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KHTMNewsletter - 4.20

KHTMNewsletter - 4.20

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Published by: khtoastmasters on Jul 27, 2010
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Club Officers

Weekly Newsletter
Location: Hyewha, Seoul S. Korea Location: Hyewha, Seoul S.

TM Club Number: 798766 Club Number: Established: Established: 25 October 2005 website: khtoastmasters.com website: khtoastmasters.com



President: Ji Yeon Yoon VP Education: Rusty Hitt VP Membership: Brahm deBuys VP Public Relations: Brendan Alexander Treasurer: Tim Pelletier Secretary: Lauren Go Sergeant at Arms: Chu Kim Immediate Past President: Bob Kienzle

Congratulations to our KHTM debate team! Daejeon Schoolmasters challenged KHTM to a debate last Saturday and KH won!!! ~ Great job to Rusty, Devin, Jenny, and Kurt! Executive Club meeting minutes are posted on the KHTM website under the PAID members forum. Room fee has changed to W7,000. Many other TM clubs charge dues in addition to TM International dues, KHTM does not, instead, we only cover the room fee.

Member Profile

(3 Questions asked by another member)

Meeting Summary for 20 April 2010
Bob K was our Toastmaster for the evening. His theme was “Earth Day”, which ties in to April 22nd – Earth Day. People shared their role in helping out the environment… we learned that some of our members are more concerned about the environment than others!

Questions asked by JiYeon to Jenny
Q. How many good friends did you meet through KH TM? A: A lot! In fact, most of my close friends are all from KHTM. I'm so grateful that KHTM has all the great members and it keeps attracting the like-minded people. Q. What aspects of your speaking ability has been improved most since joined TM? A. When I first started, my brain usually went blank that I couldn't think of anything logical to continue speaking. It was definitely worse when it comes to an impromptu speech. Enjoying this nervous moment and, in fact, anticipating to be out there and speak is the greatest improvement that KHTM has rendered me! Q. What's your goal as a speaker for this year? A. I would like to complete my 10 speeches this year and start the advanced manuals. In order to do this, I need to challenge myself more intellectually so that that the skills and contents meet the expectation of a good level speaker.

Word of the Day

Quote of the Day
There is a way that nature speaks, that land speaks. Most of the time we are simply not patient enough, quiet enough, to pay attention to the story. -Linda Hogan

Book Review

Table Topic Questions
1. Polar bears and penguins are becoming extinct with global warming. Which one would you save and why? 2. Give a speech about your Earth Day resolution. 3. You are the Pres of Zimbabwe which has beautiful rainforests. Should you develop the rainforest area for economy or keep it for environment? 4. As the Minister of the Environment. What would you change?

Speaker Chanyoung Rose Kate

No Birthdays In April

Speech # #3, Get to the Point.: Don’t be an Energy Vampire #4, How to Say It: The Slippery Slope of Conflict #9, Persurade with Power: Speak It

Time 5-7 min 5-7 min 5-7 min

Actual 6:14 8:00 6:48

Evaluator Jenny Brendan Jacob

Time 2-3 min 2-3 min 2-3 min

Actual 3:15 3:05 3:28

Accepting an Award with Class
When It’s Your Turn, Be Grateful and Engaging.

TM Tip of the Week

TM Anniversaries
Scott Lee Fiona Yebin Ahran JiYeon Tim Kate 1 April 04 1 April 08 1 April 08 1 April 08 1 April 09 1 April 09 1 April 09 6 yrs 2 yrs 2 yrs 2 yrs 1 yr 1 yr 1 yr

You need to be gracious, grateful and humble – but not so humble or self-deprecating that the audience thinks you are trivializing the honor. Sooner or later, you’ll be presented with an award. It may be a surprise, or you may have time to prepare. Use your answers to the following questions to weave a warm, wonderful speech that will leave everyone with a big smile (and maybe a tear): • Who invited you to join this group or encouraged you to get involved in this project or event? • How do you feel about the people and the organization’s goals? • Why are they giving you this award? People will not remember all the details of what you say, but they will remember the stories you tell. Include a memorable vignette or incident, something entertaining or touching about your connection.

Upcoming Events
23 April – KH Comedy Night Funraiser @ Comfort Zone (contact Brendan) 27 April – KH speech contest! Who will represent KH at the National Conference? 29 May – Collaboration picnic in Seoul 29 May – Interclub meeting with Busan TM @ Songjeong beach. Beach party follows! 19 June – TM National Conference (Seoul) – Early bird price if you register before May 9 is W37,000 – contact our President for more info!
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Next week is our club speech contest!

Next Week’s TM

The winner will represent KHTM in the National Conference in June! Contestants are: Kate, Rose, Tim, Rusty, Saurabh, JiYeon, and Kurt.

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