In this we are going to learn about the notion of work and kinetic energy.

The work is here refers to the performance of the specified job. When the work is done the energy needed for doing the work is expanded. Hence the work is related with the energy. There are two factors which affect the work are magnitude of applied force, magnitude of displacement.Hence the notion of the work is related with the notion of the kinetic energy.

Work and Kinetic Energy
Notion of work:
In general the term work refers to performing the task but the important notion of the work according to physics is ³The work defined as the force which acts on the body only if the body moves along the direction of force´ Work = Force Displacement along the direction of force. W = Fs. Notion of kinetic energy: The general notation of the kinetic energy is, the energy possessed by the body by the virtue of its motion is referred as kinetic energy. This energy also refers the ability of doing the work. The notion of kinetic energy in mathematical form considering m as the mass of body and v as the velocity is given as,


Work Energy Theorem
By applying the force to the body we can see the increase in kinetic energy of the body, The work energy theorem is given as, the work that is done by the force is equal increased kinetic energy of the body.

Example for explaining the work energy theorem:
For explaining the theorem, Consider a force F which is applied on a body of mass m, the initial velocity is given as s. After applying the application force F in the direction of motion, the velocity becomes v after it crosses a distance s. Work done by the force, -------------(1) If a is acceleration produced in the body, then ----------(2) From the relation, s= Substituting the values of F and s in equation 1, W= = = Where ( )

= initial kinetic energy Kinitial.

= final kinetic energy Kfinal. Where the work energy theorem is given as W = Kinitial - Kfinal. Hence according to the work energy theorem,

Work done = Gain in kinetic energy of the body.

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