Harry Reid -- It's time you lost your job! I've had it with your bad votes to hike taxes, increase government spending, borrow trillions from the Chinese, attack our gun rights, and undermine our family values.

Harry Reid, YOU'RE FIRED! I'm supporting Sharron Angle to defeat you.





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Sharron -- Yes, I will help you give Harry Reid his PINK SLIP. I want a strong advocate for taxpayers like you in the u.S. Senate defending my values. Enclosed is my donation made payable to FRIENDS OF SHARRON ANGLE for:




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Official Republican Nominee for us. Senate against Harry Reid

Dear Fellow Republican,

Please sign your PINK SLIP FOR HARRY REID.


Because Harry Reid has failed and deserves to be fired.

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through the Senate the government-growing, economy-killing Obama-Reid agenda.

And with your help, I'm going to send Reid packing!

My name is Sharron Angle and I'm the official Republican nominee to defeat Harry Reid.

I'm running for the u.S. Senate in Nevada because when I defeat Reid, it will bring Obama's far-left agenda to a screeching halt.

Right now this race is neck and neck.

But while I can defeat Reid on Election Day, I urgently need the help of Republicans nationwide to do so.

Because Reid has used his power as Senate Majority Leader to build a huge $15 million campaign war chest!

My friend, Reid is using these millions to bury me under an avalanche of mud.

Don't let Reid buy this election!

I'm asking for your immediate help.
Can I count on you? Please say "YES!"
Sign your PINK SLIP FOR HARRY REID letting me know you're
committed to my campaign. Harry Reid lS the one American who deserves to be unemployed for all he's done to raise your taxes and destroy jobs.

Rush your PINK SLIP back to me with an urgently-needed gift ~of $2,400, $1,000, $500, $250, $100, $75, $50, or even $35.

Reid's campaign machine will try to grind me up and spit me out. That's why I must have the funds I need to defend myself.

I know I must win this race because it's more than just your average u.s. Senate race.

It's even more than just the American people passing judgment on an out-of-touch Liberal Senate Majority Leader.

In truth, my race to defeat Harry Reid is nothing less than a referendum on Obama's entire liberal agenda.

Defeating Reid will be the biggest slap in the face to the Obama Administration we can give them before 2012.

It will be a clear repudiation of the Obama-Reid agenda to tax, spend, and borrow the country into bankruptcy.

Harry Reid has put millions of Americans out of work with his votes for higher taxes and bigger government.


If you look at Harry Reid's voting record, you'll see that he's a down the line liberal ...



Harry Reid is working to hike your taxes by $1.3 TRILLION by repealing President Bush's tax cuts';



Harry Reid voted to cut $500 billion from Senior Citizens' Medicare while at the same time forcing all Americans into a third-rate Socialized Medicine system;

_ Harry Reid voted for Obama's $787 BILLION "stimulus";



Harry Reid votes against your Second Amendment right, - even earning an "F" from Gun Owners of America, but flip-flops on gun rights in election years;



Harry Reid voted against a constitutional ban on samesex "marriage"

Moreover, Harry Reid has a twenty-four year record of voting against conservative legislation.

Yet Harry Reid defends every wrong vote he casts.

It's time to give him the boot. It's time for him to get
-c« $35, Rush your PINK SLIP back to me with your urgent support of **
$50, $75, $100, $250, $500, $1,000, or $2,400. People are ready to remove Harry Reid here in Nevada -- a majority (52%) of voters view him unfavorably.

Reid ransacked taxpayers' pocketbooks to funnel your money to his pet political projects.

And with the unemployment rate in Nevada a full 4 points worse than the national average, people are asking if Reid is

___ _j_us_t____i_rL__i_t__for __hims_elL._ _ _ _ _ __ _

The truth is that the Obama-Reid tax-spend-and-borrow agenda put a freeze on the economy. Businesses won't hire and won't invest because they're scared of the next tax hike or unfunded mandate.

My friend, I promise you this, Harry Reid will fail.

With that as Reid's record, is it any wonder that he must to win by smearing my record.

Because I know how to run a tough but principled campaign.

I'm going to run against his record -- and run hard.

I've run four winning campaigns for the Nevada Legislature and I'm not scared of a fight ... I win them!

My record in the Nevada legislature was clear -- I was the pro-tax cut, pro-life, pro-gun, pro-family, pro-"cut the red

tapen conservatlve.

When I defeat Reid and go to Washington, I will stick by these principles and advocate for our conservative values.

But first I need your immediate help.

Sign your PINK SLIP FOR HARRY REID and rush it back to me with your most generous donation of $2,400, $1,000, $500, $250, $100, $75, $50, or even $35.

Without the backing of conservatives like you from allover the U.S.A., I simply won't be able to do the two things I must do to win.

~ 1) Use television, radio, mail, brochures, bumper stickers,

yard signs, and newspaper ads to get my commonsense conservative message out.

~ 2) Tie Harry Reid's far-left record to him like the anchor it is -- and let it sink him.

My friend, your urgent support within the next 96 hours will help me do just this.

So please help out with an urgent contribution of $2,400, $1,000, $500, $250, $100, $75, $50, or even $35 today.

I'm doing everything I can to reach out to patriots such as you to build a national grassroots army to help me defeat conservatives' nemesis Harry Reid.

Now it is up to you. Please stand with me!

Sign your PINK SLIP FOR HARRY REID. You'll send a message that his days are numbered and you'll be giving my campaign much-needed support to defeat him.

With your support today, we can defeat Harry Reid and help advance our conservative agenda in ways that the Democrats fear most.

Remember: My campaign to defeat Harry Reid won't just pass judgment on one of our worst Senators ...

.. . it will shut down Obama's far left agenda!

I hope you understand why it's so important Harry Reid gets your PINK SLIP today.


Sharron Angle

Official Republican Nominee to Defeat Senator Harry Reid


To turn my lead in the polls over Harry Reid into victory

on Election Day, I must have your urgent support. Tell Reid )) you've had enough of the mess he's made in Washington and you're giving him the boot by signing your PINK SLIP FOR

HARRY REID. Then tell me how much you can support my

campaign by contributing $2,400, $1,000, $500, $250, $100,

$75, $50, or even $35.

I'm on the verge of defeating Harry Reid! Help me do it!

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