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Lecture Notes in Modern Cryptography

Lecture Notes in Modern Cryptography

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Published by: Syed_Taqi_Ali_Ab_114 on Jul 27, 2010
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Alice and Bob want to know which of them is older. But neither wants to reveal their age. (Which means they
also don’t want the reveal the age difference, since from this and their own age, each gets the other’s age too!)
They just want a single bit to pop out, pointing to the older one.

Sometimes called the Millionaires problem, with the values being the earning of each millionaire.

In general, the problem is that Alice has an input xA and Bob has an input xB and they want to compute
f(xA,xB) where f is some known function, for example f(xA,xB) = 1 if xA xB and 0 otherwise. They want
to compute it obliviously, so that at the end of the game they both have the value v = f(xA,xB) but neither
knows anything else.

There are protocols for this task, and they are quite complex. We refer the reader to [10, 47]


Goldwasser and Bellare

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