Syndromes of Destruction of Various Lobes of Brain Lobe Main Manifestation And Localization Of Lesions In Lobe Frontal Central contralateral

paresis of facial muscles, tongue, hands & feet (defect of precentral gyrus). lobe Paresis of gaze in the opposite direction (defect of posterior part of inferior frontal gyrus). Motor aphasia (damage to the lower area of frontal gyrus of dominant hemisphere, Broca's region). Changes in emotional state (impulsivity, irritability, or lack of initiative, apathy), Disturbance of control function of pelvic organs; impairment of abstract thinking (defect of prefrontal areas). Loss of complex purposeful movements - apraxia (to a greater extent in the defect of dominant hemisphere). Pseudobulbar palsy (bilateral lesion) Temporal Upper quadrant homonymous hemianopsia (loss of the opposite upper field of vision), Auditory illusions and hallucinations, with severe injuries - psychosis and delirium. Sensory aphasia (damage to superior temporal gyrus of dominant hemisphere, Wernicke's area), Disturbance of reading (alexia) and writing in dictation (agraphia) in lesions of dominant hemisphere Parietal Loss of sensory in some parts of the opposite half of face, trunk and extremities (sensory disturbance of cortical type). Astereognosis - defect of superior parts of parietal lobe. Anosognogia (with extensive damage to the parietal lobe of non-dominant hemisphere). Apraxia (in case of lesion to a greater extent of dominant hemisphere). Loss of ability to read (alexia), write (agraphia), calculate (dyscalculia), in defect of angular gyrus of dominant hemisphere Occipital Contralateral hemianopsia; metamorphopsia, visual illusions and hallucinations. "Cortical blindness in bilateral lesions. Visual agnosia

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