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",t'i<:::·:;;S CIVILcrJ,ROn CV 5686.

fl •• s·u dYIGDYe,,&1I8<1,t_1iN 1j'j"Onrl<l_ COOI.~o&.d l'Ieq~ ".IItJ,grr.pla.'litl·lIlQ't'w);pl.m.IiUl.. 11lI;I IIlld iliIfI'¥~j; d JUt 2, 7 'Z010 Ii ,_g8 '~r Glha,' PII:PIlr..U·f.qglf4!d b~·Ii.w, n~ 11'1 P«l'\'fiII"Ii·.~iI' ~I h;1ii~ :C"'.:.lillit. T~II: fonn. 11liJl'I'0'~ 'by I~.

J~!lr~1iI1 CU<1t.r"'f1~. gl'!!>D Unil.d,~!t.llJ!~ ., S..,t"mri •• l' 91'4. ~~lr'e4 '1M ~Sll ci ill. CI~fk.ot COllrtfw '!hID !J(I",,~" Q'f

iII"18!1n9 iii .. !lI~. dlK:~at ·d~ul. .


152:4.948 ,AJ~~rta, L~j:1., an AJb;,erta,. CanadlEl( cOtpO~·1ion 'djbj:a Terral Marketing a.rou.PI


0I:IS-;b·j,.t;l;1I, u.~. ~n· ~l.dl~ lim~t;ed l,iabiL.H.y cOO'lp'm.n.y~

H;!Iot'~ :aQeli:ha.1!ii~M ,i'ndi."I,I':ldu_a 1; . ~nd rnt;,e~r!k


Kronenberger Burgo,yne" lLP .

150 Post Street; San Francisco. CA· (415) 9i55~1155

CAUSE OF ,A,ClIQY'U(i:ITE THE U:5c. CIY!L STATU'I"! IJHD:!!.!!·WHICH ''1'101.1 ARE' FIL[ND ANID WRITE.A IlRIEO:f ~n""TEMErn- O,,"CAIJS"!) IIl'O I'IO'T ClTiO.JUAiS;D~rIO!\i"'$T},'1.IJ_'T!ZS I.IN~!!:S$ o;il1l!~SITYI

17. U.S.Ci §502 {Copyngtit 'Infrlngemerd), 16 U.S.C.§1l25(C'I.) ,(Trade libel &. FaIs~ Advertising Under thei Lanham Ad}


t li 10 IN~1'Wa _[ l' 1:2D. W!RII~

[ l ','JC rilLJ.ER MI.T [ ] ;~o to!EgMU!8!:l;


[.J '1~O RE:C~QF O'I;iIl~~eNTt.. ~-foRce~'OI' JUIlG~T

[ ] ';,!l!' MI!OICAA~P;CT


~ 11~3 REClO'oI'iffi:'t"oF

OVE!RlI'AW04I!!)1T Clf'

_ . .(e;£:~ eEiJ_eF!T_S I l100STOCKHOlDEFtS.~1TIl I 11~ OT~e~ ~TF!AC' .

: I l'tIll ~-1' PRO:OV,i:::,T'

I 11~ FRI!.N"ClCS~:

'1 121~ u.ND~D~N


~crl\l~:r .

I J ~o fOll.!SlO I..M'D [I OIlIli TORr Pf!!Oa1Jo.y 1.l.....,..UT'!'

[ 12&0 ALL OTHI!F!


11910 ;i,JFI~E

I I ~15 ~E PIFilat!UlCT . UMIUT'f' .

1"lm ~b'r'"L!bEL,&


II~* ~L!D~ EMIoLOY"'-RS! . l»iBliI.lT'l" I.l~ w.RlPoll!

l 'j.:!lC$ IMRlKe F'fl,(lOOCr


{ 1 aw MOl'OR WHiCt.~ II ass ioiO CRi.Ie«1E


l ] ~ OTHI!R,PI!R5Ot.1AL

. INJUFl"t· .

~'TIiO:NS UlIID~Sl"'Tilim OMLAiCIHfj

[144i~ V{l1UfG

I: ] 442' I1JI,!Pl.OVMEI,,n l !.44;jJ HotI~'


I, ] ·"of' ~1!l.FAAE

I, 1.'1"15 oW!!R[(.lIl.NSi WlTtt DI~JlILlTIE;s • ~FI.Q'I'M~NT

f 1 404~ .. AIi,I~I~$ Vo!'ITI'f t,l1!MI!JTII!!$ .lOl~j!!1!I ( 1 ~~~ O'I'l1!:Rmj~ Fltaltt's

tJ71'O Mlft.~ ar:l!.l'Il:!iMliiI~.M."" [172!J. bifIIIIORIM~"!IT RI!I.A;m»IS

t ~ rsa ~r;rr.

FiEl'filRT~~ O!S(:W$,U~ M;.l' [;1 14ij. i<WLtWII:Y l.1!aOFlIICT l -I ~,o 'J~ ~I).s.. ~MJ~ Qf

[J ili!ID" 01!lEIR~, t:IeIoB~

UTrGATIOr.I [ l 811 IRs;' nmm RARlY

[ 11111'l ENF'i. RET INC '. . sc 11W

~TY~T ~u .. ,.



I 14~' AFIP.!AI:

2'e uac 1~ lJ~~ y,~,q 3 USC.11§,7

PRO~liOGm H 320· OO!"I'~!~~n l 1 '830 P'ATStT [j~~-

n 11i!11 !1lA(1311511) . l !~. DiJIC'K ~\.IJ,I~ (~'"

[ l!l!93i DlwCIDIiWW 1t00ooi) [J'IIi6oI, IIS!tDmLEX'>1 [ll!ii!~ ['!<II {~1)~~1I

!mil!!'! !n'",'UTU ! ~ ~OO STJli.TE.

fI!!!lA~IrJrl1 !14tO Ai>l1fi'A:iJST' .

! J·;taD ,~KS.& iII!OI\IKIH!] I Its!) ~F!Q!

! :1'4M '~i;o,;lI~ .

[ l.lj70~eJi.INFI,.IIJ.

, EtWto~ OOFtfWF.'T 1.'l~lll'IlIOt.i·ACT

'(lUI;'O] •

i'·] ~i80 ~ R'CfIiI(JI'J' IY,j!!iQ CJ.I1lt.~rau;ll:E TV I. J !.~(I S~L!!!ml'Yl! SERVI~E: !11I~S~i!lI

'O-OIilMOIl!IIE.W !X'Cw,t(GIa ue1'~ Q.lSTOtI!R CHlIIUII'~

;~ I,!SC:~fa

I 1190 OTl:il!FI'Il'TAlUTipfff

. . ,ACilpNS'

Uttl ,,r,,GRICI.!~T~AAl..~_t:'I':$ l :I.M !00It0lMC'

iiT_L!Z.Ii1:ItiI\!-A(l.i· I.I~ ~I'l~~tfl'~.' M1II;rrer:e

l pt!loil' E!<IERG"!"

. M.L,~:tJOt4·A.aT

i l-as6'· FflE0;)Cl!ftIl of'

. . j;fFOOJ.U;TIOI1 :NJl'

[ ]900' JU'lPBI.t OF re DE!TI!AMlIf;':l1OH u;.cnm EOUAi: ;.ooESS fQ .AJG1'JCE

t t- CQN!IITl.ftloIv.J.!T'(

. !;If' 'S.'T;ltTe ~T""T~


Ch8Ck i{dt!m~ J:n ~1I1'nt.


tI~f)ER. F.R.C,P. .. "23 .


