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Bruce Blakeman Letter

Bruce Blakeman Letter

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Published by Elizabeth Benjamin

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Published by: Elizabeth Benjamin on Jul 27, 2010
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Wayne County Republican Committee Daniel A.

Olson, Chairman Dear Bruce: New York is on target to score statewide electoral victories like the ones we have seen with Chris Christie and Scott Brown. At the county level, we have already witnessed Rob Astorino in Westchester and Ed Mangano in Nassau ride the wave of voter discontent as New Yorkers reject the liberal policies of a government that overtaxes, overspends and overreaches. Republicans and Independents are energized and looking for someone to send to Washington who will restore fiscal responsibility and fight government intrusion into our lives. In order to do that, we must defeat Kirsten Gillibrand. And based on your most recent campaign finance filing it is abundantly clear that the only candidate who can do that is David Malpass. David has been fighting for these principles his entire adult life. He possesses the knowledge to stop Washington from putting its hands in the pockets of working New Yorkers to fund their out of control, special interest spending spree. Time and again, you have put the best interest of our Party ahead of your personal ambition and we are asking you to do that once more. We must unite our party behind David’s candidacy today so that together we can bring fiscal sanity to Washington on behalf of all New Yorkers. We trust you will do the right thing. Sincerely,

Wayne County Republican Chairman Daniel A. Olson

Wyoming County Republican Chairman Gordon Brown

Oneida County Republican Chairwoman Mary Anne Casadei

Livingston County Republican Chairman Lowell Conrad

Ontario County Republican Chairman Jay Dutcher

P. O. BOX 200 - LYONS, NEW YORK 14489 - 315-946-4937

Wayne County Republican Committee Daniel A. Olson, Chairman

Franklin County Republican Chairman James Ellis

New York State Assemblyman Joe Errigo

Columbia County Republican Chairman Greg Fingar

Steuben County Republican Chairman William Hatch

Essex County Republican Chairman Ron Jackson

Orleans County Republican Chairman Ed Morgan

Clinton County Republican Chairman Don Lee

Seneca County Republican Chairman Ken Padgett

P. O. BOX 200 - LYONS, NEW YORK 14489 - 315-946-4937

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