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Zoo Statements

Zoo Statements

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Published by: Andy on Jul 26, 2010
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Some zoos are large and animals walk around as if they were quite free.

But other zoos can be a bit dodgy, keeping animals in small cages with almost no room to move around. A study's said that the more space an animal is used to having in the wild, the more unhappy they are in zoos. Should we get rid of zoos? Should animals live in the wild? Or should we just improve our zoos to avoid causing stress to animals? Zoos are good clean fun! We think that animals should be given large areas to roam in, but if the animals are bred in captivity, then they might suffer more by being let out into the wild as they don't know any different.
Becky and Hannah, Birmingham

We will never know what an animal really wants because we have no means of communication with them. We will never know if they prefer the wild to zoos, there is just no way of knowing. So it is left up to us to decide. I believe that zoos are fine for animals if they are treated well. Zoos should be improved obviously, but the idea of zoos is great.
Jenny, 16, Derby

When I went to France, the zoo's there had huge enclosures, but in England they hardly have space to move! We should keep zoos if they can improve them!
Clare, 12, York

Animals should be free not caged. Their environment is not to be in a dark grey cage. I think that these animals should roam free while the visitors watch their natural habitat and what they do every day.
Selena, 12, California

I think we shouldn't get rid of zoos. I love zoos and I hope to be a zookeeper one day. We just need to make the exhibits bigger.
Amber, 14

I think that zoos should only keep animals if they can't go back into the wild. Maybe they're too tame or something like that. I think it's wrong to keep animals in captivity if they are perfectly healthy. IT'S JUST WRONG!
nuala, 13, Northern Ireland

I don't think we should get rid of zoos because the animals in there wouldn't be able to cope in the wild. I don't agree with the cruel conditions they are kept in however. We watched a video on zoo cruelty in England and it shocked me to see the terrible conditions that animals were being kept in. I think the standard of some zoo's need to be raised a lot, and they also need to stop taking animals out of the wild into captivity.
Jess, 14, Halesowen

Zoo's are quite nice to go to, but ultimately I think that they shouldn't have them. If you think about it, all they are is a bunch of wild animals that have been plucked from their natural life and used for money. It's as bad as slavery.
Jazz, 12, Postcombe, Oxfordshire

On TV I saw this zoo especially created for endangered species. I think we should have more zoos like it as long as they are big. We should have them because they are helping the animals.
Emma, 9, Cardiff

I think you should keep zoos but give animals bigger places to live and make it look like their natural habitat.
Charlotte, 13, Derbyshire

I think zoos should ultimately be for conservation, and not entertainment. There should be more open spaces, and animals should take priority over visitors.
Zoe, 13, Plymouth

I think they should have super size zoos, with miles of land for the animals. Then they'd be happy, and we'd be happy!
Anna, 12, Manchester

If zoos close down, what will happen to the animals that have been brought up by humans and have been in captivity for their whole lives? We should improve them to make sure that they are the best for the animals.
Kristine, 12, Shropshire

I like to watch animals for hours, to see what they do, and they wonder around in their cages. What one will see, is their unhappy faces and expressions. I believe we need to let them go or improve our zoo, so that they have enough space to wonder.
Safi, 15, Kabul, Afganistan

Some zoos are good and others are bad and only there to make money. Good zoos have helped animals and educated people that otherwise might never think of educating themselves about these things. To get rid of all zoos would be stupid and not necessarily beneficial to animals. There should be worldwide regulations to zoos to stop the ones that keep animals in horrible conditions; we should try and get people to boycott those sorts of places. I'd like to abolish all cruelty to animals, but I can't.
Caroline, 14

I think we should let animals be free. How would you like it if you were in a small cage!!
Charley, 12, York

I love zoos! When I go to zoos the animals look happy. But I do think it is cruel they keep animals in a small cage!
Caitlin, 12, Hemel Hempstead

I think that zoos are alright but sometimes the animals don't get treated well, so I think that if people want to go and see an animal then they should go in the wild and explore safely; animals have the right to be free and do whatever they want.
Sharon, 13, London

I love Sea World, its not a zoo, its a place for animals to live, its clean, kind, its everything it should be, but zoos are horrible in comparison to it; there's nothing for the animals to do, they're there for funds!
Karren 13, Leeds

Although I enjoy going to zoos, I do always feel a slight pull on my heartstrings when I see the sad faces of those magnificent animals confided in such small spaces. Some animals have to be kept in captivity for their own benefit but I think there must be some way of improving their living conditions. Safari is a great idea but it can be quite costly to go abroad. More safari parks within Britain where you can drive around and look at the animals are the way forward.
Claire, 14, Wigan

I think we should keep zoos because kids love them but it's cruel to keep them in tiny cages.
Jordan, 12, Gloucester

My nearest zoo is a zoological park, and the animals are so happy; I wish all zoos were like that.
Sophie, 11, Gosport

I think we need to know about animals, so don't get rid of zoos, they also look after the animals!
Toni, 15, Kent

I don't think we should have zoos just to entertain the public. If it is necessary for the protection of certain animals, then it is beneficial. If you want to see animals, you should go on a safari. My family and I went on Safari in Kenya and we saw many beautiful animals, and they had freedom.
Lisa, 14, London

I think that zoos are cruel; they are just for our entertainment and not really about the animals!!! Think about it, how would you like to be locked in a cage all day?!
Kirsty, 13, Manchester

I love going to the zoo, but I have to say that I hate small cages, they are just cruel. So let's keep them if we can improve them.
Holly, 12, Hove

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