Cl"ifJC!rYCS emy if ~lWi.elY.m. comp~ifjt . JURY DEMAND:: Ifl YES U NO

l 11.\'1.0 I\GRII,llJi.TUf:!l! 'l~O OTliEI'tFOOO&

! .13ij.:2 j>l;F!SQfoIAL.Jt'lJl;;;tY. _ OO1IG

. !!!~oJoW,.PM'tlTt(Ce [ 1 e!~ !:lIl!JG.RaJiTm

I,I·~· !"iE~Irt:J~ .' ·,·~.~=o~

'!'~C"'~ITY .I'R~

I P$iI, ~aesTa.s ~SOIW. 21 lJ~~ A'!

IU:IUR.Y I"I'tOtMJCT l J ~ L~ U(~.

"~UTY []~ ~URual[

[ 1 8iSfI AJ!'I.uN!! "J!G~ II WI' ~;"'lotlAl. ~_~:rl'il


p~at I'£'!1Il'tOft"

I I fi1a liW.'rlfl~TO .VAZ:.trn SiEHTI<I4OIii 2I)ost:~~

I 1m HAeltilS CORPuS' [ HIl-2.

I l ~ CF-A'lH PEtlP!. TY

I ):!i(!l "~IlMiIJS-IOTHl!R:.[ r.~ I I.~ tiVI!,. ~1I1T~ ..

~ I ~~ P(!:I!!CIfoI cotIcjTION t:1 oWI5

N"fl.I~!otl I'\PI>UCATION .~~. 1\1.1&.1 C~iNfllel! ontI!!lIlMMI~~TJGH ~~

00 YOU Cl.J\Ild lHlSCASE 15 RiE'f.A TED' 'fOA CMl eME NOW PEN'DIN'G ~N S.D.N:Y;? iF 8:0, eTA'tE:

ILIl OllGiMi 1'1",,~w"'~

o 2,EI. t;i~mQnd·t«>!1'l , S!jI!,",CQ~!=

. D·.2b.A"'m'~!(oJ? !~.m Sililil GO~II AI!lIil ~fl~~~t ~~~. p~Jlt!B ~rll ·S~.

ORJ~GIN 0.3: . ~'l'!JI~!>C~~' iJgm 0 4 .R!e~'.!Jlij.oII·~'

A"PPlllIMlll' :cio~ri R.~lI'9'ri.!il

o '5 TI'lf~flj~~frot:n 0 6 ~ "'i\1I!~Crl,;;1

(:S ~~~fri' :O!~n ~~Ig"liij~~.

o 7' AIi'IP'!l~ .~ Ol~~~ 'J(j~g8 Mim M''''1!!i!!Ir .. ~ J~~iII" Jud,Blrn~i


o 1 us. PI.A!Nl1fF 02- U.S, OEFENDANT [ZJ:3 FEDEAAt Q;l)8STION" 0 4 Ii:U:VERSIT'I' cnJZENSH1PsaQ~

{U,S.NOTA .PAR-crY) tH. u,sc ,13:22" .t.44~l


.~,,~ .!:IIH rI ~ ·11'

Cil'!ZIE~"'OR !lV.I!Ji!!It;'I":OI' A 'Q!'I~!GII! CQU WTR'I"

e"ll1' O'I!J'! IplH

Ir.lCORI"ORA ,[~D. ~ ~'RlHCIf"AlP~A;eE O~ .~ IjiiSINE~S'iN .~OrHe III 'ST,,II, n •.

.Oi'!lI!! IGiN tlJa;noN

f'lff IlEF
i. .~ ~ ,l j~
[, J .~ .1, 1 ~ !NCOR(':OR,Il,'!"~RIP'RIti"Cll";;"L P'L-'(C,L!: [HI r (4

O~ !lu~N.!!!8g 11IU'HIS'SI:ATE:

J"Ut~NnfF:pa) ADDRESS(ES} AtfO COUNTI{IE~) 1:5,2·0], ~4S' Alberto;:-Ltd.

SUn. Lei f e. PI.az.!ill~ WeiSt: TO~£:,I" 14; .. :t-4 "i!lV!1!'f.l:Ui'!<'·SW, '.SuitE!: 16QO palqary' Tip'- ~n4 ,.' i;Lberl:a . Gan.:tda

Oklahoma G.i-ty,. Oklahorma County OK 7:HO'4_'

M'a.'t'!: Beckhaxil Int.ea::rn.ark ,Cdiffilhllriica:tions ~ I,n.c,

2:2·0-0 N. Cla'ss~n A,~t,. 200~ '135 C;r'o$swa:y,G 'P",~k, '01:' •

bl!; lahoola C i;l:;Ji' i Ok,l !lI:horD.<! COilll:tyWoo1$l;luiy .N~s s~ 1,1 :CO\ll'l. t y

OK 73l'oe .NY 'll"ilS?

QUibidB" LLC

.<1 ,NE. lOth St;. i St-~ 2"~;2

, . .

c~ OOIll: THIS ~CrION SHOUU:l' BE AS~16;t"jED TO; 0 WHITE! PLAINS .~oo ~or ~k:_~ 1m;-l.fltiiS a.PFtI~O_Mm PlITlTION,.~


M'a~fstratQ Judge is ,to be·desi9.1Hilled by the CJel!'"keftfle COl..!

MagiStra:ile Judge _

Ruby .J ,_ .~-r"'!Jick.~ C Is,m On::Ollfi' by




(~li l"i



1:524948. ALBERTA LTD.~ an Albert;a, Canada oorpo.ration dIbIa Terra .Marketing Group~





QUIBIDS~ LLC) an Oklahoma limited liability ooD)PaJly'"

..... -
t ~ ...
c (
, ;-".)
C. --.J
~"" --l
. ..._ .
'I' •• ~ -- ,
:-"> .-
L" wW·

INTERMARK COMMUNICATIONS~ "INC. ,dfbJaCOPEAC, a: New Y Q,tjr '~rp0tation,



'''plaintiff'). throuWt ,its a'tt.o~ys.alleges 'thi~ Compl@lnt as foUows:

Iotrod ~, ~~ U.CnDn

1,. This ,action arises. QuI (I f the theft and. subs~lleut wron.g:fuI and .i11~ga1 'use of

rl~intiff'S trademerss; oopYfigbted ~e_jve inaterla!.sland website elements owned by PJaintit; by :Oefcndanls Qu.iBids, LL.G and its pfe$id!ent Matt. Beckham (~.UeCtedJy~··"·Defendru:l'ts·"); and fho,seO·efendlDlts" national c.ampsl,gn .. of false' advertising mvulv:ing, complete.;)'" fab[l~tied,~ws

stode~fuk.e customer testhnon.als and the wron.gruhnisapi)'oo:pl'iatmn ofthe Jmage.. of .0'1, French.

television news anehcr,

Defendant Inte:['lruuio:: Communications. Inc. d/b/a cOPEAc

('WPEAC"' and notinclud<!d m ·the dejjpitkm of uDefendantsH) is includ,ed in this action ~b~~ the injuncti~e and 'doolSfato:ry relief sought" byPlaitatiffwiU affett CO:PJ::AC as' well


1; this Court has stlbject matter j'll.riSdictkm· over~he' federal claims (Claims n and

IU) uader 28 U.S.G §1331 and 28 U.S.C. §l338(a,). 'This Court bas supplemental jurisdiction

under·28 U.S~C .. "§1367.,

3. This CQurt haspersonal jurisd.icti~n. over Defendant QUIBIDS LLC C"OuiBid.s")

because, pursutu'lt to Nt:W York's Long Arm St~tut~ N.Y. Civ, Prac .. L.&R. §302, all claims :LUr

reliefin this;a:ction.ari~e fromthe:fuUowing ~cts ofQuiBjdS. wllj~h.oCCUifred: in New Y&.rk:

a. QuiBid,s owns, eperates, and conl::rols certain 'interactive websites and online fora fhat

d~ectlyso.llqit roIiteqt. and commeece from New York residents about New York

participat.e in, and post" content about; online auctions, and·.otber commercial activities from locations in New York and CIXKUl businesses and vendors located in ~N ew Y9rk;.

