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Oracle Accounts Receivables 1

Oracle Accounts Receivables 1


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Published by: gangadhar1310 on Jul 27, 2010
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An adjustment has a status that indicates whether it is complete. Receivables

provides the following adjustment statuses:

Approved: This adjustment has been approved. Receivables updates the debit or

credit item amount and status to reflect the adjustment.

Research Required: This adjustment is on hold because the debit or credit item is

either being researched or additional information id requested about the adjustment.

Rejected: The adjustment is rejected. Adjustments with this status do not update the

balance of the credit or debit item.

Pending Approval: The adjustment amount is outside the approval limits of the user

who entered the adjustment. Adjustments with this status can only be approved by a

user with the appropriate user approval limits.

Additional adjustment statuses can be defined by updating the Receivables lookup

'Approval Type'.

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