JOB opportunities high in India or foriegn. Why?
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Job opportunities are high in India because now India is developed so many mnc are open their branch in India. Here they invest low price then get high profit. So they open new branches from that we have lot of job opportunities have been produced Yes job opportunities are more in India, which is developing now. Many foreign companies are Opening their branches in India in the name of BPO's and CALL CENTERS. The main reason why these foreign companies are opting India is due to the simple fact that India has many graduates and unemployed youth who are ready to accept a job with less pay then their foreign counter parts. Due to which they will gain more profits. As India is a developing country, the Job opportunities in India are more. India has large number of graduates and postgraduates in each and every field such as science and technology, IT sector, arts, etc. As the graduates and postgraduates in India are ready to expose themselves to the world of competition, they are ready to work for less pay. The main reason for that is, the people want experience and exposure to different environment where the chance of learning several things is more. Money matters less for people who have the capacity to prove themselves. The foreign companies in the present that's openings their branches in India because they knew that Indians are hardworking and they have the zeal to accept and work for the upliftment of their country

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No job opportunities are not only more in India but they are also more in other countries like china, Japan etc.reason is now Chinese. Japanese they are also equally competent to u and us know why china has seen a drastic change in their development? B’s they work even harder and smarter than us. Even more people and more opportunities are there in India do u known that we are also ranking high in unemployment?

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As meena said As far as job opportunities are considered they are more in china and Japan but they don't give a chance to foreigners as in US. If we consider the opportunities for Indians I think there are more opportunities in India than in US or any other country abroad as most of the mnc's are opening their branches here.


No one studies for an MBA. Everyone studies for a job.
rachna Rating: Unrated ( Author) rsaid this on 08 Dec 2009 1:06:37 AM IST ai m totally agree i with the above statement that no body study for MBA bt for today cwrld competition has increased to a great height that almost everyone is going for acquiring higher education so that they can be given preference among the common the need to h be n extra talented is increasing day by day because the persons are getting conscious towards atheir career the only possible way for this is to achieve higher education.for instance in cmpany fo a job if their two persons one is simply and anthr is MBA thn definitely the alater one is goin to get a higher position in as compare to the former... t(Reply to this comment) (Cancel this reply) (Comment Replies Disabled) 0 8 D e c 2 0 0 9 1 : 0 6 : 3 7 A


sre ek ant Unrated ( Author) h sreekanth Rating: said this on 11 Dec 2009 1:41:10 PM IST at 11 yes i do agree with rachana because now a days people mainly the job seekers will try to get a De good job.the best example is we can see in news about the illegal certification providers c etc.The main thing behind this is the company will mentions there need like Btech,MBA etc 20 there may so many people who may try to get in good mnc's at any cost that is only having a 09 degree so they may try this worse in my view now study for mba is only a way to get 1: good position 41 (Reply to this comment) :1 (Cancel this reply) 0 (Comment Replies Disabled) P M IS T ps v ra psv rao Rating: Unrated ( Author) o said this on 09 Jan 2010 9:08:22 PM IST at In the final analysis, our intention is to get a good job and prosper from there. In the present 09 day context, where B Tech degree has become the basic qualification, it is imperative to have Ja something extra to squeeze ahead. This is possible through a MBA degree. One cannot deny n that the economy runs on the wheels of finance and recession or no recesssion finance 20 provides the necessary discipline to stay on track. However, a MBA with experience is 10 definitely more fetching and hence it may be said that one seeks a job first and enhances his 9: chances of progress by getting a MBA degree after say 2-3 years of experience. 08 (Reply to this comment) :2 (Cancel this reply) 2 (Comment Replies Disabled) P M IS T krishna Rating: Unrated ( Author)

kri sh na at said this on 13 Jan 2010 8:57:30 PM IST 13 sry miss rachna bt i dont hv the same opinion..okk we can get a job by showing our mba Ja degree...but what after that..are we going to work for our whole life with that n increament nothing..because getting job is an another thig but if we want to establish 20 ourselves in the market and get proper career growth we should have the required skills of a 10 manager..thats why doing mba properly is required.. 8: (Reply to this comment) 57 (Cancel this reply) :3 (Comment Replies Disabled) 0 P M IS T ak riti at 19 Unrated ( Author) Ja akriti Rating: said this on 19 Jan 2010 5:40:39 PM IST n 20 i dont think so now a days everyone is runing for an mba so its very difficult for everyone to 10 get a gud job . 5: (Reply to this comment) 40 (Cancel this reply) :3 (Comment Replies Disabled) 9 P M IS T vineeth ramanathan Rating: Unrated ( Author) said this on 10 Dec 2009 7:23:30 PM IST v ii am very much agreeing with this topic becoz in this booming competition no one will go only for n the sake of getting a job e(Reply to this comment) e(Cancel this reply) t(Comment Replies Disabled) h r a

m a n a t h a n a t 1 0 D e c 2 0 0 9 7 : 2 3 : 3 0 P M I S T

priya Rating: Unrated ( Author) said this on 17 Dec 2009 12:15:58 PM IST p rThis view cannot be fully agreed upon. With the current recessions any student will want be iassured of a job.Ensuring whether it is appropriate to what he had studied will not play much bigger role now. As pointed out by rachna people study to get preference while getting jobs. Job y athat has to be done by a B.E student are now also available to an MBA student.When such oppurtunities are given it will be definitely used and hence the students cannot be blamed. So change in the mindset of the employers is needed rather than in the students

a t 1 7 D e c 2 0 0 9 (Reply to this comment) (Cancel this reply) 1 (Comment Replies Disabled) 2 : 1 5 : 5 8 P M I S T

Tusha Rating: Unrated ( Author) said T this on 17 Dec 2009 7:51:39 PM IST Even MBA curriculums have a tinge of job experience in their curriculum as they also think u sstudents should get placed. There should be a change in the mindset of educational institutions to h make the students more competent so that they may get any sector rather than putting a stress aon just getting a job. (Reply to this comment) a(Cancel this reply) t(Comment Replies Disabled) 1 7 D e

c 2 0 0 9 7 : 5 1 : 3 9 P M I S T

mahendra Rating: Unrated ( Author) said this on 23 Dec 2009 9:34:36 AM IST m aYes I will agree with the quatation made. In the present scenario every individual is trying to attain maximum position in the society with maximum salary. He or she is choosing their best h epossible way of gaining such position. Out of which MBA is the major option choosed by so many they have wide range oppurtunities growing in the recent past.I think doing MBA after the n completion of degree is not the right thing with out any experience. d r(Reply to this comment) a(Cancel this reply) (Comment Replies Disabled) a t 2 3 D e c 2 0 0 9

9 : 3 4 : 3 6 A M I S T

Sujitha.S Rating: Unrated ( Author) said this on 25 Dec 2009 12:36:32 PM IST S I u am not agree with this statement because in this present recission everyone want to get job in jgood MNC's with their knowledge.Studies are not important regarding to job.with doing B.Tech ior degree so many are getting jobs in MNC's.After degree only we do MBA.It is one of the texperiance in studies it may be a different subject oppurtuniites are different for MBA. But without MBA also we will get job by using technical and non technical skills. h a(Reply to this comment) .(Cancel this reply) (Comment Replies Disabled) S a t 2 5 D e c 2 0 0 9 1 2 : 3

6 : 3 2 P M I S T

Santosh Kumar Rating: Unrated ( Author) said this on 31 Dec 2009 9:43:46 AM IST S aI totally disagree with this statement because MBA has it's own importance and what ever we learns in MBA will helpful totally in our career. And even it is starting step to start business. It n tteaches many things and even many skills we can acquire through MBA. So we properly utilize MBA , that's more than enough. It will show steps to start your career from starting point. Let's o sus take some personalities as examples. Harsh Boggle he has done MBA through IIMS and how where he is. In his speech he said that what ever i am right now it's all only MBA. So I mean h that it has it's own importance and a gate through to start a business. So i request everyone to utilize this MBA and be one of them in billion persons. K (Reply to this comment) u (Cancel this reply) m a(Comment Replies Disabled) r a t 3 1 D e c 2 0 0 9 9 : 4 3

: 4 6 A M I S T

ajay Rating: Unrated ( Author) said this on 31 Dec 2009 6:22:18 PM IST a jno doubt mba has a great importance which helps us to grow well in our career. but i think its ahelpful if and only if we have a work experience along with it. because only then we can practically implement that. But today students who are going for MBA without exprience do this y only to be more eligible for MNC's.but not with the motive to gain something. a(Reply to this comment) t(Cancel this reply) (Comment Replies Disabled) 3 1 D e c 2 0 0 9 6 : 2 2 : 1 8 P M I S T

s a i f y a t 3 1 D e Unrated ( Author) csaify Rating: said this on 31 Dec 2009 9:13:40 PM IST no 2 idea (Reply to this comment) 0 (Cancel this reply) 0 (Comment Replies Disabled) 9 9 : 1 3 : 4 0 P M I S T

vishal Rating: Unrated ( Author) said this on 04 Jan 2010 10:45:38 AM IST v ii totally agree with the statement. but if u look at the basic view point abt 90% of people believe sa successful person is one who is earning a handsome salary and for that u have to be an mba if u h wanna earn a lot in corporate world. mba is a ticket to enter into corporate world........... a(Reply to this comment) (Cancel this reply)

l a t 0 4 J a n 2 0 1 0 (Comment Replies Disabled) 1 0 : 4 5 : 3 8 A M I S T


58 A M IS T

V a n i t h a a t 0 6 Vanitha Rating: Unrated ( Author) Jsaid this on 06 Jan 2010 10:45:41 AM IST ai do agree with every1 b'z each one has their own perception.. first of al doing mba is to improve n knowledge.. after tat only job .. so many people do mba as a passion ..even though so many our prefer for a job... we should be in a postion to learn and experience everything in our post 2 graducation ... with zero knowledge no companies wil opt us.. so first preference which i give is 0 mba.. and not job.. to 1 (Reply to this comment) 0 (Cancel this reply) (Comment Replies Disabled) 1 0 : 4 5 : 4 1 A M I S T

