Some Disorders of Higher Nervous Functions Localization of lesion Posterior part of inferior frontal Motor gyrus (Broca's area

) of dominant Aphasia hemisphere Middle and posterior part of Touch superior temporal gyrus (Wernicke's Aphasia area) of dominant hemisphere Frontal, parietal and temporal lobes of the dominant hemisphere (lesion Total Aphasia in areas of Broca and Wernicke) Difficulties in selection of words and naming Angular gyrus, posterior part Amnesic objects, little difficulty in understanding speech temporal lobe of the dominant Aphasia and pronunciation of words hemisphere Loss of the ability to identify objects by touch ing Superior part of parietal lobe of the Astereognosis with eyes closed dominant hemisphere Ignoring existing neurological defect or Extensive damage subdominant Anosognosia underestimation of its severity hemisphere Loss of ability to recognize certain objects (letters, Occipital lobe with a possible partial lesion of posterior part of parietal Visual Agnosia faces, perception of space) and temporal lobes Loss of complex targeted actions (personal and Frontal and parietal lobe of the professional skills) with preservation of dominant hemisphere Apraxia elementary motor acts Amnesia Disturbance of storing information of different Defect of the structures of the (modal-non- modalities hippocampal circle specific) Disorders Manifestations Disturbance of expressive (spoken) language while maintaining the understanding of spoken and written speech Disturbance of impressive speech (understanding speech), a secondary disturbance of expressive speech due to lack of auditory control Loss of ability to speak and understand speech

Summary of Degenerative Diseases Causing Development of Dementia Alzheimer Disease Dementia with Lewy bodies Fronto-temporal Dementia Dementia with progressive Progressive dementia, as in Progressive dementia, amnesia and connection of Alzheimer's disease, periods of combined with apathy, Clinical aphasia, agnosia, apraxia confusion, hallucinations and decline in mental and motor picture and disorders of other paranoid mania, symptoms of activity, perhaps progressive higher nervous functions Parkinsonism disorder of speech CT or MRI of Atrophy of the temporal and Pronounced atrophy of the Diffuse cerebral atrophy the head parietal lobes frontal and temporal lobes Based on the clinical picture, absence of other causes of dementia according to clinical, CT Diagnosis and MRI of the head Summary

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