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A Handbook for Strategic Planning

A Handbook for Strategic Planning

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Published by: adillawa on Jul 25, 2010
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There are many ways to arrive at decisions. Because we work in a military organization,
some participants will expect “the boss” to tell them what to do. Those who think strategic
planning should be different, more progressive, expect the issues and priorities to be
decided by voting, with the majority ruling. Another way to make group decisions is
through consensus.

The Strategic Planning Session


“What is consensus?”

It means that everyone on the team may not be in 100
percent agreement, but they can live with the decision of the
group. The fact that “the boss” has agreed to the strategic
planning process with the other leaders of the organization is
an indication that the boss is willing to share decision-


making authority with the others. “The boss” wants ideas and opinions
from the rest of the group about how to shape the organization of the
future. It is often the participants, rather than the leader, who are
uncomfortable with this notion.

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