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An Open Letter From an African American to the Tea Party

An Open Letter From an African American to the Tea Party

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Published by JlanTWhite
An Open Letter From An African American To The Tea Party
An Open Letter From An African American To The Tea Party

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Published by: JlanTWhite on Jul 26, 2010
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An Open Letter From an African American To The Tea Party

I am African American. I voted for Barack Obama (though I regret it now). On the subject of the NAACP accusing the Tea Party of racism, I encourage you to take a look at some of the past winners of NAACP Image Awards and then ask "Who is promoting racism?" This list includes...let me remind you again, the NAACP nomianated these people for Image Awards. What is the purpose of the Image Award? Let me state it from the NAACP ³the nation's premier event celebrating the outstanding achievements and performances of people of color in the arts (motion picture, television, recording, and literature), as well as those individuals or groups who promote social justice through their creative endeavors.´ Jay-Z - routinely calls blacks "niggers" and black women "bitches" in his music, as well as promoting drug trafficking, woman beating, and irresponsible sex. Just go to Youtube and watch his videos. Rihanna - her concert show is over the top with sexual innuendo aimed at preteen and teenage black girls. She simulates masturbation and intercourse on stage and markets her music to young black women. Once again, just go to Youtube and google her. Tupac Shakur - What can we say? Used the word "nigger" relentlessly, called black women "bitches" constantly, convicted of sexual assault, was in prison for sexual assault when he was nominated by the NAACP for an image award. Advocated homicide and the murder of other black men. (just listen to his song "Hit Em Up") R. Kelly - Pedophile, Caught on tape having sex with a 13 year old girl, Charged with production and distribution of child porn, uses the words nigger, bitch, etc in his music along with over the top sexual innuendo. Ashanti - Recorded for a label called "Murder Inc" that was founded with money from drug sales. Ice Cube - Uses the words "nigger", calls black women "bitches and hoes" constantly in his music. Encourages homicide, hates Jews and attacks them (just google his song "No Vaseline") encourages the murder of Asian Americans google his song Little Korea) Jim Brown - lifelong woman abuser. Just google it up. I am black, and this is why I don't support the NAACP. They actually reward and promote people for the above behaviors. While I condemn all racism, they are in no place to condemn the Tea Party for the behavior of a few of the members!

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