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Wilful Walks1 - Paul's Edit[2]

Wilful Walks1 - Paul's Edit[2]

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Published by: MontyCantsin on Jul 27, 2010
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*A Second Pause in the Journey with more Thoughts of a
wayfarer *

The pint and ploughman’s taste good and refresh the parts that needed refreshing. My
feet might disagree with that statement but since they are a long way from my head
and not likely to ever meet it I don’t overly worry.

It has been a lovely day. The sun has given me a faint tan, especially where my hair
has started to say goodbye to my forehead. I have taken some photos that I hope will
turn out alright but if not I am sure Wikipedia and the internet will ably assist me.
As my journey progresses and I discover, re-discover in some cases, parts of where I
live, I find that I am also reconnecting to the thing that still sits in me.

Buried maybe by years of self-loathing and neglect but the child is still there, the non
judgemental, loving individual that used to infuriate teachers and others. All my rage
seems to be going the way of summer mist as it is burnt off by the heat of self
examination. A lot of what I had become was my own doing: my self centred sulking,
my foul abusive mouth. I blamed others of course but the only one to blame was me.
It is always easier to shove the responsibility for bad behaviour onto others while
shrugging and pretending that you aren’t culpable. I was, and the only one to make
any significant change is me. It has been bloody hard but by accepting my faults I can
do my best to make that change and I think I am. My road goes on and the next stop is
Colchester. I wonder what I will learn there.

“Respect yourself and others will respect you”


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