b. QUiSids. bas'tr:a..nsactoo business within the state of' New York and contracted.· with

New York;·

c. 'Oil intommtion and belief" the contract between" QuiBids and CQPEAC oonfams a

pr-ovisio.n where QUiBids' submitted to the exclusive. jurisdiction '0 f co'un$- in New York ;fbr ~1dl :maUe;rs in 'conn.ection witbU the contract ~ and


d. QuiB,ids he committed tortious acts" within the state of New Y 0.& causing, :injury to 'persons and property within NeW York, and expected I;)r shQu.kireasnmlhly have

continues to derive sUbstantia.l, revenue ftomthe interstate 0[' mternationai commer-ce

4. This Court has personal junsdtction over DefendantMA TT 'BECKHAM 'because!

this action arise tWm the ill Uowmg acts, of Be.ckham'·s :acts;:

a Througb 'his activities as the president OF' other principal of QuiBids~ and/or: acting on

his own. bebalf as an. m:divid;ua~ Beckham' owns, O'Wa:t:es,m oo,mtrols ·certain

interactive websites and online. ·fOra that directly solieft content arid: commerce ·from

. _

'New'y,orkresidents abQ:ut New Yolk busiaessesand vendorsin online aU~IDns. 'The

web$ites· 'and tOra, enable users to participab~' in~ and post contenl ab(ji)ll:~ onlioe auctions and other ,oo~ner~ial act,ivities from klcations in New Yark and, .sbout

b .. Through his activities as ~he .,resident or ather' principal ofQlJrn.~s~ a,tt-d)or acting on his own.behalf as anindivi:dual. Beckham 'has transacted business within the state-of

N~ York.. aruloontr,3'cied with: COPEAC to stt.pply onlrne auction services wlthin the

from servicesrendered in New York, on information and beliet: the comract between

QulO j~s . and COPEAC co'fJtains '111. provision where' QuiBids submfttedto t_he

con.tract·; and.

c.. ThrougldUs·activiii.es·as the :president or,other-prmcipal ofQuilUds, andlor acting OD

his own behalf as an lndividuat.BeCkham has oomndhed tortious acts within the:stai,e

Yolt; and has derived and coni inues. to tIerivesuibstantial revenue Rom -the interstate

COMrdUNICATIONS" INC .. dIbIa COPEAC. e~OPE.Acn)bec~qse COPEi\c' is a. New YO.rk corpomtio:n which transacts substantkl business. within this S'tme and District,. <3!fid because COPEAC submitted to dlejudsdj~ion.Qfthis Court in an- agreement" it entered into with PlaintH'f;

Q ~·D·~.;II d/ : .'-

UlD'lUll'an .orBookbam.


a. Defendant COP:EAC agreed. to venue in this District In an a.greement· it entered .into

include falseand defamatory statements about Plaintjff, are aOce5$ible jn t~ District and weredi~'ected·at··oonsu~rs locatedin this Dtstri~,~

c. P']aintiff hasexpedeneed injury :in the District .a:n4. theberm sl;I.ffeted by Plaintiff' was f>ell primruily m. t.his. D.istrict as ell :result of Defendants' Qu:iHjds~ and Beckham.'·s


--_ .... --_ .. _-- ----- -- --- --------_ .... --

--- ._------------------

in connecHon 'with" the·.eo.n.tract .

. . ,' .,

~rla'D.tiD'lS.24948 .A11:f~J1aLtd~dlbJ'a 'ferra Ms,rketmg 'GNJ!I

7; Plaintiff 152494:8; ALBERT A rrn, an Alberta, Canada corporation dfbJ.a. Terra

Mmetm8 Group '(~TeiTa MartdlQg't) is a C9rpotatiCl'll (irmm'jz~~nd. ,existing~undtCr·the laws'of

the Previaee 0:£ Albe.4ta.,. Ca:oad~ andmaIDtainE, au Qf6ge.·m. Qdgaty~ Albert~ C$nada. 'Tern~ Maiketlqg is the creator' and 0wner of tbe' webSite SwipeB,ids;.oolrI, an. C!1iIlirclC au_ctiQn weblltc.

Defendant QgiBids,~ ,[.1£:

rnmtaims its principalpiace, ofbwiiness_'w OldahQm~ City, o,ldahoma. QuiBJd,s ~.the~s;trmt and ewner ottile, demaianatnes QujB.lds.-cOln and Consu~rT]~~gest.0rg. ,Upon infbm1lltkm art~:Lbe~ie:( ·QulB:ids. is :a,loo fhe creatol:, owner~' ~mini£tr~tor. arui/orother ·party.r~J?ODSibie :CQf tJle . creation: and/or It~int.ella11oe of fJi, Fac~bOQk group ~tiUeil ''Swipebids.C(Hn~is-a.:-BIGody~ SCAM,~' inW':W:cli ;gI'Oupde:f.crn,JatQry' shuemenl$, dJscu:ssiotIJs<j and other PO~'ings reJlarding 8w:ip'eB:ros~ooPl Jl<l:v:e.).1~ PoSted.

9. Quill ids, .~ prurposefuJly a,Yaited 1t~.e[f6 f theb.W,efru;():( oo,}duct~g' b~ineSs in

New. York. QuiBidsowns ·and: opemte-s tb.eabove webs:it~ which. acHve~yenoo.ur~ge:Ne:w York

. . ~. - .

cQnduCtedfroni New VQ.rk, as wen as :partu.."ipat;e in'"Online~uctions and Qther busineSs act~vities and d-isc'Ussions, from New Yorklocatwl1S;

llefendaIi' Ma.« Beckham

10. ,Defend-ant Matt.Becldlrun ('~Bec1dmm"):" on information and belief: founded~, owns

.and controls QtiiBids -and .. the above websites. On info-:rm.atioJl and belief; Beckham oversees the 'da:y-to~d:ayqperation8 ofQuiBids and. 'the websites .

. l 1. Beckham has purposefulIy availed 'bimself of the be.n,efits of conducting businf.:-ss

m New York, on behalf of QuLBids. Beckham coetrols ·and operases r QiJiBids.com, and CO,l1sumerTlpsDigest.org, which acti~,re;ly encourage .New York residems,tQ. :po.st.inmnrul.ttou aboutbusiaesses and onlin,e.b1Jsm.ess aC'ii,viHes located in and, conducted 'from New York.as wen ·a,s·p.anicipate in online. a:u.ctions and otberb\!Sin~.s activities ~m New Yorklocations,

Defeudani .lntcrmal'.k Commu:gisalwns", In,Co dlhla·COPEAC

'12,. Defendantlntem:m.fk Communications" Inc. dJbiaCOPEAC is a ccrporarion

organi2Jed and, ex:isting tinder the laws 0 f theS.t~ce of New ,·tQrk~ 'and maint_tilns its prinC'ipaJ place ofbusin.ess·ln Woodbury, New York -. COPEAC is an "aftlliate netw:ork;~' wmch c~n.tracts wit.h enline vendors and marketing oomparu.e:s sueh as Terra Market~ and. QuiB]ds~ 1:0' place advert,~ments and other prol1lO'oonalmedia. with. ",affiliateS ,,' woo in tum. place those i]ltvert.iseme.r(lts and media with we~iie$ .aQd other: online: ~ia for inclusion on websit~) in. email pmmotio:ns; and via oti1e-f marketingcoment du:~ted at consumers.