A l o k M i s h r a a t 1 Alok Mishra Rating: Unrated ( Author) 8 said this on 18 Jan 2010 6:38:04 PM IST JI too have an opinion smililar to miss Rachna. See we get skills from MBA is ok things but thats awhy we get that skill obviously to be a good Coorporate player. SO we can consider MBA as a pavement that leads us to job or entrepreneurship. n (Reply to this comment) (Cancel this reply) 2 (Comment Replies Disabled) 0 1 0 6 : 3 8 : 0 4 P M I S T

sumit mandal Rating: Unrated ( Author) said this on 21 Jan 2010 8:33:41 AM IST s i would like to be unbiased in this.....the reason for my being unbiased is that we all know that

u m i t m a n d a l a t 2 we spend almost 23 yrs of our life studying.....n y do we do this,,,,,so that we can earn some 1 respect in the society for ourselves as well as our its fine that most of the people r opting for mba in todays so called competitive world.....but what i think is that atleast the J engineering students should not opt for mba. why do i say this!!!!!!!!!! it is bcz an engineer a spends nearly 6 yrs of his life goin thru the techi topics n suddenly he diverts himself to a n commerce field which i think is nt a good other words an engineer in such a case becomes a DHOBI KA KUTTA NA GHAR KA NA GHAAT KA........ 2 (Reply to this comment) 0 (Cancel this reply) 1 (Comment Replies Disabled) 0 8 : 3 3 : 4 1 A M I S T

anks Rating: Unrated ( Author) said this on 21 Jan 2010 7:24:51 PM IST a this n statement is true to some extent,but mba is just not made for earning money .there are several examples of students who have done mba and opened their own business,they have left k their fat salaries and took risk of,we cant say mba is just done for getting

s a t 2 1 J a n 2 0 career upliftment. 1 (Reply to this comment) 0 (Cancel this reply) (Comment Replies Disabled) 7 : 2 4 : 5 1 P M I S T

Unrated ( Author) ma mansor Rating: said this on 22 Jan 2010 12:42:28 AM IST ns or i totally agree with anks that mba is not only aticket to enter corporate world bcoz if this is at true then why experienced persons who are still in job bt. still doing mba so it must have 22 something for which companies themselves sponsoring candidates for mba Ja n 20 10 12 :4 2: 28 A


3 "Effect of media?"
sreekanth Rating: Unrated ( Author) ssaid this on 11 Dec 2009 2:02:45 PM IST rIts a good topic.If we are taking a matter there will be boon and bane.The media is helping us in eso many ways it will helps us to know about the news which is farther from us for example if ether any eartquake or etc happens in other countries we ill get its news within 15 that we k ill get warnings to be get ready for a thing.if we are taking the othaer side we can see so amany peoples are spending ther much times in front of the tv,internet etc. (Reply to this comment) n t(Cancel this reply) (Comment Replies Disabled) h a t 1 1 D e c 2 0 0 9 2 : 0 2 : 4 5 P M I S


M Manoj Rating: Unrated ( Author) an said this on 21 Dec 2009 8:47:27 PM IST oj Effect of Media is like a coin having a bad side and good side. It is very good in few terms at like social security, breaking monopoly of Govt. or any private organisation of few 21 commodities, bringing awareness of the rights and duties of citizens, Helps the victims by De encouraging to help public in some cases. But like in some cases like national security this c media trying to show the lacuna of the security system also shows to the world that we as a 20 nation are lacking at these points ( which indirectly helps the terrorists and unfaithful people 09 to the nation also). So, effect of media is good at large and media is serving us the way want 8: the stuff. they are more related with the profit part of theirs so serving the small stories with 47 tags of Breaking news which actually are not of Big interests. So, Media person should also :2 focus on proving the real news and the awareness about the mankind as a whole. 7 (Reply to this comment) P (Cancel this reply) M (Comment Replies Disabled) IS T sangeetha Rating: Unrated ( Author) ssaid this on 19 Dec 2009 4:51:35 PM IST ano comments (Reply to this comment) n (Cancel this reply) g e(Comment Replies Disabled) e t h a a t 1 9 D e c 2 0 0 9

4 : 5 1 : 3 5 P M I S T

Sujitha.S Rating: Unrated ( Author) said this on 25 Dec 2009 12:48:29 PM IST S Now a days media helps more to people like they are helping indirectly to people by informing u jall events before.Like if there is a bandh in a city media may inform one day before to ipeople.with this people must take care.In this way media helps more to people t(Reply to this comment) (Cancel this reply) h a(Comment Replies Disabled) . S a t 2 5 D e c 2 0 0 9 1 2 : 4

8 : 2 9 P M I S T

ani l at Unrated ( Author) 05 anil Rating: said this on 05 Jan 2010 10:24:16 PM IST Ja n ya u ofcourse right..... but frnd media too god certain disadvantages lik,, many uses in a diff 20 way , mostly what u said of informin certain events like some strikes n bandhs in city ,,, but i 10 guess media add little ... not little more spicy to d information and makes d viewers to turn to 10 a off side :2 (Reply to this comment) 4: (Cancel this reply) 16 (Comment Replies Disabled) P M IS T sahil bansal Rating: Unrated ( Author) said this on 25 Dec 2009 3:42:35 PM IST s aMedia serves us with the latest news.. whatz going around us- good or bad. Whatz the latest news. Whatever happens in world we get to know in just few minutes.. It gets us updated about h ieach and every sector. if any calamity happens in country or in any part of world..we are well laware of it. But some news channels are just running for their own profits.. If they don't have any good news then they start showing fake news or irrelevant topics just to increase their TRP. They should keep it in mind that any fake news can create a big chaos and also can derail our b ayouth and we should only watch good news channels like BBC, AAJ TAK, CNBC. (Reply to this comment) n s(Cancel this reply) a(Comment Replies Disabled) l a t

2 5 D e c 2 0 0 9 3 : 4 2 : 3 5 P M I S T

Tito Rating: Unrated ( Author) said this on 13 Jan 2010 10:37:22 AM IST T iStanding in the 21st century even a pin drop can be heard and viewed a thousand miles away, tthanks to the media. This is a coin with two faces. The media does inform people about the governments, prevents its monopoly, gives us news about distant parts spreads awareness like in o case of polio, AIDS, helps bring justice to people, etc yet some times for the profit of respective acompanies they do add a bit too much to their stories, shows lacklustre condition of our security tsystem, or too much of the personal lives of celebrities, etc. Media like the internet or the TV are also helpful for studies Thus over all we find it helpful. In short our hunger for knowledge is to a large extent doused by media, we cant think of life without it! 1 (Reply to this comment) 3 (Cancel this reply) J(Comment Replies Disabled) a n 2 0

1 0 1 0 : 3 7 : 2 2 A M I S T

moolikavitha Rating: Unrated ( Author) said this on 13 Jan 2010 9:18:32 PM IST m yes o i agree with all media is like a coin having good and bad. Its very useful in breaking monopoly, social security nd awareness to the people about government nd diseases. But they o lare more related with the profit part nd show the fake news! i(Reply to this comment) (Cancel this reply) k a(Comment Replies Disabled) v i t h a a t 1 3 J a n 2 0 1

0 9 : 1 8 : 3 2 P M I S T

neha Rating: Unrated ( Author) said this on 15 Jan 2010 6:38:04 PM IST n emedia is a undoubtly important part of our keeps us familier with wats happening around.many cases helps people to get we can see in ruchika should be h aawarded for the re-opening of case and proceddings of court.but in many cases just to make a story look more appealing they use background music,many sounds and the list continues....... aand make a serious issue into a amusing one.but we should not forget after all its a business for tthem they will want more and more people to see their channel. and we also need some break from our mundane life. 1 5 J a n 2 0 1 0 6 : 3 8 : 0 4


4 Terror Threat form Bangladesh- effect on bilateral relations
India played a central role in the independence of Bangladesh. In 1972, both countries signed a Treaty of Friendship and Peace. Bangladesh’s Mainstream party Awami League is generally considered to be friendly towards India. As both countries agreed to jointly fight terrorism. Terror activities by the outfits of Banga Senaand Harkat-ul-jhad-al Islami effecting our nation. The Sharing of Gnages Waters as also a matter of dispute.

5 Influence of media on voters
Telecasting poll - related programmes like interviews, discussions and poll analysis and surveys could influence voters. Do you think these programmes including animations ones also must be barred before few months of elections.

6 Do you think Political leaders money distribution tactics would bring triumph
Reports say of many new and benami accounts popping up which are being used by candidates to transfer money to their constituencies. In some cases candidates are asking businessmen to pay the formers, supports and collect the money with interest after the elections.


Ragging menace

At several colleges, ragging has become a big menace. In spite of being banned why does it continue to exist? Why has students who have been apparently educated for many years in schools resorting to such inhuman practices?

Job generation - a serious issue
Employment generations is in economic hit. In future there is a sharp fll of 49 percent in job generation. Job creation across the various industries has been synchronizing.


Overflowing of drainages
• • • • By Moderator .. Published 12/7/2009 Current GD Topics Rating: Unrated

Overflowing of drainages
It should be avoided only by the collective effort of public and municipal officials. Damaged pipelines and negligence of municipal authorities could cause a major threat in monsoon season. Because of the overlook of officials sewage water overflows on the main road at many places.

• UnCredibility of ATMs - common people suffers In this speedy era.. instead of spending more time at banks we can simply draw money with the help of ATMs. Thanks to technology. But now.. some ATMs creating terror in the hearts

of customers. Yes this is fact.. When a person at Hyderabad tried to withdraw cash.. ATM didn’t responded for the transaction but it delivered a bill and money was debited from account. Sankara Narayanan Rating: Unrated ( Author) said this on 27 Jan 2010 2:44:11 AM IST S Technology has its own merits and limitations. There r few instances where we find a ATM s failing to work; but, from a wider point of view, internet banking has offered n variety of luxuries to its customers. " core banking" technology has made banking k operations feasible in no time. i think the need of the hour is not to blame the a technology for its malfunctioning; but to look into the "minute" problems that occur r and try to get them right. a


N a r a As y a business person we have to know making the best way of any situation. This recession period also a chance for a person who want to a start a new business. This n time creates an opportunity in all spheres. Real boom came down and the a prices are on a surge, manpower availability has improved, equipment n also at better commercial terms.

