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Gl Fsg Setup

Gl Fsg Setup

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Published by: gangadhar1310 on Jul 27, 2010
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Responsibility: General Ledger Super User
Navigation: Reports => Define => Report Set

Report Sets are used to group FSG reports that you run together frequently.

Name and Description: User defined.

Sequence: This controls the sequence in which reports are submitted at runtime. This will
not always ensure what order the reports are printed in. For example: If the concurrent
manager is configured to run 3 FSGs at one time, and you have a report set with FSG1,
FSG2, FSG3 and FSG4. FSG1, 2, 3 will be submitted. If FSG2 finishes first it will begin to
print, and FSG4 will begin running, then FSG1 may finish and begin to print, etc.

After you have defined a report set you can run it from the Run Financial Reports Form.

When you choose a report set from that form, you can choose to run all reports in the report
set, or only individual reports.

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