hypocrisy are ta ught at the national level. More as the story develops.......................... ... Kazinsky

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