DOE Defen:danhi

] :3.. This Co.mplaiJit shall, be ,;;i:l.riended. to $tibstitute name'S of ind,iv.idual or busmess

entities for "Does" 'in, due COUfS~~ upon. the id~ltifi:catioll of addU;i~n~) de:fend.ants, through discovery.

a~iGns fur ro~~r:Soods,·m; 'jWl£!aU~ s.u,bs.t.antj~:I dulootmts from'O!rdmm'Yf~ai'l. pM1ces. 'Terra M.arketing. bas 'opetar:ed, SWi_peBids oo~tllu:r-ou.~l~ sm_ce r.U:ce,mher 1009 ~ To~et the SwipeBids.,oom. cnline. auct,ioD: site~ . Tetra MMketiq~. bas invested .he3"\·ilym .its: service mark

the Mq_rki~ inter'9,t1lJte andmtemat;icmal co;~e s:mce Doo'ember 2000~ ,~ "has. ad¥m~edm oonnection with the ·Mark throughou~t!he OOlliitr)( and the world~ p.rmcip,a1Jy throu,gh advertising ordJ:re Internet.

3"pp1ication was stillpendmg.

OU1Bids' ,and BecldJ.am.'s "Mmugfgl AdS andCo.udud

18" Defendants .ha.ve e,ng~~oo in 8.! variety orwm~\fu] 'ffii$oonductF:ttst~ nefendaJfl.ts

s~~ up as an~~a'mli:ate-publ~sher~ with C()PEAC~, wbro:h'ls an advertising vendor"of Plamtltf.

Def:end~nISUSOO this special acCeSs.:~il:ro.llgb.CDPEAC inCl-~eiID. st.e&l:lOOpyriB)lt·OO m.ater1al·ltb~

. .


afthousmds if ootrfiinh;II1S of do Uam trQ,m su.ch stole-n copyrighted mMeriaknefendants

. .

attachedhereto'"-fiJ'r the ~e ()fHlustratlpfi as EXhibi~ A .

. i'9. S,e.rond~ Defendmts have e:ng.agedm .Q. "SOphisticated. campaign o:f i3:ise' advertising

'uging -, avar~~y ofmetbDd~. Defendants .haveraud e:urrenUy are niarlooting·tlteir .prod.Oct Uu,ougb.

in~egti$ative .~~et; '~wev~~ tbe;blo:g. ;~, .oQ.:mrotmMicm a;nd<b~ie~ .ehtirely·(ake. and am~re shill site' FOr befMdants. Th.ej crea1tin~ 'm.aiIlte.INmct;. mnI. o:peration of suc.hmk:ebIDgs·are


m:i_gappropri~tron. e f PJaindff' s ·t:nten~1:ua~p']1ppe:ltf~· Defe1m:;!.ants'· :fulse' advertising. 'cOntblued ~r

monthsbetbre Pla-intiffbecame awar-e ,of it

·ad.v¢rl.~ents oontahImg' .~elissa Tb:eurla.u~ e, oow's Wlc~ot· from, a,pmminent' Ftie_nch television statio~ who' ·js.p:ortrayed by DefumdOOls . in the advettlsentents.as baying ~~inv.estigate4." and 3ppro~ed 'Q;f ·~pGt;lsore.d ·Def~ar,.tstproduct$. .on 'in:tiOr.matlcniJ ·ami Her~et dl.es~· statements 'ar-e



A. Theft '0' Copyripted MaleriaJs :a:ud. IDfr'in:ge,meut

.2 J ~ -Plaindff .has jnv~ted ·ht;av.ily 'into the d.e:VeIOpm.cht of its saJ~ ·i1l3~erials fufrm

p:rodUct~and t~graph]C$~ wo.r4iilg, and other e'lemrent;$ of 'n .!;a]~· p38~s ~hitve l'J~,e.J:l tl1iOrou@ity tested. at ~ 'e~p:em~ . to determine the optmmJ version to trm.:dm~ze 'Ute oonversion!lf users to 'paymg, cUs.to.m.em..Plafut;lt'f·uses. muliiple .affiliate 'marketing, ·ad."lertiS~flg networks to- sellns

hundreds; and. often thousands o-f.ind·~mdent '\dlllmtepublisherfr who.will 'Us-e:'the'adverdser's ~keting materials' to: 'p(CinIDte die ~dV'eltiser~ 'and .tnt .a4ve.rtiser. pa.:y,S'the affil:i:aten,etw-o.tk .[QraU

sal·esresuJt:inJ;ror !;Jl,Ich ~et~. The ad:vertl!i:m,g:n~wprk tak~ a'''ooti1mis-~d()u em the: *a.1e ... aud ·~ass.e8 ·the balWlcl~Qn to ·the aiIniate publisher, 'l"he iden~rt.ies ofamU~te-pubi.hdlem are siri.cUr co:nl1d~nti8.J.;, cit·herw~e, ·adv:eJ;1i.sets- Co.old circumvent the advert·ising nemorks and. ·oontract

'2;1. In thismaUer~ D~ndants; .:ooter~ a oootrad wlfhm1vertis~ network pOPEAC

fin the ge.neta] purpose of.hl!.~[l\Ig an. "a:ffiH,a:~e,publiSha~~ for CoPEA.C ·.and for the .speCifi~ puqm~e. ot: id.~1:ntfylng.~d .stealfug PJairid:ff':s:vaio~ie. oopyrighted. marketing, materia1s~ Upon

sigIJ-ing .contracting· wlth -, COPEAc,DeftW-dants wm·" gwen .COPEAC Affiliate- ID '20578; Ttterea~er, De:fe,ndants,,_ due tQ tbeir aC<ie8S as .an amHate' publ~S;h,et"Qf COIEAC. -id.entifiedand stole gaphk.lil. ·belQn.giDg _to SwqieRids ·~~"-lna1dh.g eepies of PlalntiW s key sales ·~a.est whic:h ,are pmte-cf!ed by 3,. ·reg~steP;d. oopyrig];lt.,

2]. On ~mformatkm and beliet;, Dete~Mlt~ :desp.ite that; fact t·h~~· t:heyare 'dJre,c:t

CO mpetit'l'irS, witl1Plaintiff.,· .pmceed.edtopromotePla:mtifr S: 'prodn¢t~ ·SwipeBids. oo~ .witha: '-f~e


the .'unautborized use of phOtograpfu; of-people' whom Defendants purport to be new's reporters .

. As a. re~uk of Defendants' promotion of PIaintiff'9. prodUCts~ a.t Jeast 1469 cUcks:and 54 sales

were ,generated.. This misconduct :ru.n only was m, viOladon 0 f Def:end~ts.'· '~nlr~ with

COPEAC. which prohibits, the use oftheir system fur unlawfiil reasons, but the misconduct was,

laws. subject.in,g Plaindff topotentia~ liabi1ity to thWpw:tieS.