Do you think economic crisis is the best time to start a business

a t 2 7 J a n 2 0 1 0 2 : 4 4 :

1 1 A M I S T

12 Police harassments
We may proudly say that the Police man is a person who saves our life . A brave heart is a great personlity, who sacrifice their life to cost our lives. But now a days.. brutal activities of police coming into limelight. In some remote areas tribal and poor were forcibly taken to police stations and allegedly tortured by police.

13 What could be done to prevent Sea terror
The terror attacks in Mumbai shows there is a possibility of the similar attacks on our country. Through sea route, terrorist could enter into our land. To counter threats, our naval force have to play significant role. Introducing new ships, weapons should be done quickly. Costal security would be strengthen soon.

14 IITians in crisis
IITians, as soon as they completed their course.. corporate companies waiting to recruit them with a garland. Those golden days are gone. Now prestigious

IIT students are still waiting for companies to recruit them. Companies claim that they does not have enough projects to recruit number of students.

15 Do you think protests should be staged in decent manner
Protests must staged in more practical and educative manner. Protesters following an extreme methods like using underwears to express their protest. Instead of using these idiotic tactics they could ensure various other ways in which a decent protest could be staged.

16 What could be done to control food crisis
Global food crisis is on its height. With the financial crisis it is rapidly increasing. Even though Poor families spending half of their family budget to food grains they yet to have sufficient food. Developing countries like India food crisis was most acute.

17 Life in danger - Passengers traveling on footboard
The city passengers lives in danger. They are facing difficulties with non availability of buses. Even the school children travel on the footboard on RTC buses.

The most reputed and stable financial institutions of America have collapsed. This incident effected economy globally. Merrill Lynch, Lehman Brothers, American International Group AIG have gone in financial crisis.

19 Effective Steps to remove our poverty

To make Our India economically rich first thing which we have to do is, bringing back India black money stashed in foreign banks. If the Million crores dollars which stashed in overseas banks was retrieved it would be help in promoting the development of our country.


What could be done to prevent acid attacks
What ever the reason could be Acid throwing cases are constantly increasing in this days. Recently a trader sprayed acid on Judge in Andhara pradesh.

21 Ban on corporal punishment
Corporate teaches should realise that slow learning is one of the attitudes of children. Untill the primary corporate education system strengthen this type of incidents would continue to happen. The government should reform the Corporate education system as soon as possible.

22 The situation in Pakistan and Afghanistan forcing America to move closely with India
America, most probably in recent days advancing its relations ship with India. As a part of wide ranging diplomatic agenda and to tackle terrorism form Pak based Taliban United States improving its diplomatic relations with India.

23 Do you think Pak would take strict action against Taliban
Present situation justifying the comment but Pakistan, who bow down in front of Taliban should never have such stamina to smash away Taliban. Pressure

coming form International community especially from America have been forcing Act like that. But this action would be permanent and soon after Pak reveals its reality.

Increasing Recruiting scams creating a panic among Job seekers. This time, because of recession there is no projects for bigger firms then how can small firms would provide an opportunity to unemployees.

25 Satyam issue - is the phase of uncertainty over
Following the Satyam take over, tech Mahindra has receiving many new clients with multi million dollar contracts. Tech Mahindra working With the focus on retention Satyam’s bench strength by absorbing them in various projects.

26 Hygiene problem in star restaurants
Do you think restaurants with its star dignity really maintaining hygiene. A survey by health ministry show that, most of all the eating joints should not maintain good hygienic standards in their kitchen, dining hall, and storerooms.

27 Increasing advertisement - necessity of broad costing code in India
The broadcasting code in Britain should never allow the product promotion in television programmes. Like that India should issue a broadcasting code and the prominence should given to the programmes.


Recession effect - increasing unemployment rate in US
Economic melt down hits the state’s revenues and unemployment rate increasing rapidly in the State of California. Recession badly damaging the lively hood of people in US. Do you think this climate could effect the economy of third world countries?

29 Airborne Early Warning And Control System - Eye in the sky
India became the first country in South Asia to own an Airborne Early Warning and Control System (AWACS) with the Israeli made airbase on the country’s western coast. It would provide our means to keep a tab on enemy aircraft, missiles taking off form the border and alerting response defensive systems is its primary work. The AWACS would provide to track incoming missiles and look deep into the neighboring countries under all weather conditions.

30 Safety measures - speed governors on school buses
It is very unfortunate to hear that Managements of several schools refusing to fit speed governors on school buses. Ignoring the safety of students. The transport department should take strict action and would seize school buses if speed governors are not installed before the start of academic year.

31 Poverty Vs food law
Central government proposes to enact National food security act. It will provide food security for all. Every poor family will get 25 kgs of rice or wheat per month at Rs. 3 per kilogram. It definitely helpful to the poor. But there is an argument that, helping poor could increase lazy ness that would ruin their lives in long run. Do you agree with this comment.


Indo - Pak relations
The citizens militia in Pakistan has occupied three of the villages. It is trying to push Taliban out. Tribesman standing against the militants. Do you think it is something that very positive action. Would it improve the Indo-Pak relations.

33 Should girls have a share in Vedic studies
In these modern days women are barred form Vedic studies. Despite the apparent growth in knowledge level, number of girls are not coming forward to peruse Vedic studies. We should work collectively to eliminate this myth about gender bias and the Vedas.

34 Sensex speculations - investors dilemma
Sensex speculations throwing investors into a dilemma. The sensex goes up and down in a day. If there is a sharp correction in the morning, that will followed by a bounce back in the afternoon.

35 Do you think fresh money will support the market
Fresh money comes when the sensex touches bull run. But in this speculation where will the support come from?

36 Do you think Pakistan is our unhappy neighbour
Yes. Pak is our unhappy neighbour. Pakistan, which allowed terrorism to grow has itself become its biggest victim. So India has to be on high alert all the time.


Racism Row
Indians contribute a substantial amount to the Australia’s economy and it is the responsibility of the Australian government to protect Indians. Australians and their government should understand this point.

• U

Should the public sector be privatized?
Replies: Posted By: meenakshisekar Yes of course privatization of public sectors leads to some healthy changes in an org. b's when you take public sectors u can find some slackness (or a little bit) delay in their services. But in case of private since service is there first and foremost duty they act rapidly. Posted By: ssrkraju Hi All, Privatization of public sector. Lot depends of which sector we are talking about. Let me clarify few doubts in the primary stage. Can we expect all private hospitals in our cities in our town which do not have an entry for poor people, can we have only private sector telephone companies, can we have private companies have complete control on oil reserves, can we have all transport be provided by private sector and RTC vanishes, can we expect an private sector to take care of our defense. In the same way we cant expect the government to set up an IT industry on its own, we cant expect them to handle all the load of flight transport. My point over here is both are not mutually exclusive. We need to accept the fact that both are here to stay and we cannot make it without one. They do have their importance and we need to deal this issue according to the context. There are some strategic sectors, which need to be under control of Indian government like oil/gas sector. The subsidy we enjoy will be never provided by a private sector. The government in this case helps its citizens to a great extent and making them available to its citizens. The ration card system is a great boon to the poor. Coming to some sectors like steel and mobile where both are present and a healthy competition among them always benefits the customers. It is also a point to be noted that Government itself cannot take the complete load just like it cant take the load of all flight customers where private sector is playing its helping role. Then there is education sector, which also has good competition with CBSE matching with any education system of either state syllabus or the schools coming up with their own syllabus. The public transport sector too is a mix of public and private and here you can see a striking difference. You can easily differentiate the profit motive of private personal whose salaries depend on the profit to their owner. In autos you can see some 6-8 people are dumped then starts the engine. I do

accept that some services are best in private sector as they fear their job loss and their owners do get the best out of them by making them to work more no. Of hours. The lazy mindset of some public sector could be taken into account to convert it to a private sector. I would like to suggest that counseling sessions for these to have a better future by working for the organization would help it to grow better and be under the public sector umbrella. We can take some examples by some of our previous strategies, which helped us to renovate dull companies, which lacked in performance. If a private individual is going to buy the company and could change its fortunes, why can't the public government do it? It can. Running away from a trouble is not a solution. Facing it head-on will produce better results. Posted By: mallika_pillai I totally agree with Mr.ssrkraju.... As he said it depends on which sector we are talking about. And both have a different importance of their own. Privatization has its own proms and public sector have their own. I think both needs to be there as far today’s development is concerned. Taking the view it is right that the work at public sectors is not working the way it should. But if everyone understands the responsibilities then it can also work the same way as private sectors. Again I think for some sectors it is ok otherwise it should be done by the respected ones itself...

39 Love marriage/Arranged marriage.

Posted By: pooja
Hello friends, According to me arrange marriages are better if we consider there will be 99% success in arrange marriages there will be more mutual understanding in between both of them. And the foremost thing is that there will be support of our parents. Most of the love marriages are unsuccessful so according to me arrange marriages are best.

Posted By: meenakshisekar
What pooja says is absolutely correct When u get a new bond through arranged marriage naturally there arises a demand for mutual understanding b's when u are entirely new to a group of people u will try to know people their likes, dislikes hence u will become more flexible and u could win their hearts so that in a difficult situation u'll get everybody’s help.

Posted By: sowmya571

Well success of BOTH marriages depends on our self basically. If u finds a person whom u can feel comfortable to live with, be happy and secure in their presence then whatever love/arranged our marriage will be successful If LOVE marriage we tend to know ab them before itself and then start thinking of getting married. Well Love marriages fail because people tend to find faults in others /lack of understanding. Whatever but there also cases where relationship is maintained in wonderful manner In arranged marriage it becomes an obligation to live with the person. Adjust with them thru out our life n parents do help /guide us if therez a problem. Thatz the major difference Well in both cases for a relationship to be healthy Understanding /Love /affection/ adjustment/ Responsibility is necessary ... above all Parents who don’t agree for love marriage basically want us to be in better position /live happily. Considering /respecting them is also equally important.

