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Gensan Gazer Profiles

Gensan Gazer Profiles

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Published by Orman O. Manansala
thanks to mandi nicolas for putting me on the hot seat... hehehe!
thanks to mandi nicolas for putting me on the hot seat... hehehe!

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Published by: Orman O. Manansala on Jul 25, 2010
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ine Saturday that was, the 20th of October in 2007, and the Bloomsbury Festival at Brunswick Square in London

was in full gear. The concert series at the park, one of the marquees announced, featured Paloma Faith, Hanne Hukkelberg, Alexis Taylor, Elysian Quartet, and Serafina Steer, among other live acts. But it was Foy Vance that I walked in on that afternoon, singing Shed A Little Light on stage, live, in the flesh. It was my lucky day.
“Vance is one of the whitest people I’ve ever seen,” writes Taylor Bruce in Foy Vance: The Homebird’s Chorus (Paste Magazine). “Even on an island full of white people, he’s really white. Jack White white, except shiny bald. And he digs hats—driving hats, newsboy hats, felt snapbrims. But when you hear him sing, especially in person, you swear this white-boy Irishman belongs on some heart-pine front porch in the Delta. There’s a blues sound lingering around the edge of most of his songs, and a folky spirituality runs through him.” Taylor couldn’t be more superficial or more profound.



Foy Vance


ore than two years later, I got to track Foy Vance himself, and managed to get a few words from the man The Sunday Times call “an unbelievable voice... in the premier league of British songwriters.” Armando: Where were you born and where do you live now? Have you heard of General Santos City before? Foy: I was born screaming in Bangor, County Down, Northern Ireland... and now live wincing in London. I heard about General Santos City about 30 seconds ago. A: What made you want to become a singer-songwriter? F: It was a choice between this


or being a store man in a soon to be bankrupt electrical goods store... Say no more... A: What got you started? F: My father. (In the interview with Taylor Bruce, Foy reveals, “My father was a man of huge generosity. Someone on the street might say they liked his tie, and he’d take it off and give it to them... He was more real than his religion allowed him to be. There’s something of him in everything I do. He was an eternally hopeful character. It wasn’t until the day he

died that I really started writing songs.”) A: What was your first big break? F: My front tooth in a bumper car... Musically speaking, I suppose having a couple of songs in the Grey’s Anatomy television drama series was quite big (for me, at least). A: What are your career highlights to date? F: Playing in New York City with Pete Townshend and playing to a full house in Belfast with the Ulster Orchestra. (The Ulster Orchestra, founded in 1966 by the Arts Council of Northern Ireland,

is one of UK’s major orchestras.)

Always take praise with a pinch of salt.
A: What would you call the soundtrack of your life? F: Eclectic Trinkets by Various. A: Best advice you’ve ever received? F: Always take praise with a pinch of salt. A: Favorite pieces of literature and music? F: Literature: definitely The Outsider by Albert Camus, and music: too hard to pin down -sometimes it’s the Sex
blogger, banker, benefactor. (We can think of two more Bs for sure, but they’re not suitable for printing here!) His beautiful brouhaha of a blog crosses the one-year mark in August, so we offer him a little glimpse into what he’s become since, in our eyes, at least. GandaEverSoMuch.com needs no introduction either. This least subtle and most unrestrained of sounding boards in cyberspace this side of the planet is one of Gensan’s most followed public diary of sorts -- replete with stories of carnal desires, comic adventures, escapades, infatuations, heartbreaks, gastronomia, canine love, scandals, politicos and what have you -- a social commentary in a way, minus the preaching, pretensions and posturing. eauty he is indeed in the most unconventional of terms. He’s definitely not one you’d call voluptuous, and he doesn’t fit the height-6’1” chest-40 waist-30 mold either, but what he lacked (or exceeded) in physique, he more than made up for with his quick and razor-sharp wit, disarming charm, and unforgiving

Pistols and sometimes it’s Joni Mitchell and sometimes it’s something in between. A: What’s your favorite holiday destination? Have you ever traveled to the Philippines before? F: I don’t have one, everywhere is equally interesting to me. I’ve not been to the Philippines... yet! A: What are your plans for the future? F: Keep on keepin’ on... (Foy was last seen playing at the Hop Farm Festival in Kent with Bob Dylan, Ray Davis and Mumford & Sons, among others, on 3 July 2010.)
sense of humor. He doesn’t really do much, but wait till he parts his imaginary bangs, raises a brow, thrusts his tongue in his cheek, rolls his eyes, and drops the punch line -- his comic timing is flawless. That’s what he does in his blog, pretty much, minus the visual cues.