24.. As shown mEXbibit A and in otbermstmces; Deifendants, alsQ used, the

copyrighted materials stolen :&0 m Plaint i.ff to create sUbstantially similar or virtually identica.l marketing mllterialsiiJr Q,~fendants' own produCt at 'OutBids.com. J:mport:atltl~y.1 Pla:mtifrs testing of it~.marketingmateriaIs has ~e1Mnstrnted. ro ,P'laintifffhat certain wording "and certain placement of offer points, and gr,aphics lead to signifi'canrly greater 'Sales than ,alternative wording and. pJa.cement.As. SOP.hiStlcated "affi.llate marketers and oom~titor:s in the same 'mdustrr :a.s Pl3iint~ff; Defendantsere wen aware of ho-w specific wo:rding and .p~acement of med.ia w'.ithin advertising c~ make the difference betwoonpn.)fitable ,andunprofitab'ie: ·,ad.vertisingtampa:i~s,. With ·thls, .know Iedg)e~lXi.endants. proceeded to ropy all of the key .s::'!les mat.~ial:S and . use", such:

Jil~teri;t]8 in its marketing for its products, This use was: .unauthm:ked.; without privilege and

utilaw fu.l~

25.. Defendants engagoo~ and eontieneto engage; ina, signi.fi.(:ant. amount: ofmarketmg

a long, histo£Y befere his 'Work witb Defen;dant QuiSid.s in: pm:moting products with .f~bri~te<i~ or "fake," blpgs. in the realm 'of acai berry products-and, other weight loss products. Fer-example,

he, on, inibrmatmu andbc?'lie~ creat$! the- fak,e blogs that were forme.r'iyiOcated ,at <shirteysd:ietjoumaloom> and <abbysdietjoJ,mlal.oom> ~o· pmmete wejght loss ,products, ,and these. and bis ether bkt~~ were compLete fabrlcatiom;~ oo.maln._lng 'fake names, fake tes:timoniafs~

fake user comments and 'us,ing plIDtogtaphs of peqpte· without autMm.allon (or using sloclc

these sameun:lawfiif techniques eo create the marketing ·materia:fs fbr Defend~t QulBids.

26. Speei,fically, Defendllms" in their .~ materials~ bav:eused tWOph1)tOgraphs

of women cJaiminglliat. 'they· ave news reporters :n:p::nt~g(l. '0'; wim'bave reported, about the

., .'. -~ duct and i . . Tt. k f t..._ '. • h"' ·hl .Ji -- • F' ..

QuiBlds·.Pl educt an. Jts supposed: success, '~use 0: both piCtures IS ,. ngn ,-y decepnve, .tm.

Defendants use a picture of' a ·wqman appearing to bea reporter on a newsroom s~~ with the

consumer Tips Digest Inves'ti.g·ate·s EJ·

;fl' .. e:;:tjg~t: ~ Qt;19i:lSc.::om i;. n.e'\l'.1Ill}~.~ ~ftp.,H).n ~j1e \'ii~[;

.. Ou~id~.-COI'fl .-F"8c:ebook ful:)Qept .,Twiller.' CHNcaI J\t:I~.

.27. However. this is 'false. ID. fact e the ~photD'graph IS (If ill F~h jOUfrudist and anchor

on. QuiBidg~ nor has she ever nierit~oned 'QUiBids in anysort ·ofinOOia, video, print. web or

otherwise, On mfunna60n and heUe·r, DefeT.\dmts, stole "this poot9 graph ·.tom this web page, co:nttiining many pbotograp'hs of Ms. }'beur.Jall.includin,g the· one Stolen by Defendants:


phatograp~ that was slolefl and mampulated·appea1S 35. fOllows:

1""7""""':'· ..... •

..... j'''J ;. +-

Q..rPoiJIth;:,!1rs:bng carefor

';U.i;, f •• u. ·4~"1-f:.,J • ~ 11'1 ~1!f~'Ii~: ... '-!l"'lf1 •• 't._"'J!L~lll1'l! r,~i'iT 'I h, ... 'I'U.III·I;I], I Ulilh~r'li.~~. t~ ~:-';" (.:; \I_~~~~:-.~....:....".~s'~ i~ r-!"f~.·Hiatll:JI Jj( .. .rljiSf1!r" ... ;i..~I'1''''.''! .... ~~'!'9 .;rt. ~ A.lllttli::i' l~l;lIll;..a-.!:-:..1f': I,,,,,,, ~~C!ftii 1l~'~ ":'!'5"lllirlf. d' ::.c:mIW,.VIi"!JUltt:C'1,:iI'ld' ~''I~liI :1~.If!.':· I!i~' ~It~ .. ~_"i=~4

l'.:!q,; .. iIH: 'l'inl" 2;. ~·r.;PG;f'.I,~1f .iiI:'M.",,-, .......... ip ~'!['.r(:·z· ~Iht~ ,~I)LJ1. ~T't!: ~~~ b~,r iii. r'[lliZlJr1~" ... nd iii1"dl('.:f ~I~ .i..--. - ;i ~j; 1"" ii.~ ·~.!!!!r.~ 1I1le ·ht.Olll1lr. Ih-~;'~F'~ ~,r;(l"''''JI .~~ ;Jjil ·fJrll!r.(~~ :a~r-t-r a~ 1J! .. J.4ii~ !.I~ 1T!.I!i~ t.1!~ Errr:ii&k~~l';!'\L.:i'j"= iiti .£. 1~,!i!'i!i.~~j-.lI,I!" d"',r,'U y el J~IJ!'I;'J.' ~;;:t ·tn· ~c ,'li4 r.-~,'rl..'

·· .. _it,~iI,f'ilti· hjud (l1l"':::::"~ H>!".r p1'rr.!9"·a~51 n,"'~ I.t;~!.".4II\fi"" .. fLCJ ~'t ;rj1i:r_jI' :v"! ~,.;j(l n~¥le5A!·n. t'::l il'im : ~i h ~ ITo M'ur.·tllI~' 1.;:: "rj:IU_i",I~i'i.\o iii1.rr.a ill02 V..-;.~'..i.Q'N i r ~ ~ 'W.I- !iJ~~. ~~r, ifio"dt"~B Ek.y;;; ;it ! ~5~.1I:l~1· !..::t.

I •


. "

28. The second d·eoeptiV-e use of a.photograph of~. purported 'female repOrter in,voIves

a picture, ·of a woman ho,lding :lI' mictophane ~itb tlw, eap.t;iQn. "!Juhe's our Consumer Tips Inv'esdgatOf Repmitmg.(ln. New Soopping Trends," The pootQgtaph and caption clearly convey

the message 'th~llhere; is: a~prte1' who-woms fQr the web$ije~'CODSumer Tips Oigesf' 'naIQ,erl Julie, and tbat she, an. mvestigattve rwo.rta~ .is m:vo]ved em, the publication of' a. PUlJIOued consumer protection/oonsumer. awareness. website, This is an falSie.... lhe photograph is, a slQck


her nameis not Julie, and sbe does riot- workfor the ~~Consumer Tip.s Digest" website, Below are

Juli.e:s oilI' ~oll:s:~m~r' ,t"l,pa; 1'f! \~e.'S~g!l,m;1:' Repoortt:rpg ([11'1 !Vew Shopping; T~ncb

',"eportmg" em Qu.iB1ds~ Defendants filled their ,mJCe blogs with. fake testimoma1s and, fak~ user




customer names and ph.oto'S1aphs-~ a$ well ~ changed the. user names in, theuser eommenrs sections, for each of their two fake blogs, Thu~it is dear that .certain customer testimonial.s and ~ comments M¢ fabtic·a.ted.~ ru~r; on .mfu.rmat.iclD.and. benef; other testinmriials ';md. user


au"", i.onslvti.in.de-x.wm .

hup:llwww.cotysum.eti;lp>s..d.igest..Qrglpenny_ 3.ucdonsjaslin:dex2.php

_mote the time elapsed sinc"'e posting does


n';l KelUe: Hawr~jns PCSiHt £F:tr~r~; 51 mi,~ir~'(!!; (;I.tJo

W'h'at determ,ines when ,m-auction' ends? It· .seems Ii ke Ute timer is r'eset bialck to. 10 s:eirzQnditn~.~'~eQPi,e 'conW~ue .to 'bid .U~~n .suddenly the audi.oo is owr an(ttheiteM 'lis SOLD even though' pe-opjea reo .stm biidd Ing~ righl!? So~ at ~ame p(jiJ1l~, does theaucUoo just end r~gardless af. wbeUler: bids ,are still be. ent:ered? ~ii.1 n les ..