Posted By: deeptisehgal
Hi all I feel in a love marriage you enter with a lot of expectations where these expectations have already reached a level and then you start expecting more than that. But in an arranged marriage you have the expectations but there is no particular level already set. You set those levels after marriage. I would rather say that there is no guarantee for any type of marrige. Even an arranged marriage might fail and love marriage be a hit or vice versa. According to me what one needs to be focused upon is the level of understanding between the two whether it be a love marriage or arranged marrige. Of course other parameters do affect apart understanding. It should be a matter of personal choice rather than a matter of debate.

Posted By: vikas_lion123
As pooja and meenakshisekar said that love marriages don't last long and arranged marriages last longer I don't agree to this statement rather I would like to say that the success of a marriage is strongly dependent on the mutual understanding between the two persons as sowmya571 said, it depends on the compatibility of the two persons how well they can adjust with each other how much do they care about each other. What pooja and meenakshiskar is saying is based on the success of the arranged marriages is because of what seems from the outside that they are together, but in many cases its only the mutual adjustment and because they are ready from the first day to adjust with the other person and not understand them and end up there life in doing so. The most important aspect is here to be compatible as this enhances the outcome And lastly we have our responsibilities towards our parents so the marriage should be agreed by them and the compatibility of two persons who have to spend the life together should also be kept in mind,u can also consider this compatibility as love also.

So what I can conclude on my side is that those one, which is love, and are then arranged

40 ” Effect Of Western Culture On Indian Youth "

Posted By: pavani
How there is head and tail for a coin, there is both positive and negative impact of western culture on India and especially on Indian youth, In past in India men were our traditional dresses, but now it is entirely changed, now the Indian youth moving with jeans, t-shirts, minis, micros, etc., here we can proud of that western culture, it bringing us with the fast moving world. But when we consider the pubs, it is the thing to be strictly punished. In pubs both men and women are in drastic stage, by taking drugs, it should be punished. And we need to felt sorry for that. And there r many things to be taken from the western culture.

Posted By: navedkhan05

Posted By: ulty
I Strongly believe that there is a substantial influence of western culture on Indian youths. Mere mention of the word 'India' signifies a place of cultural heritage as well as diversity. But the cultural legacy that we are showing to the whole world is becoming a thing of history in metropolitan cities. On one side we enjoy our so-called rich culture and really admire it but on the other side we find discotheques full of young guys and girls. Secondly, Joint family tradition; one of the biggest assets of India is now vanishing under the shadow of the so-called western culture. Nuclear families are taking place of many years' old values. Youth of today is more interested in their privacy rather than enjoying their lives with others. Individualization has broken up the joint family system, paving way for the youth to fall prey to drug addiction. This stage is the most vulnerable period of life where the youth need guidance, counseling, education and care by parents.

So how did we get part of their culture over here, you ask, their culture has become over popularized here, through electronic media that everyone wants to be just like them. Because of that India has lost her identity from all other countries. We’ve now become a copy – cat to all other nations and we may lose our individuality. The reason is because, we want another image, we don’t want to be the olden – day - traditional country, which still hasn’t become the so called ‘modern’, even in the 21st century. We don’t want to look like imposters to all other well – developed countries. If you have ever thought of that, erase that thought because the image we’ve got planted in our minds is terribly wrong. India is not an imposter to other nations, it never has been, but will if the people of today continue to do everything they see on cable TV. India is an independent country now and has been for a while, with no such problems. The reason behind that is because our ancestors fought for us, so that we could have a future in our own way, not with any other way, which we are not used to. I’m not saying that India should stop everything they’ve learnt from western countries, but to have some individuality from other nations and to set an example to the other 3rd world countries and give out the message that there are other nations to set an example on. So, for the people who fought for us, for India to keep her dignity and to be a leader to other countries, we the people of today must be our own country and not be some other country, which we’re not. Everyone is his or her own countryman - why can’t we be our own as well?

41 Foreign Television Channels are destroying our culture
Replies: Posted By: Roopa Foreign Television channels are destroying our culture In my opinion as the coin has too sides ... this topic is also having both advantages and disadvantages. Coming to advantages some of the foreign channels like BBC, Discovery, National Geography, Animal Planet, BSNC, Star sports, Ten sports... are very much useful to us to update our knowledge. And the technology used by these channels is excellent. But coming to the disadvantages of course there are some channels, which destroys our Indian culture. All it depends on our mind set. If we use those channels in right way they will be useful to us. If we use in wrong way it creates bad impact on our culture. Posted By: faraz Yes, I believe all in all the foreign TV are destroying our culture. We have a rich and diverse culture. But, western culture doesn't have such values and social esteem. They have a totally different mindset as they leave the child once his 10-12 yr old. They are spoiling the values and social fabric of Indians. Posted By: chris_ti_na1234 I feel that foreign channels are destroying our culture to a certain extend. But I feel Indians are people who are much on a positive side. If only the right aspect of the channel that is right content is perceived then it won’t do much harm. To be very practical ban on foreign channels is absurd, but a controlled telecast can be done. As Indian audiences are usually family, I feel that those programs that suit a family could be telecasted. Various channels of educational importance like discovery and national geographic are worth watching by Indians. I would like to raise a question whether Indian channels are promoting Indian culture. I think at first a proper rule should be made for the controlled telecast of visual media whether it is Indian channel or foreign Posted By: Rena HI,

India is known and it is outstanding from other company’s bcoz of its culture. Still it is known for its culture. Television is a form of media to create awareness among people and to entertain people. According to me, nothing is affecting our culture. Nobody is responsible for that. Each individual is responsible for his or her success or failure. SO foreign channels r not affecting our culture. Not only television, all the available sources will be a favor or against to us in the way of utilization. If u looks at it in wrong manner, it is against and vice versa. There r many channels such as BBC, DISCOVERY, STAR SPORTS, ESPN, STAR NEWS and many channels which gives us a high standard and gives the information about the nook and corner. But if we think that foreign channels are affecting our culture, then not only foreign channels, Indian channels are also affecting our culture. And it is wrong only if Indian channels affect our culture. Culture is not in the way of dressing and culture is not fashion. It is the behavior, manner etc. So according to me, all depends on the way in which we take. So if u watch the channel in a wrong way, then surely it will destroy-not our culture, it will destroy u.

42 What you prefer Development side or ITES/BPO. WHY?
Replies: Posted By: keerthi Hello every body, As per my background and subject I will choose a job on development side only. The reason is quiet clear that I would always prefer work on a platform where I can implement the subject which I learnt. This would obviously give a job satisfaction. On the other hand if we consider BPOS/ITES jobs most of them demand a voice based service or giving replies to foreign customers on phones, etc. For these jobs I think there is no area where we can work on our subject. I don’t get a chance to implement or improve my skills. Well I know very little about ITES/BPO jobs. May be I having a BIASED view about them. SO FRIENDS please I request every one of u to post their own opinions on this topic. No matter if it is a small sentence just post ur ideas that not only improves your skills but also increases ur thought process. I expect more replies from u Posted By: keerthi Hello friends This a kind of MOCK GD, and I hope we wont get this opportunity any where else unless we pay something. As our moderator asserts, here there is no one to comment on u. Even if some one comments just ignore them. If the same topic is given in real GD it will be very easy to participate, and this obviously increases ur confidence level.

And one more point to note is we can get more points on the topic only when all of us express our views. In most of the GD's the interviewers expect us to atleast speak a few words, no matter how much it contributes to the discussion. Infact they see our body language, behavior, etc. SO I request all of u to actively participate in this and utilize this to maximum extent. Posted By: meenakshisekar Hi all As I’m doing my engineering I wud undoubtedly choose development side b's I like to work in an area that well develops my knowledge in my domain and moreover I like to face challenges. Reg ITES. I think now-a -daz for doing these jobs just any graduation is enough and in those sectors unless we are put in a company that gives weight age to technical skills there u’ll not be able to expose or develop ur technical skills. Acc. to me any job that I do must provoke my knowledge and make me able to perform as efficient as much.

43 US war on Iraq-justified or not
Replies: Posted By: ssrkraju Hi All, When we talk of US war, we have to take two dimensions of it. The war itself and the stage later. US war on Iraq was based on the reason of "Weapons of Mass Destruction" which couldn't be found. The heinous killing of thousands and torture to millions by Saddam Hussain and his sons is highly notorious. One has to punish them to death to retain humanity in this world. The ghastly incidents of killings shown in TV's in the early war days do show the barbaric nature of Saddam. If you can remember in one of the incident young boys in their placing bombs in their pockets with their mouth and hands tied killed twenties. In one of the evacuation process, some thousands of skeletons were found showing mass killings using mass of weapons of mass destruction. The war taking lives of Saddam Hussain sons is a great achievement and seizing of power from the dictator is quite appreciable. The other dimension is the suffering that is still borne by the citizens. The war on Iraq could be won with little resistance was a known fact. The American power was on show during the war but killing of innocent civilians is not an acceptable fact. No one can justify the death of even one person for no reason or mistake of him. The plight of the civilians during the war is more pathetic with no security and basic amenities. Loyalists of Saddam created much furor in the region to make things just worse but the fall of Saddam was celebrated all over. The task of America then was to restore peace and rebuilt the nation with a constructive government and

