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Our High Calling

Our High Calling

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Published by Ovidiu Iosipescu

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Published by: Ovidiu Iosipescu on Jul 25, 2010
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He that is not with me is against me; and he that gathereth not with me scattereth abroad. Matt.

My fellow Christians, we are far from reaching the divine standard. Our works do not correspond
with our privileges and opportunities....

In the service of God there is no middle ground.... Let none expect to make a compromise with
the world, and yet enjoy the blessing of the Lord. Let God's people come out from this world,
and be separate. Let us seek more earnestly to know and do the will of our Father in heaven. Let
the light of truth which has shone upon us be so received that its bright rays may go forth from us
to the world. Let unbelievers see that the faith we hold makes us better men and better women;
that it is a living reality, sanctifying the character, transforming the life.... Let our conversation
be upon heavenly things. Let us surround ourselves with an atmosphere of Christian
cheerfulness. Let us show that our religion can stand the test of trial. Let us by our kindness,
forbearance, and love prove to the world the power of our faith.

Many who set out well in the Christian life are losing spiritual strength, and placing themselves
in the enemy's power, by their indulgence in vain and trifling conversation. They cannot look up
to God with holy confidence to ask for needed strength. By their irreligious course they bar the
way of souls that might have come to Christ. Let these careless triflers remember that every word
and act is photographed in the books of heaven. No human hand can erase one disgraceful

As we are daily brought in contact with those who have not a knowledge of Christ and the truth,
shall we talk only of our farms, our merchandise, our gains and losses; or shall we speak of those
things which concern our future life? Shall we seek to win souls to Jesus? Oh, what shameful
neglect of duty stands registered against the professed followers of Christ! Let us earnestly
examine ourselves by the light of God's Word, seeking to discover every defect of character, that
we may wash our robes and make them white in the blood of the Lamb.

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