Jilt! timer i~· re~"i?jt 'e;ai~ ·time a perso:i-ibic!'s, there'.fOir:e, at" au(;tJ.oo eiM;js; wh,en flo:one eLliJe. brdS. It never ends w.llEn pE!tilp.le··a.re sti~.~ bidding. We wan,t ev~'rvooe to; 'have ilI'fa if thCln:ce:.

'W'i;l,aiLde~errrii!'iies. wJ'llen :an aucti!OlI'I en~$,? n seems lik'e 'tile. tinler Is reset bact 'to· io seconds • ilS· p.e.o·plre tOl1tinlH! ta bi'~. ·tnen· sU!ldenly th-e -, .auctlan ~s O'o!"er andtt.e ~tei'A. ~s SO LDeven

. - ., -,- - - -.

t~,uBh people are.stin ~~dldiflg. rightr? S~,. at S"om-e psint~,does.the auctien just.end

r~~rd less a.f whether !!Ii.ds !lire :stUI~ be e..1l~d? Thanks.

lhietimer Is' r:e!;et e-aich 't!ll'l~ aper~cJl'1I' bids;, threre.fore. an au.;:1ion. en(i:swhe'H no. one else bids.ltn,ever ends, wt'le!''i:'people 'arce .' stj~1 bJddlng. Wewa~t eV'e~rle~to'haye ~'fa~r chance,


:By AJ~lldrtlThurbe.r f!r;'$;~~d 7Irfl~) .1 rnirrute ago

Thanks 'fot "the info. i just gol regili,'mmd at'iidOi ai re'ady won m¥ fifst auctio.n!

i3yJiil@"Q.tii.Blds pa~"I.:rcd s tvlsa 2A f~}frnd"(':'l "Dgo' GOingrat!:Jlaiionst ISfl''t li!I1i,n min.&: .fun? i

By Abigai~ Wri'g;hl~QQf ~ cd ,6 Mrs f .i 1. fnim,te.~ nqo

afe.tl:ie. it!em~ w,e' ptlr~,!I~ br;a_!ild·new? .open, bax items? :r:efurbistlecl i~ems? If def.ed:hf~, canfhey be re~y"h'jech'.:o 1he!na~u:~ctu rer .under Wa'WJlri~?

AI" pr.6dudswe pl::li'dl~.se :::hou Id be new ~nd ia>c~ory $-eiilh~d. Wf:yo.u eW~·f·,gE!t.a·,d"e·f~ive item, let us; kDow~mmediate!'v CInd we'll work outth~ 'i:s:we ~ new proo yd oor'a refu nil ..


Than Its· tor 'the tRIo. Uustga:t re;gJ.stered and ~ ar ready w'dn 'my flr.sfauttiOtl] .'

Ji~!@QU~Bid:s .: siJS:saiJullOj. 201tr.:t24 PM COl1\8ratul;il~iQiliS~ Isn 1ft w~nnJngt!un ?']

are: 'th~ 1t~ms:we.purch~se brand. new? Qpe'rl' bo)! ~t,em.s?: refurbished item's~nf de(recr~v~,can the)v be r'e'~metf ·to· the rrja.nu;fiidUlrerur'lder w'arranty:'?

.AII p,!i\OOM~E:5Wf!j ;'purChas~ should be '!lew'and . f-a~tcny :sealed,. 'f you ev:er get.a defed~e itern~ I let !Wi, know ifilmedj;ately.and 'wel~1 WOrk 'Qut the

Is,sue - neW prOduct·Of a' r'e:fund. '

.so, ff I-bid 'W_hef1ln~e:· timer s.a~ GiS ~eC9fld~

. ie'ff~ and' no o~e:el~ ·bids.b,e(oretbe tirne'r reaches 100,. men I. win ·the bld.? I mean mere ~S1 no m in ,mum number of :s!eOO$1ds ·for your: .b~d

. to ,.!:leJisted llefnf'e' me bkling ends? .

If you bj(ihmd no one else doe.s..-thell' yes .•. y~V~ 'wQm the ajjt~.io", Everyone h~sthe .same/fair 'chaRte m bid. Sc,lfBley'all just choose to~not blid,thel') ttl'at·.W(ut:s in :y.our ·favor.

,5,Ot if ~ bid wl'ilenthn: :timer .says 08 :$:~ooh.dsieft1 'and IltO on~ else b.ids befor~l the :timel rea.che-s OOlth.m i win ',~e bid? ! mei;'!n tllere is. 00 . mi~im urn (lumber of ,S€ioond~ fory'Our bid: 10 be ~r~ed befo~'1he 'bid~ne>ends?

If YQY bid andn~hQne;else dees, tben'yes~ you\,e wm{the'i!liuction. r\ll'e~ne- hiS the' same/fair chante tn. bid-,' SP if :theV ali just choose to, .no~ ·bid,- ·then tIl,a t .workS i'n"yoor fa.yor.

·81 aki31 ~11<s a :: . .Q'ut aJ I the ~e.al ~ IHl,'S" fmJn(l,gn.

Cl!.deics. ctlfn .

·'ijke,.tn;.:n'V othen I was SIooP1ilcl~ it~ r~· 'too. bb:t ~tf~!r 1 d.eCi,Rd, tQl-Sltart t')j:dding~.·l~ .~ta,rt~ l!I~'ililll)i,ng,. ''f''ielr$e~:ltst item: l.w~ll, fil_lI" came. i.ll·themail with~D. 6,~'o~ -

¢ays. ()fwin:rt~:Q:g iii., 1 ,tas,.~kOO.~!~ot·~n1y d~ OuiBJ~ds naxe "r.oo~s.hdfJ,J_ it;!; :ach;l:iJlilJ,. R~ to· bmtoo. I<c:tntinu.edD1l~ "Ol;liBjds jmlme.y'"'·md, ctkd ui'! winfiiag ·1!h]lja.wesumenren]rlpmT.Q~lb ·SrJ"OO· ~iI!nt~if~. Did I m~ntionjlt'~ '\\~M';:TERPROOF?

·.f:t! a,~~~~ 'niIanb QntB-it:l~!~'

-'~/Virg&tW ..

30" IlHerestingly,; Defendants 'have .stat.ed..to thepllblic tbat,"'AIi o1Btesti:nID.n~.a~s ".are

realpoopb,,: who use AAdooooived 'their productslFom us' tQuiBklslr~ (Posted (In

c(ln.lpl~Wl$OOatd.oo~ .by ,ad.wit.ted employee- O.fQuiBi<ls). Thisis itself ancd'h~jns~te Qf.;fa·]~e

. . . ~ ..

31. Defe.n.d;alrt~' did~t limittneir fals.e:, adve:J;1ising to fake biogs.. [n. fact, O~fendam~

have fio(lded.the ·interlJict with "l1:IJmenJlll...~ v~iom of OOV@tIsemen~S: ~ti:ai\ldu.lentlyfeatu[it-

Derend<m.:ts and.ustXito: h.awk .]aptQPs; . '!Pad$, cameras and nlWlY uther lyroducts on ad;vertisemeo(s beintlr-unAJh llundredsif not tlrousa.rWs ofwebsifes all g:v:Cf'th:e tntemet. SO'ille ,o.:f

I -- - -- -- - - - -

E!,.-i.hl>;'Jrll"~""; ~~",,"IIiI:Ji..r;~. M:a!l'L~.e.J:,[i L~ F-.'II.!1'1'rf I{JH~ KfI:Q.~ ,dj,~11 Ba9 GESO ")1(1)" ~(""rtt!::.! I

_ r .'ij"i~ CJe.1(.i11~ CIj~'1:q~ __ _ __ _

• "-'-' .. ~.