leaves the place as early as possible. Their return delayed and trouble mounted day by day to a situation, which is getting worse as days are passing by. Posted By: rajapattanayak Hi everybody... I don't think US war against Iraq was right. Every country has their own issues but if the country like US always does the same like in Iraq then the world is going to be hell. I am not in favor of Saddam but it is the internal issue of Iraq. Who gives the power and rights to US for a war to solve the problem by killing innocent peoples? UN is there. Did US take the confidence of UN before the war? NO..... Till now US army can't find any Weapons of Mass Destruction. So what’s the purpose of that war then? In my opinion J.Bush only wanted the revenge. That’s all…since the work, which he has done for the peace of Iraq people, could be possible by UN and international committee. Posted By: sowmya571 Hello US war on Iraq-justified or not. Well COMPLETELY its A war on TERRORISM. We don’t have any right to kill innocent people for somebody else. ITS NOT JUSTIFIED. Simply Saddam should be punished for the way he ruled Iraq, killing many people. Today his situation is pathetic in USA. No one is saying to reuse him rather than PUNISH him. USA has destructed completely the PEOPLE, RESOURCES, LOOTED EVERYTHING infact. IT EASY TO KILL BUT VERY DIFFICULT TO MAKE A LIFE, which these mindless people will never know Posted By: meera The war on Iraq by US is inhuman activity. Many innocent people have lost their life due to the outbreak of the war. The attitude of US must have been to save the life of people from the clutches of saddam and his son. But the citizens of Iraq were the one who were mainly affected by the out cause of this war. As US is a powerful country with huge weapons, no other country can sustain before it. This can happen to any country tomorrow .So it is in the hands of we people to protest against this inhuman activity. Posted By: sandyhunter The only thing good from the war was the ousting of Saddam, but this could have been done without making such a big Hoopla out of it all. The way the war was carried out is totally unacceptable. Saddam had to be ousted for he was an inhuman dictator. Everything he has done is totally heinous from the invasion of Kuwait to the genocides perpetrated against his people. This victory of US was celebrated everywhere, though his policies will be denounced forever. But, the war raged by US was redundant, with unnecessary show of power. It is kind of a tradition for the American presidents to show off. From the world war-2 till the present day. The main objective of the US, which is pretty much obvious, was to fulfill its desire of controlling the oil resources in the Middle East, as there is a

very high demand of oil in both the US and the European countries. It was a mere exploitation of the helpless people of Iraq. In my opinion the motive behind the war can also be collated with the 9/11.The whole scenario of 9/11 was very humiliating for the bush government. It had exposed major breach in the security and the failure on part of the government and the CIA. It had bruised the reputation of the country's very powerful history. To my knowledge that was the only such incident in the history of US where a terrorist group, and that did such great magnitude of damage ironically happened in bush's tenure. So to clear that humiliating blemish on him the Bush administration launched the war against Iraq in the disguise of war against terrorism, after it's unsuccessful operation in Afghanistan to capture bin. Hence the excess shows of power to remind the world of its supremacy. So the war in Iraq is not justified and not at all at the cost of so many valuable human lives lost and the permanent damage done to the surviving desperate people who's lives have become even more pathetic after the war.


Education in India-or the lack of it.
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Education in India-or the lack of it.
Posted By: pooja
Hello Friends, Today’s education system in India has developed a lot and according to me India’s education system is top most among all over the world. But in spite of this there are many people who are illiterate because of poverty many parents want to send their children but they are not able to because of such high school's fees so govt of India should introduce a rule such that they provide proper education to the children who are below poverty line. Even Big voluntary organizations can come forward and can help them making each and every child to be educated and developing our country...

Posted By: raghu
Hello, Education is an important aspect, which can decide the country's future. If the literacy in the country increases, obviously the Economy gets improved. It's better to know that the Govt. is coming up with midday meal schemes, but this alone is not sufficient to overcome the poverty or help the poor children. I suggest that the Govt. has to request the corporate companies and Private schools to help the poor children. And it's the responsibility of each and every individual

to look after the poor children for a better future of that country. One can also help the poor children by sharing the knowledge like teaching a subject once in a week or twice in a week in Govt schools. This can help in building a bright future for that country.

Posted By: keerthi
Hello every body, Yes education in India has developed a lot. In olden days only few people in a family were educated and girls were not allowed to go to schools. But now the TREND is something different, there is no difference between a girl and a boy at any aspect. But still our India in not 100% literate. This is mainly due to the poverty existing in India. Coming to the education system in India it is memory based education but not activity based. As a result there are very less people with good skills and leadership qualities. I think schools in India both public and private must give some importance to activity-based education also. Instead of leaving the responsibilities to government in order to educate the poor children the private voluntary bodies has to come up, and the role of youth is very important here. As raghu said one can help the poor by sharing the knowledge with them.

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Indian villages-our strength or our weakness?
Replies: Posted By: ssrkraju Hi All, Indian Villages - The name itself brings in a lot of happiness and fun-filled memories. The place where we can smell the land, we can see all-round greenery and peace far away from the chaos and hustle life of cities. The calmness and serenity of the atmosphere sends is in itself a positive outlook. Village is the place where our daily rice/wheat comes from. It is the place where our daily commodities like sugar, honey, tea, coffee, milk, oil, wood, etc comes from. The list is endless. The credit for ecological balance also goes for the villages where the trees take care of the pollution that we create in cities. The term village itself signifies Strength. It is truly termed as the backbone of India. A developed India need not abolish its villages. The cities and villages have to go hand in hand to achieve considerable progress. The GDP growth where other sectors are scoring more is due to the fact that they have been stressed more and more amount of inputs are being diverted to these sectors. Consider 1960's where the green revolution has provided India with enough food stocks that it could even export food. It could be a pathetic stage for a country like India to import food for its citizens. We still do remember the Bengal's starving

where thousands of people died lack of food. India may grow be leaps and bounds in IT; Industrial, and other sectors in cities but Villages are going to stay as a major strength for any developing country like India. Posted By: sowmya571 Hello Indian villages-our strength or our weakness? Well they are strength to our nation 1 it contribute to POLITICS 2 They bring AGRICULTURE to maximum level 3 They also do revolutions when things get complicated infact necessary for our nation Well things shud be changed a lot Posted By: sidhu Indian villages-our strength or our weakness? Hi friends, Yes I agree with soumya to say that Indian villages are strength rather then weakness, even though our country developing in sectors like science & technology but At the same time we have to agree that our economy depends a lot upon agriculture sector, which is in turn, depends upon village farmers. Indian villages are existing still b'coz of their great tradition & values, even though there is lack of infrastructure for the farmer to farm agriculture land still they are growing seeds in their land due to their great will power which makes feel India to be a proud nation. So friends I m very happy to say that Indian villages are strength to the nation. Posted By: dpak Hi people, Indian villages are our strength, bcoz they contribute the maximum for our agricultural sector as pointed out by soumya and sidhu. But I would like to add by saying, most of our Indian population (more than 70%)lie in the villages.lately, these people are moving into the cities to find jobs and for a better living and end up in slums. Therefore I feel the government shud develop the rural areas (other than agriculture) and provide more job opportunities to them, so that they could be stopped from migrating into the cities (and eventually end up in slums-which has to be eradicated from he cities). Moreover, this way they can utilize the population of the villages to develop their own villages and hence also our economy. It’s high time our villages are developed!!!! Posted By: satyadev I too agree what my friends told... Villages are the Core Parts to India, In all aspects People in Villages are contributing for Nations Health and wealth, Agriculture ...Handicrafts...etc

We have to support the People in Indian Villages for their growth our Nations economy, by providing all the facilities for their work. Posted By: rhea As most of my friends have mentioned here that villages are undoubtedly the strength of the nation I like to add few points here that as the bricks, though too small, form the base of a huge structure, the villages are also the backbone of the economy, politics, and population of a country. And when it comes to a country like India whose economy even today, largely depends on agriculture we cannot deny the contribution of the Indian villages. Moreover the small scale industries, handicrafts take an important role in the growth of the economy. Event though we have become strong in technology we cannot deny the manpower which comes from the large population of the villages. The concentrated population in Indian villages determines largely the fate of Indian politics. So I must conclude that we should take care to strengthen our this strength by providing proper education, healthcare, awareness, and required help in other sectors. Posted By: cishawsharma Obviously our villages are our strength. But we are unable to recognize the importance of our villages. Our villages are the hubs of our nations economy. And our culture and heritage is our village. But due to some climatic conditions some of our villages are still poor and economically backward. New technology must be introduced into our villages. The most serene and beautiful places in our country are only villages not cities.

ranjan Rating: Unrated ( Author) said this on 20 Sep 2007 3:05:17 AM IST r yes this one is the very nice topic today the the indian villagers are became the a back bone of the country due to agriculture n (Reply to this comment) j (Cancel this reply) a n (Comment Replies Disabled) a t 2 0 S e p 2 0

0 7 3 : 0 5 : 1 7 A M I S T

nikhil mittal Rating: Unrated ( Author) said this on 05 Dec 2007 6:29:46 AM IST n yes, i agree with Sidhu that our villages r our strength and we shuld take care of it. i (Reply to this comment) k (Cancel this reply) h i(Comment Replies Disabled) l m i t t a l a t 0 5 D

e c 2 0 0 7 6 : 2 9 : 4 6 A M I S T

rahul PAREEK Rating: Unrated ( Author) said this on 23 Feb 2008 10:56:45 AM IST r hi, i travelled , village afetr village, understanding them... asked them if they hedge a their produce or go for arbitrage? they looked as if i m speking hebrew, the prob h boils down again to age old probs of education, health, and exposue. i hope u someones listening. l (Reply to this comment) (Cancel this reply) P A (Comment Replies Disabled) R E E K a t

2 3 F e b 2 0 0 8 1 0 : 5 6 : 4 5 A M I S T

SADHNA Rating: Unrated ( Author) said this on 27 Jul 2008 1:45:37 PM IST S yes.........our villages are our strength.....if we think deeply we will find that A normally all our basic needs are fullfilled through villages only.........let it be D food,clothing or adobe...milk which is the strength of almost all the human beings is H also mostly taken from villages only...we can say that villages are our heritage n we N can not satnd without them in india....without them india will be handicapped,they A form essential part of our country...villagers are more concerned for the environment to be healthy and green,here we can take the example of "CHIPKU a MOVEMENT" t (Reply to this comment) (Cancel this reply) 2