BeAuty, BUL L y , B a by


This über ubiquitous personality needs no introduction, but lest you mistake him for the androgynous Trudis Liit who didn’t make it to the first day of shooting of the hit day-time TV series, we present Orman Ortega Manansala --


ully, yes, he’s that, too. He’s swayed many a stalwart into his camp with his powers of persuasion, and reduced many an opponent to complete submission -- at work and in his personal life. In his blog posts he can be very passionate in the outpouring of resentment against an estranged ex-lover, for example, so that if you were the intended recipient of his ill will, you’d probably wish you

didn’t cross paths with him in the first place. Which is not to say that his vindictiveness is misplaced, for ours is a free country after to get out of their comfort zones, to think differently and do something different, and to see a whole new world through somebody else’s eyes. He can be a real pain and a nag, but in the thick of the fight, literally or otherwise, this is one bully you’d want on your side. aby, ah, there’s a name cross-dressing standup comic Vice Ganda or Ganda Ever So Much tribute blog (search at http://knowread-knowrite.blogspot.com) winner Gilbert Tan haven’t used for Orman before. Truth be told, here is a plus-size grown man, with corporate management prowess and business sense so precise

16 longings (“What I wouldn’t give for another piece of that... lechon!”), fantasies (“Tom Cruise? Oh, hi. Sure, 7 pm is just fine. Seeya.”), and the basic need to be respected and loved. (Being knighted by the Queen of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, appearing in Donna Karan’s fall collection, and winning an Oscar wouldn’t hurt either!) Just like you and me, he’s also had a fair share of hardships and trials (“Will the cable snap? Will the harness hold? This is my last zip-line ride for sure!), failures (“Bowling? I think the lanes are out of order. Let’s watch a movie instead.), and a taste of the miserable and the mundane. He’s been wounded in the heart department as well, though it’s hard to tell with his steady supply of repartees and comic monologues. Unless he’s blabbing about his old flame or current ex online, that is. This beauty-bully-baby of a blogger is just getting started. Stay tuned for more laughs -- chances are you’d be laughing at yourself, too. (Ortega Files)

...Everyone wants to be privy to the Big O’s life story as and when it unfolds.
all. Things do get blown out of proportion (such are the wonders and woes of media) -- gossip, it turns out, is much sweeter in your own backyard -- but that only means everyone wants to be privy to the Big O’s life story as and when it unfolds. (Others, on the other hand, are first in line at his blog-knob simply because they do not want to be the last to know, especially if Orman is on to them.) Aside from his more I-me-mine musings (a personal blog is mostly that anyway), Orman, in spite of himself, goes out of his way to bully people to wake up from their daydreaming,


...Inside, this brute of a mover, shaker and powerbroker is just a little boy lost...
that professionals, entrepreneurs, consultants and stockholders form a bee line to his office door, and social clout so immense that he’s got a VIP pass to every single premiere, pageant and party imaginable -- not that he hasn’t turned down a few of them. A first-class hotel suite for emceeing at a wedding reception is practically nothing, so to speak. But we digress. Deep down inside, this brute of a mover, shaker and powerbroker is just a little boy lost (girl, too) in the absurdities and complexities of this thing we call life. Like every last one of us, he, too, has insecurities (“Am I too skinny? Does my intelligence turn you off?”),

at ba in, kum rkad a a s nt a a ah tm ala ag ga


an -k um yang a

ilya g pam a an bulsa! am g kas a y a n



Kum a


hang Pinoy na ma asiya r ay k sta! KTV & R aranas g m sa Piye esto an gin ang Ba La l

o Dit


Al Fresco, Robinsons Place Gensan, Lagao, National Highway, Gen. Santos (083) 5542139 (0923) 9289057

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