-. .,. ••• _ ',r- _ I' ~

, '


'_.-_.~I .

. . .... 'r. + ... 1.-.

I j.'

. - .

l-.~iIj '~';!i -t ~'\.""WP;I.IJ:.~I .... "tiihoi'l~·!"~ ~ 'I1f1 .... ~

." ., • I • •• ~ ~.' !. -"~) •


~ ... : ......... -oi"~ "._- L,m ~"":r .'~I·:I"';.-t·~.~-"':"'II ~: -- .. ·.I"'r·~:- ... "oj"" .... , ..

II: .! ,. I' .. :: -. 'I ", ';t'i. ,'" .. ,',i ~ I '. I r = - I" • -I"" !

-: :~~.;."1r -.,.. .• ; -, ... ~. II -.j, ~ .... ;~'~'.,!",,:,-!.,.~ r'- ... ~ii ;,,:.I!_':': ,...~ ... ,1 ,r:

.• ' ~~ ! r ! '1 ... !,' j.'li ! I ~ .II~" ..

I,'''; '1-~ .. -,~ •• ' .... :. ".;. ~.,: ~.' I. ;I~'~.~ -c , ~I ~~~ ~'!-.::r. r)

.. 'iF ~ ~.', .... .~~ ... ,.'"\+1' ~: ,1'"_ .... -(........ ''''I:'j .... I,!. ..... ~ i""'~ ,i .,:- I~;'

'.12. ~nadditi6.'n t"Q ne~ants· ;.f.ake- bJo g:s .. andfrauduJern use.o f ~s. Tb~ "s image

in.3. na:ti.ofiwide-ad.verrisms,cam:paigi'l~ Defcndams han; also made ms..n)" false stM'e.menblahout


with agents of Defen43int~ a. pag.e on the. '&O~ml ndwoi-kifig webSit¢,Faoooook;oo~ ', entlUed~ ~Sw,ipebids~nl-i&a- ~loody-'SCAM2' Tb~s .page ,asserts ·fhat PlafutiJf is a '~'fr~ul~~oompany~~

[Swi:pebids] have blatartt~ S'to]oo ·ourpw~~.olU· zywO ·,tes.tlmp.l1ilals,. TVn,ewspi~et etc.-· tQ

I I .' • • • I ••

oone"flt t.hemselve~~· (p2Hted on Ja8soclatedoonteot.oom by ruimiued' em;Ployee 0'£ QuiBills)~ ~se ,scatem,e.nts are fn1s.e~ demmat~zy and h.av~mflicted oamaget'ln' .Plaintiff.'

.. . . .

'33.; '$wipeBids.,oom'·' ~. the creative ,elenle,1l:ts.~~~ fan~iUdo Ure eategpI)' :of

~~:iotO'ria]~ gr~I1Ec ,Wld sQUlpt;u(,alwodai~l' as defmoo. ~n .17 U.S.c. :§lri~ .and ,arttnUl ~('j~mal work

34,.pminUff js;. the, antn.,r'oftne '~Swipe~id~~,oorn" web$it~ ~,fhe: eJemem~ -tberoof an,d. :isthe owner.()frhe :t·.op~ht th«em,;pu[gua~:ro·17U.S:~_C, '§lOlt

.36. .As the OWfi_et' ef ·the ,popyr.gm. in ~·SwipeBids.,CQP1.~' Pla;fufi,ff lias the .excru~ive

rights ,ptocvfiied ,m .1'7 o..S.C, § (06~ which: ;m'Ct~Je biu,t.a,re 'oot~hllned to the :r~ght to re_produoo:tbe l(Ppydght~ wo~~ t]19 riihl .to :di~l1ibufe oo:pies ,pftbe. oopyrighted w(lrk: tQ the'.pllbliC,. th¢ right lQ prepare derivaHve works based lipon the'oopyr~gh:ted 'Work~ an&' tber1.ght to dj~lay· tIre ,oopyriglitoo \MO_ pub:U.cb'.

.37.,11:1 addition and pursuant to 17 U.S~C.§l13, Plaintiff has the' excluaive rigbt ro reptQdiooe.~~Swjp'e~ids.'co.m·~ in ot on '!IDY ldrld .of article, whether :oseful.p't otherwise:

.3 K 00 luiy 6t 2010. Plairil!if'f s·Ubmitterl to the Copyright· Office ,~he required

application ,Md fee for. t"heregistratioD of its .CQpyright in ""'SwipeBids.com.~; Accord~ly" under

17 U.S.C. §4lO(d). the effe~ive, date ofthe copyright rqdstration is July 6,. 2010.

COJLtrigt fufM1!_W;

(A&~im,t Qu:iBids md Bec'kham. forr Ali Pu:rposes, and Against COP'EA.C as to Injuodi,ve: .ReHef Only)

39. Plaintiff restates and ineorporatesthe anegatlons, set forth in para~aphs 1 through

38 as·tho·ugh.· "fun}, rewritten herem.

'to· 'VioJnt~ Plaintiffs exclusive ri8ht~. including the :ri6nJs to oopy,repmduoe, disitribme' 'mrd diSplay ptibUcEy its o.riginaL work of the 'SwipeBidsw.ebsite .and the 'croa1ive elements 'and design

41, In ad4ition to ha,v~rJgper:ronaU.r oon:tmitted. acts ofinfrm.gementagains~. Plaintiff

M' ail~ged herem,. 8eckbSim. lenjoys;' and~joyed a. drroct :finan.ciai benefit fr-om Qui-Bids' infringing: aicti'vJty~ Beckham has .and had ,the right and abflityID.:SU.pervise the infringing activ:ny

of·QuiBids. by virt.ue ofhis j)Qsil.tion and duties as an.employee, offi.cet'"lJ or other prindpal of

QuiB.ids. l.n .addition, Beckharnperaonally parliicipm:ed in the ·inftinging activity~ in. eooroinatiQn

. , ..

infringing materials were 'used in ad~iertisements and .tJ:uuugh which transactions thatresuked

from those infringing ad vertisements we1'epmoessOO.


. .

'43. The infringing ad.S·of QuiBids" aM Heekh.am., as ~Ueg,ed herein h.av~ been wmfu~

·imtentklnal and.mdmreg:a.rd ,o-rand' with IndI'fferenoo·to tbe rlg:t'ttsoIPmiml"ff:

44,. The·mfringingacts . .of Quffiids .and -Beckham. ar,eonge mg ·andwill· co:ntinrre unless

.:. .. ~ .

ad.equate r-emedy at hlW . to' prevall the <m:gQ[n_g. and. oontinooWi infring¢ment 0:[ its:- excbisive rights b¥. QuiB:lds .and Beckham. .~ j's aitb~ise statutorily ent·itled to 'U1jumtiv,e reUef" to pr~~ts;uch infrlil,g,eatent

4.5. Pp'rsqanl to 17lJ_.Si,.c, §'§:500 .uW%Q3. Plaintiff is ~mit1:ed tor.mjonctive,r¢~ieftCi

}Jl"Q.h.jbmt~ enj,o"il1and ·restrain. Qumids.' MldB~am ·fi'Qm. further mn;ins~gjts: cCx>pydgbtand to an or:der ,against Q_UiBids amI ·BooknaH\, and as to iU. persons acting on. '.t.he.irbehaJf ,and/or under

. ,

website' e<F . other. online mateeial. deri'V.oo t:bete:fmm. . ~dJo['oontainin.g or. using·. '~.~.ging

materials:. in. Ylolalion i)·t Plamtiff 5_ ·c-'Xclu·sive dghts~ ,wW requ,u.ing JhecessatiOll and 'priWention of

affiliat~ acrount with COPEAC) ..