7 J u l 2 0 0 8 1 (Comment Replies Disabled) : 4 5 : 3 7 P M I S T

Ramesh Singh Rating: Unrated ( Author) said this on 24 Aug 2009 5:59:02 AM IST R Our India has 2nd highest human resources, 70% population lives in villages, they a have agriculture work maximum for 180 days, modern technique is utilization only m 6%, where as in developed nations it is around 66% in order to make our villages as e our strength we have to work in these areas and take out reins from politicians, we s have seen what they have done to our villages. h (Reply to this comment) (Cancel this reply) S i(Comment Replies Disabled) n g h

a t 2 4 A u g 2 0 0 9 5 : 5 9 : 0 2 A M I S T

Khushbu Rating: Unrated ( Author) said this on 22 Jan 2010 8:01:25 AM IST K i concur with ramesh views most of our indian villages is still backward...there s no h higher educational facilities not well equipped hospitalisation facilities the future of u villages children s really dump which 2day marked our indian villages as a sign of s bigest hindrance n d way of development.therefore, first of al we hve 2 modernize h dis areas aftr dat we can freely says villages=strength,a plac of our ancestrors and b b proud to b an indian where both cities &villages go hand n hand & both plays a u vital rol n our developmnt proces a

t 2 2 J a n 2 0 1 0 8 : 0 1 : 2 5 A M I S T

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Indian customs-are we in a time warp?
REPLIES : Posted By: ssrkraju Hi All, When we talk of Indian Customs, we need to broaden our mind. Dowry, Sati, Child Marriage, etc are not the only Indian customs. It is an Indian custom which says Respect Elders, Respect Teachers, Parents are the first Teachers, Honor your guests, Dress traditionally according to situation, strive for excellence, etc. These are also part of our custom. The point here is we generally follow those customary aspects, which give benefit in a simple way like

dowry. Our custom also says that treat your spouse as your better half. Why is this factor missing? Our custom also gives us some responsibility. I do agree that Dowry, child marriage, sati etc in any form should be avoided. They still exist in the present society due to ignorance of people and all those around who choose to be mute spectators. Child marriage is generally done due to the attitude of poor parents who want to let off the socalled burden on them. Effective education of children in this society is very important in dealing with these incidents. We cannot get a readymade solution for this; it takes some time to get to the future void of these stray incidents. Consider for example the bizarre incidents of US students open fires in schools or cafeteria in today's news - is it US custom. No! Custom should not be made responsible for these stray incidents. It is our responsibility as a citizen of India to project our customs and traditions in positive light and should always work to clean out some out-dated customs. Posted By: cishawsharma This is due to lack of knowledge and lack of exposure to the world.And there might be due to the fact that they have to respect their tradition and customs.But the bottom line is due to lack of knowledge and exposure. •

Saritha Rating: Unrated ( Author) said this on 12 Oct 2007 5:52:41 AM IST S Hi everybody Now a days Dowry has become a fashion for the rich people due to a their ignorance and love for their children. They are comparing with the other r parents and their status. Though it is a custom it should not exceed the purpose. In i this generation women are earning their livelihood by doing the jobs. They are t equally participating in running the house. Then what is the need for the dowry? h She is performing her duty in many things such as after leaving from the job she a looks after her house satisfying all the needs. She cooks, looks after her children and many more things. In my view this dowry system should be removed. If we a take step towards this then it automatically disappears. t (Reply to this comment) (Cancel this reply) 1 2 (Comment Replies Disabled) O c t 2

0 0 7 5 : 5 2 : 4 1 A M I S T

hemamlini Rating: Unrated ( Author) said this on 08 Dec 2007 7:05:25 AM IST h itz very useful for us......especially for attending interviews....... e (Reply to this comment) m (Cancel this reply) a m (Comment Replies Disabled) l i n i a t 0 8 D e c

2 0 0 7 7 : 0 5 : 2 5 A M I S T

prasahnt ahuja Rating: Unrated ( Author) said this on 27 Dec 2007 4:32:49 AM IST p no im against the topic,our indian culutre is very tradiational it is bcoz of the r customs which we follow,n according to me this customs should be followed to a make our india a better country thanks. s (Reply to this comment) a (Cancel this reply) h n (Comment Replies Disabled) t a h u j a a t 2

7 D e c 2 0 0 7 4 : 3 2 : 4 9 A M I S T

Ananth Rating: Unrated ( Author) An said this on 09 Mar 2009 7:01:17 AM IST an I like to brifely your against points. th (Reply to this comment) at (Cancel this reply) 09 M (Comment Replies Disabled) ar 20 09 7: 01 :1 7 A


M an as at Manas Rating: Unrated ( Author) 05 said this on 05 May 2009 7:22:14 PM IST M the World is changing every time to time so we have to adapt some new customs ay from other. as i mean in good sence adopt good one which will be help ful in our 20 nearer it's not necessary to keep our customs as a life long......... 09 (Reply to this comment) 7: (Cancel this reply) 22 :1 (Comment Replies Disabled) 4 P M IS T

vishal Rating: Unrated ( Author) said this on 06 Mar 2008 4:34:49 AM IST v Hi everybody i m agree with the statement of Saritha...dowry becomes the trend i among the high profile ppl tht mostly r well educated. they ve been doing such of s maintaining status btwn their society n relatives. our culture is very traditional n h superstitious. they 've been static to the tradition wht their ancestors did. So at the a age of globalization n due to increase of competition in different field everybody l needs to be think pratically n work according to wht the time requires. if we 've been continue keeping this custom alive our country wud one step back frm other a nation in near future.So we all should 've integrated approach to eradicate the old t belief n customs tht malign our nation culture. (Reply to this comment) 0 (Cancel this reply) 6 (Comment Replies Disabled) M a r

2 0 0 8 4 : 3 4 : 4 9 A M I S T

Abhi Rating: Unrated ( Author) said this on 07 Mar 2008 1:27:02 PM IST A our customs are our heritage we should respect them. As far as impact is b considered it totally depends on individual.But also we have to take steps to h increase awareness about the right and wrong customs.SO that India should feel i proud of his tradition & custom. (Reply to this comment) a (Cancel this reply) t (Comment Replies Disabled) 0 7 M a r 2 0 0

8 1 : 2 7 : 0 2 P M I S T

m ah av ir si ng mahavir singh Rating: Unrated ( Author) h said this on 06 Oct 2009 7:21:12 PM IST at yah it's better that we have to make aware the people about what is right & what 06 is wrong. till they will not understand the things that what's better for us & for Ocour generation. we can't remove these customs from our country.? t (Reply to this comment) 20 (Cancel this reply) 09 7: (Comment Replies Disabled) 21 :1 2 P M IS T

v i j a y a a a t 0 1 vijayaa Rating: Unrated ( Author) A said this on 01 Apr 2008 4:57:48 AM IST p i m really impressed by visiting this ..... i promise if i get free time i'll contribute my r ideas .... (Reply to this comment) 2 (Cancel this reply) 0 0 (Comment Replies Disabled) 8 4 : 5 7 : 4 8 A M I S T

himanshu Rating:

Unrated (


hi m an sh u said this on 10 Apr 2008 4:35:10 PM IST at hello well most of the time we are talking about child marriage and dowry and 10 sati but their more social evil like child abuse, cast abuse and regional beleave Ap are eating over nation .politician and reagonal parties exploiting the Indian r people as their vote its time to stand up against this problem and it over 20 deauity 08 (Reply to this comment) 4: (Cancel this reply) 35 (Comment Replies Disabled) :1 0 P M IS T

ni ck ey at nickey Rating: Unrated ( Author) 24 said this on 24 Nov 2008 4:49:22 AM IST N hi vijayaa if u r impress den u should post ur comment on dis ...................coz u ov have written dis bt u have to sth abt dis topic except dis isn't it.............. ok dis 20 article is really gud by this people should have to inspire abt our custom. thanx 08 (Reply to this comment) 4: (Cancel this reply) 49 :2 (Comment Replies Disabled) 2 A M IS T

sandeep Rating: Unrated ( Author) said this on 24 Sep 2008 8:39:38 AM IST

s a n d e e p a t 2 4 S hi e all, when we talking about our Indian customs some are good and some are bad. dowry, sati, child marriage all are bad for India but some tradition like respecting p elders, teachers, parents are good. (Reply to this comment) 2 (Cancel this reply) 0 0 (Comment Replies Disabled) 8 8 : 3 9 : 3 8 A M I S T

nickey Rating: Unrated ( Author) ni said this on 24 Nov 2008 4:53:15 AM IST ck ya u r right sandeep coz every coin has two side oneis gud n one is bad.... n

ey at 24 N ov nothing is perfect in dis world............. 20 (Reply to this comment) 08 (Cancel this reply) 4: 53 (Comment Replies Disabled) :1 5 A M IS T

shameeer Rating: Unrated ( Author) said this on 25 Sep 2008 10:29:26 AM IST s good h (Reply to this comment) a (Cancel this reply) m e (Comment Replies Disabled) e e r a t 2 5 S e p 2 0 0 8

1 0 : 2 9 : 2 6 A M I S T

manu Rating: Unrated ( Author) said this on 23 Oct 2008 3:38:30 PM IST m good a (Reply to this comment) n (Cancel this reply) u (Comment Replies Disabled) a t 2 3 O c t 2 0 0 8 3 : 3

8 : 3 0 P M I S T

Ananth Rating: Unrated ( Author) said this on 09 Mar 2009 7:11:52 AM IST A In this topic only not for the GD purpose this is our culture based topic so. In this n modern world culture is developed. So Dowry is decreased with help of Love a marriage. But Dressing culture is spoil. So some time our culture is developed and n spoiled. Fasion is raising the India. It is best thing but our people is careful candle t this modern world. h (Reply to this comment) (Cancel this reply) a t(Comment Replies Disabled) 0 9 M a r 2 0 0 9 7 : 1 1 :

