IIT 1312 Database Management

Tutorial 2 Discussion: 1. Draw the diagram for ANSI-SPARC Three-Level Architecture. 2. What is the relationship between Data Independence and the ANSI-SPARC Three-Level Architecture? Represent it through the diagram. 3. What is Data Models? What are the Categories of data models? 4. What are the functions of DBMS? 5. What are the components of DBMS? 6. What are the components of DM? 7. What are components of Multi user DBMS Architectures? Write down the differences among these components? 8. What is TPM? Please answer all these questions and pass up to your respective tutor into the following tutorial class. Database Practical: Practical: Operations on a multiple table Objective: this tutorial lets you learn how to create your own tables using SQL.

Useful query: 1. Show the vendor who is responsible to supply Claw hammer. 2. Show the product price those value less then 10$.

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