. .. ,

46. Pu_fSUafit 'k) [7 US.C. §"§5~ ,.,and 5tt?rlaint1ff is: entit1e4 :~(r an. awam agair~'t

QttiBld.s a:nd ".Beckhaim .(.r(Ptaindff's. ·actual dmn~es: and -the profits o::f,QuiBtllsand. B(.-e'khm~· as


Trade L:ib~: Hdtr S~etti,&D 43(it) rofthe L8_ubam -Act

. (Apnsi QOiBids: o.oly)

47.- P'Jainti'ffIlestates. andiuQOrpo-ndes' ~he allegations setfortb in.parwapJu tthtoug~

46 above as thou~ funy r-ewriften:here:m.

4-8. The- s,tatements and representations made by QuiBids; of and concerning Plaintiff

and reputation -oi"Plaintiff:

49, -The afu·rementioned false, statements: andrepresentaL'ions of. and concenung.

across state_.and nal:ion!tl borders and in interstate: and internatienal commerce,

S L Theafo,n}nll(lntionoo. faJse'_ statements ID1drep.[e~l1tationslnade by QuiBidS of and

concerning. Piamtifiwere state1'nmts-and r~~tatioM~f_a ~~.iaJ,natu!c ~ ~nstit'Uted eommereial speech since they -were -published,. disseminased, or-otherwise communicated with theietent of increasing QuiBlds' sales -and/or decreasing Plaintiffs sales.





., .

False Ad,vertisjng 'IIllder'Se:etb;tu 43(1] of dJeLal:lbam Ad

. .. .

(A:gaiDJtQuUfJds 'OR").

52 ~boye as ~t~ugh fu.ily rewritten. nereiD.

54. Tile .afhre.mentIDIIoo· "false 'statements and.representationiS ef a,nd ~ncemmg.

l@put QWB#ls~ ,and ,PlaJnUffs goods, ,s¢rvice~. ,andiQi' ootnme!J'ciaI a_c:tivity;

.. . ,.. -. . . .. ~

5 S. The' .arorement:ronoo. fa1se:statem,e~s; ;al_ldr.e'p'feseniaHons dooeive:,. orlm.ve !the

potendal t:o deceiv~ a substam:iaJ. poltmn of their largeted aUdienoe.

Cemtnt)d taw {)efa.m:a:tiQD (Ag~mst QiUmids lIDd. ]ledCllam ODlyj

.60. Plamdt1~ ~tates and 'in·OO:IPorat~ tbe aIlf?S:lIlidns set _'[~rth in paragraphs ] t:!lfQII;Elib

59 .abo:veas thQugh fuUy :rewritten heRin'.

~h detail·ildhe abovepar3gt'arphs25 through 32.

62. "Alil 'of ihesesta:temenrs:w:e false, Tu!d 'QuiBids and Beckham .kn~ or should oo.ve

. 64.:·

. .

QuiBids and. B1eckham 'publ:is:hOO <t"he.sef statements· without ~y prm:vile.s:e to .do· 00 ..

As a. p.roximatere{3.ult" of tUt;l" -ror~go~ acts, Q;jiBlds and Ehddmm ha;v~>p.au&ed

., ' ," ·t· \.o~.~' 'p"1_.~"""": "rt.'n_·;.;s 'A;~~ .';'0:' H~i.-·- .... ';.~,_.iI ," "......:I~~.;J. 'J'] .,' + ~,;.,; t. d ~ ,"' "'",,<1

~tua : nann tn Jl:(ui.l.h:l. ;;UN. i: au.nd" 1m;.') ~ 'l.!,am.ag~,ml!.i! W]. q.ontullI.e·q,.v vee." .I~9a.



(Againri QuUlitls mid Be~khaDi OnlY)

ne~~g. GO tl.le:~th& a.OCn:rt theirr-.e.speciive 'rights .. (1 duties.. Defell,dNJf ~B".idsoo.ntmds, among . other: ·t~ tbat -PJam!iti :infrip:ged: upon .Dflifendant. QuiBids: tradem.ks ~and1or other

trad~k md. trade d;ress.. LefJy. D~fen(1ant. Qu.~Bi!ds lms.t!I1si;:ly .aUr..ibutedthe; m~~tU;lg' .Qf a' ti'Lirodparty: ind.ependent affiUate publisher' of COPEAC to P:laifiUff and, alleged-that the Imtrketin,s'

jnt,erests,and that· Qu:iBlda,: -oormniU®l false adverdsir~g, trade 1~'be~m1d other viplations ofJhe

.., . .

LanltmIl.Ac~ the Copyright, Act~and other 'pll()"vm,iQns.

68. . The respective ii1tef1estsofthe parties win .be. ~ma'tefi3ny uffedoo: by th'is .. uct1en

69. .r.lam$rff-d~ire,s~ and.is. ·~rit¢led :kl~ ,ajudici3,l~:etmnBlatiofi under title· 28~ .settron

WHEItEFORE~ p]amti':tf&wspect:fiJ.l1r requests judgment. as" followst

I, Toot the. Cowt enter··judgm.e:nt. ag~inst [)~tf,end:ants 'QlliBids .U'lti Beckham U~t

herein .and.' to be supplemented .as discovered:

4. That me·l~mlrti$SIU<: mju~ive relief against. neferida,nts Q:uiBidS amlllec:k~

tbeJr o,moet$~ a~Qt$, ,~I)~.m1:.atives.: servants, ~l.o.yees, ,atrom,eys;. su~il and, assigns) and aU others . in active concert orpartIcipalim(l with 'Defemants {inc]ndn.~bu.t nOi l:i.Witoo. :00


mistakif; . (}O" or in ooooeetii:Hl 'with the advert~s.fug~ offedng. :fur· sa]~ o"r, sale of' an¥ product or service, Urnt 'Is net P]umHfr s o~rn.ot aut"ho,r:izced b.y Plamtiff to be, 'sold in eonnecdon with that

t,est;inIDni.a1,;;~ and. the false- -.d unaiIJthor1zed .use (1 f_phntos. and moos 'Ofp'uwBS such as· l¥feliss~ Themmllln Stroll .advertlsements and- testimon.ials. as alleged :b_a;~. mId :furtlrer eJljo inmg and

tl(;OO~nts tbatQuiBid$ andJ.o['Boo~~ :trokI w.it,h COPEAC

5 .. , That the' CiOun enter 8;, Jnd~ment, a.gJlmst ~fen<lomts dec:lMing .that. QuiBids and

iR~ed U~ll by I)e';ff#ldaJ~8'were'p(Q~~td py 6QPYrighl or OUi~'iight;S ~oI weie inf£ingecl.

.... .. - .

u.pon by De;iendantsr :includ.mg:. 'in pM thn:m,g:h the use of ~he facilitiies o[.COPEAC; ~.that PlmnUff.di4 OlJtiriHlnge upzyll:any copyright O(o!hw" .legally 'pmt'eclednerm of'QuiBiis andis

Iii TiMtthe Court.otd;~Defen.dants _QPlB'~8 and B:eC~m to p.~y Plalntlfrs gM;era~

special, .and·.act1,llal·m1dstatutory tlamages.as folklws~

a}Pmin,tiff's oom~toEY damages in.can amountaccordiQg.to proot~.

b) .Punitiv~."a~:e.stn an ~UlItto 'b_e"d-ete:rmined, but-in·oo "c* l~s than

treble. Plmntiff's damages;


tht}.Umh.am Act.; aad

. .

.8. That;the Court ~rde:r sud! other relie:fto which :I:I<]alntiff may 'beentit1e.d. as

a matter of taw 0[' .eqWi:y~ crwhieh -the Court d.etemii.n.es to. 00 just ,and pro'pet.

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