5 2 A M I S T

Priyanka Rating: Unrated ( Author) said this on 28 Jul 2009 1:04:15 PM IST P Why was dowry started in the first place? Have any of you thought about r that............ Not so long ago it was the belief that women are only ment to take i care of their family and home, they didnt have jobs and thus didnt earn money. In y order that they have some independent spending money, just incase any a misfortune befell their husband they were given items like cash, gold, property etc. n so as to help them (the women). This is the actual dowry custom which was meant k for protecting the women who were completely dependent on their husbands to a earn the money required to feed their families. Now-a-days this generous and noble thought of our ancestors is not valued, it is now only a mean of extracting money a out of the women's parents. Infact these days even the women have jobs and thus t the ability to earn and finance the family. Thus now dowry in its actual sense has no meaning as women now can fend for themselves. So I think this custom in modern 2 times should be abolished. But yes there are many customs in India that our really 8 good which I dont find in most foreigners such as respecting elders, taking care of one's family(staying in a family), dresscode,....etc for which I m proud to be an J Indian. u (Reply to this comment) l (Cancel this reply) 2 (Comment Replies Disabled) 0 0 9 1 : 0 4 :

1 5 P M I S T

manu Rating: Unrated ( Author) said this on 24 Oct 2009 6:32:32 PM IST m if we talk about indian customs then it includes sati,dowry,child marriage etc but a now dowry is most rating custom in indian in the modern world n everybdy is capable enough that he/she can earn his/her livelyhood very well. if we u see the customs in india the dowry has become a fashion in the soceity....but only the language is changed tht parents says they r giving to her daughter as love n a blessings but sorry frnds internally this is a fake veil of dowry system....on the other t hand also from the in laws family they should also resist for this custom. so this should be abolished by both the parties..this is the only way we can destroy this 2 dowry custom 4 (Reply to this comment) (Cancel this reply) O c (Comment Replies Disabled) t 2 0 0 9 6 : 3 2 : 3 2 P


dhananjay Rating: Unrated ( Author) said this on 11 Dec 2009 1:36:41 PM IST d many of my friends stated that indian culture is good,dowry to be stopped, sati, h child marriage all are bad for India . but r we doing something to improve the a situation . i had seen many educated guys like mba, engg doctors are taking n my opinion first catch these so called educated people and teach some a moral values.importance of woman in a family.she is not a materialk to buy or sell n in in the name of dowry.i feel ashamed of this. j (Reply to this comment) a (Cancel this reply) y (Comment Replies Disabled) a t 1 1 D e c 2 0 0 9 1 : 3 6 : 4 1


arya Rating: Unrated ( Author) said this on 19 Jan 2010 7:50:06 PM IST a In this modern world, eventhough the bridegroom is denying to get dowry their r parents are forcing him to accept that inorder to show their status in the society. y Society is not an associated group each individuals together form the group.So one a should not think what the society says for avoiding dowry.The government also should enable strict punishments upto imprisonment to those who receives dowry, a which may atleast reduce the rate of marriage business. t (Reply to this comment) (Cancel this reply) 1 9 (Comment Replies Disabled) J a n 2 0 1 0 7 : 5 0 : 0 6 P M I


sowmya Rating: Unrated ( Author) said this on 19 Jan 2010 8:00:26 PM IST s i strongly agree that lack of knowledge and exposure is the main reason for o customs like dowry,sati,child marriage,child labour,etc....people in urban places w should be educated and they should be taught the morals of life and value of m education.poverty is the main eradicate that many schools have come up y with free education and with many other amenities.the government should also a frame strict rules and regulations so every child gets educated and comes up in life.once this is done we can abolish the customs. a t


1 9


What ails Indian sports?

JReplies: a Posted By: HELP n TIPS: A nation of 950 million, we fail to produce great champions barring the occasional 2 Vishwanathan Anand or Geet Sethi. Sports system steeped in bureaucracy. Overriding 0 popularity of cricket leading to neglect in other sports. Traditionally, sports not accorded much 1 importance by us as a career. Need to develop sports from the primary school level-"catch me 0 young"? Various incentives to be given to budding sportsmen like academic credits, sports in lieu 8 of a few other subjects etc. Development of sports infrastructure, making it amenable and :affordable...etc..... 0 Posted By: mohanraai 0 :Dear Friends, 2 Good topic. I want to highlight some reasons to lack in Sports in our nation. 6 In our nation have many sports persons. But due to family situation, the person mind was converted (brain washed by parents) to earn money and spend with his/her family like P wise. Of course in sports also got money in many ways. But some people only go to successful M sports person (spiritual confident persons). And some coaches gave mental torture to their Istudents both men/women’s. This is also one of the reasons. Also now a days parents also advise to children’s " he become a doctor/engineers". So they don't allow to spending time with S sports. They guide only to them. If some persons allowed means, they also good up to their T

college days, after that they focused to jobs. So the main reasons, doesn't have correct guidance to them.

Posted By: meenakshisekar
As what mohanrai said The main reason for this is right from the child hood the child is brought up in a mind setup that only thro studies we can earn money and if a person is not studying well he is not fit for anything. Parents are the main reason for this.b’s many parents doesn’t encourage their kids in sports as they do in other fields. They think that if a child has interest in sports he will have to suffer if he grows up. Proper encourage mend from the childhood is lacking and slowly they lose their interest in sports. Even if a grown up boy is playing very well he is not selected for playing in the national team b's playing for national team needs some recommendations these days and main thing is talent is not given importance rather fame and money are given.

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How green was my valley..Are we paying the price of nature?
Replies: Posted By: faraz Yes, I believe we are paying the price of nature. When man is so ruthlessly plundering nature's resources than he has to pay the price for it! The price for it is the greenhouse effect, global warming, etc. and the various respiratory and other diseases caused by air, water and land pollution. We are no longer the physically strong bodies of the yester years. Even today when we ask our elders they boastfully say of their manhood and how they used to be so strong and daring!!! The present man is more inclined towards a plastic life with new resources and greater comforts by greedily extracting the world of its fauna and flora!!! Posted By: BINNY HI, Yes, we are paying the price of nature. With ever increasing deforestation & industrialization we are moving the world towards a dead end ...Though our scientists are

working on reversing the affects of Global Warming & depletion of Ozone layer. If they are not successful by the D-day ...we will be definitely extinct from this Universe... Posted By: ssrkraju Hi All, India is a developing country and to build its industries we need to have land and we go for deforestation and destruction of land resources. True and Accepted. But, how can we justify the duties related to this. Why can't we plant the trees that are cut somewhere else? Why don’t we compensate the deforestation? Who has given us the right to change the balance of mother Earth? Who would be responsible for the change in climatic conditions? Do the industries take care of environmental pollution once they are constructed? Indeed they do add fuel to the fire. Most of the barren land can be changed to a lively green place with little care and concern. Every tree cut should be accompanied with plantation of one or two trees. Development and forest cover are not mutually exclusive and they can co-exist together. We can have self-sufficient forests by taking precautionary measures. Many animals and birds are getting extinct within no time and if this trend continues. The extinction of man can be delayed but will be inevitable. Man is clever and has to care of nature, which has been taking care of us since the formation of earth. Earth is the only place in the whole universe to have life. It is in our hands that we can prevent its extinction otherwise in future may be some people from other stars find earth and could comment "there was life on earth some time back, we just missed them". It is not a far future when we say to our grandchildren that "there is a village with greenery in some state and we can visit it in this summer". I urge you all that if we don’t take necessary action it will be too late. Posted By: meera Yes we r paying the price of nature. Due to deforestation we r destruction the human life by destroying various natural resources. It can also result in pollution, which affects the human and also animals in a great percentage. A depletion of the ozone layer will increase the UV-radiation at ground level. Increasing doses of UV may cause skin cancer, eye cataracts, damage to the immune system in animals as well as human beings, and have an adverse impact on plant growth. So it is in hands of we people to save the nature & save our life Posted By: cishawsharma Yeah there is lot of pollution. And we are not at all caring for nature.We should concentrate on saving the nature at least from now. Decrease the pollution. We have to go green.I.e. using less paper, growing some trees at our place or in our neighborhood, using good source of fuel. Posted By: keerthi We had a beautiful green natural environment, which is not comparable with other countries. In the past we were very proud to say about it. But now-a-days all the nations are trying to show supremacy over one another, and in this process they are unknowingly destroying the natural environment. Population is one of the reasons of this destruction, which in directly results in pollution. This results in the increase of no of industries and other utilities like vehicles, etc. These are releasing

some of the poisonous/toxic gases like Carbon monoxide and sulphurdioxide and also carbon dioxide. Carbon monoxide when inhaled by human beings mixes with hemoglobin of blood and forms carboxy hemoglobin. This oxygen reduces carrying capacity of the hemoglobin. Sulphurdioxide released into the atmosphere mixes with the rainwater or water vapor in the atmosphere and forms sulphuric acid and this results in acid rains. Chloroform carbons, which are released from refrigerators and aero planes, are causing the destruction of ozone layer. All of us know that co2 is responsible for greenhouse effect and global warming which causes the melting of ice at the poles and soon the earth may be submerged. And due to the industrial effluents, sewage, which is released into the water, are harmful to the aquatic organisms. In this way if we start saying there is endless list .So we have to think about the possible measures to control them. 1. Using solar energy effectively we can control thermal pollution. 2. Water pollution can be reduced by treating the industrial effluents chemically and biologically before releasing them into the water. 3. Global warming/green house effect can be reduced by deforestation. And by planting as many trees as possible. neeraj Rating: Unrated ( Author)

said this on 10 Sep 2007 1:04:01 PM IST yes this is quite indeed true that we are very unfair to nature.the forest have been concentrated to only few kilometers .tress have been cut down at much faster rates. as a result we are paying price for itin a form of green houses gases,pollution,soil erosion etc. some species have been allready extinct from this world and some are on verge of destroying forest we destroy their habitat,as a result they comes out into man living area which result in conflict between two. why we don't plant as many as tree as we cut down to maintain equilibrium,this shows that mankind has really become selfish for it need.if we require forest resoures then some strategies should be adopted .

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VALENTIN E'S DAY!! Advantages & Disadvantages along with your opinion

Posted By: devamanohari
Hi... As human beings we definitely need feelings such as love, affection, caring.etc etc. But I think only these feeling cannot make man s life perfect. Simply we can say these things are part of life. I know, on Valentines Day many hearts are going to be.... Dntwry. And need not to. As I said earlier its a part of life. And accept it. So cheers Happy Valentines Day

Posted By: Sridhar
Yes its true devamanohari

Posted By: sowmya571
Hello Well as manohari said Love is part of life. Many people express their love on this day, but I always feel that there neednt be a specific day to express love since when ever our heart feels like expressing u can express of course time n situation do matter. But still Since it’s a part of life u neednt have to take seriously jus enjoy the moment /...else be sincerely stick/try it again may be their views might be changed and they might also accept it. Right.

Posted By: sandeepvats
Abstruse topic... Okk in my views valentine day provide opportunities for flower sellers to earn 10 times more. It give opportunities to SHIV SENA LEADERS demonstrate once in a year to prove they exist. Well to valentines this day means special to them they get feeling of oneness, buissy husband wives take out time at least once in a year to show there love and affection to there valentines. This day has great importance in western countries. Thanks

Posted By: saurabh


Quality is a myth in India.
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Quality is a myth in India
Replies: Posted By: ssrkraju Hi All, Quality! A word that says it all about a product. We say, it’s a good product or a bad product. So, what is in first case Quality? Why is it directly proportionality with reliability and good will? Quality according to me is in conformance with some standards set to make a product more valuable and accountable. In Indian market some products do lack quality due to following reasons: Cost, Time, Attitude, Lack of Competition etc. It takes an initial cost to renovate an existing product to bring in quality and assurance of quality. The 'chalta hai' attitude of some producers is taking its toll. For example, every year some thousands of farmers are committing suicides for fake seeds. Many are dying due to food poisoning. Ill built buildings are collapsing due to lack of quality. The quality is but a Myth in India except for some Industries. In Global scenario, why are other companies gaining Indian market? It’s due to quality. How many of us are using Indian TV's, shoes, clothes, and other accessories? The fact is that we do have faith in other companies as they take the responsibility of quality where we can be assured of the product. For a sustained growth in India, the quality base should be emphasized, the products should match with world-class standards, and then only we can survive in this global village. It is not enough for manufacturing quality steel, cement, IT products, etc. it is equally important to provide quality water, quality food, and quality air... Now, I would like to make a point here. It is each individual's responsibility to see that quality is provided in day-to-day life. Posted By: Leila hi all, this topic is quite interesting to discuss. Quality when I define in terms of Indian mentally its of two kind, one if the cost is more then they say "quality" is good. there is another kind of people who choose for "less cost more quantity but they never look at the quality. I think the major cause for other companies gaining Indian market is due to laziness of Indians, and there is a prestigious issue to use Indian product. remedy for this is everyone should be aware of quality and how we waste our resources to others Posted By: ssrkraju Hi All, If Quality is a Myth in India. Why are Multi National Companies coming to India to start their industries with our work force. The outsourcing of software products and services itself is

accounting for a major chunk in Indian GDP. We do have quality products all over and many organizations that take care of this. CMMi, SIX Sigma, ISO, AGMARK to name a few. Each industry has its own standards apart from this to be within acceptable errors. We can’t take few incidents of farmers and conclude that we don’t have quality all over the world. In spite of huge pollution that we create in water, soil, air, and the government is striving hard to give us clean water to the mounting population, which is increasing day by day by leaps and bounds. World looks at India for quality people. It is here that n no. of foreigners visit yearly and do stay in world-class hotels. Considering the population we have, the public services provided to us do match world standards. The rail/road/air network picking up accurate timings would stun even developed countries that could manage things with lesser population. It is upon us to invest little more and buy quality products and discourage low-quality products. It lies in our hands to weed out this problem. In developed countries the taxpayers pay nearly 30% of their taxes, whereas in India only 3% of them pay their taxes. This is a point to be noted, to demand quality we need to perform our duties first. A small example to close my talk. Consider the number of cine theaters we have and their punctuality they maintain. I doubt any country in the world to produce the same result. Posted By: cishawsharma Quality is a myth in India. In my opinion quality is not a myth in India. In any aspect like in consumer goods or human capability. in any sense we maintain a good quality. however in some areas we lack in quality due to economic problems. But in some areas we are doing our best. like in information technology we maintain a very good quality of work. but coming to some consumer goods we lack in quality due to socio-political-economical problems. We must also concentrate on consumer goods quality to improve our economic status.however we are concentrating in improving our quality. Posted By: sowmya571 hello Quality is a myth in India. Well today every company is striving to get good quality product or service. Because of few factors 1 Competition in each every sector 2 Striving to prove themselves 3 Ability to capture the Customers 4 Meeting the demands on customer based products Well today In India/Abroad the need for quality-based product opted by customers differs since it depends on following factors like 1 Income they get 2 Preference level 3 Wants n Needs n Desires

4 Status Level Well some times People reallydont look for quality, which is not that important all depends on the situation basically . Posted By: faraz Quality was a myth in India a few years back! But with growing disposable incomes of Indian’s and increasing consumer protection concerns ,buyers are getting more aware and wise in their decisions! The manufacturing and other skills of Indian entrepreneurs may have been traditional but now with a growing population and huge investments ,India is on the forefront of economic reforms and liberalization. With the dawn of the 21st century ,India is having a boast in terms of bilateral relations with many countries and the recent visits by US and other countries highlights this. It won't be late before India stands on the likes of china in terms of quality and service and soon emerge as a superpower dictating terms to others. Posted By: meera In my point of view Quality is not a myth in inda. Now a days customers were having great awareness related to quality assurance. They prefer to buy only branded product. To fulfill this need of customer the products were manufactured according to the standards like ISO,AGMARK .It is not a true fact that we r not able to sustain against global completion’s we know many industrialist like Rathan tata,mittal were from India .But to some extent we r also failing in producing Quality product due to economic & political problem. Sumit Rating: Unrated ( Author)

said this on 29 Jan 2008 1:11:36 AM IST I dont agree that quality is a myth in India. With few incidences one cannot discount the quality of indian products. Be it IT/ITES services or apperals India is the major contributer. I am citing a recent comment from Carlos Ghosn of Nissan and Renault when Logan was launched in India. He said that it was India's frugal engineering talent and the ability to produce products at such low cost that will make it the hub for auto manufacturers all over the world. All the major MNCs are setting up their centers in India because of out capability of doing quality work and that to at 1/10th the cost of most developed countries.


Position of Women in India compared to other nations
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Position of Women in India compared to other nations

Posted By: meenakshisekar
Hi all This is quite a little bit tough topic. Friends we can approach this topic in many ways 1.reg.societial status now day’s women are given equal status. 2.but from the point of safety its a? Please friends give some opinions to start with.b's it’s a very good topic that needs immediate attention.

Posted By: sriya
Hi Though women are given reservations in many sectors, but we lack in providing safety measures to women when compared with other countries. The attitude towards women must be changed. Severe punishment must be given to culprits who indulge in crimes. This is the main point where we lack when compared with other nations. In Arab countries if any person commits heinous crime like rape, he is given capital punishment or severe punishment is given depending upon the crime he has done. In India, we don’t have any such law. Recently her driver, but what punishment was given to the culprit murdered a call center women employee????? Either fine will be charged or he will be put in jail for 3-4 months. Will this fine be the correct punishment for the culprit??? The law must be changed; punishment must be made severe, so that no other person even thinks of committing such crimes against women

Posted By: meenakshisekar
Very good sriya I appreciate ur thoughts b’s I can c ineffable expressions in Ur words. What u r saying is 100% correct .I agree to u ad insists the same.

Posted By: koneru9999
Hi, The position of woman in India compared to other countries is poor. In some villages they are considering woman as a kitchen bee. This type of attitude has to be changed. But compared to the early days, these days’ women are coming out freely and participating in every field. This is a good sign. Also, as our friend sruya said the law has to be changed is exactly correct. If the law was changed then these crimes will reduces.

Posted By: satwath
Ya I agree what shriya says. If we take the case of Dowry System women r made to suffer a lot in India compared to other countries. We see daily in the newspapers women setting themselves ablaze bcoz of this. They r tortured by their husbands and in laws fr getting more

and more from their parents the women should suffer like this. Govt should take necessary measures to stop Dowry system in our country to prevent the women committing suicides.


Are marriages becoming a business in India?
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Are marriages becoming a business in India?

Posted By: Boopathiraja
Hi everybody, I accept this point. Now a days marriages going on tender. It is just like an agreement between two families. If a lady coming with money when marrying, she treats well. Otherwise she treats badly. She will meet many problems in her husband's house.
Posted By: Keerthi

Hello friends, A must topic to be discussed I feel. Yes " Marriages have become a good business" to earn lakhs and crores even. Today a guy u studies in US demands at least 10 lakhs and the highest limit can be anything .I feel people prefer to do MS just to make business. I heard about some people who are not ready even to see the girl, If her parents cannot afford to give MIN amount, though she is good at attitude studies and good looking as well. I don’t know what Marriage is to do with the money when both the persons have good qualifications to settle well in life. Infact the importance must be given to the people who are going to marry, the decision must be given to them bcoz they are the ones who are going to live together for the rest of the life. Daily we see a lot of news about the women being harassed and killed just for the sake of dowry. What kind of person he is when he is ready to kill his partner for the sake of money. In my view such persons must be given a death sentence. And government should take severe action on the persons who accept dowry. We see many politicians daily giving long speeches against this issue, but what happens when it comes to his own daughters or sons marriage, God only knows how much they give or take. And some parents in the rich families take it as a prestige issue. I think they feel the one whom takes/gives more money is very great. So I feel this system must be eliminated in rich families


Posted By: OOPS
I 100% agree with Keerthi. Beggars are better than the people who take dowry. Parents should change their attitude towards taking dowry. Even I have seen many girls who suggest their brothers to take dowry. It is a sick attitude. Lot of males playing with female life just because of dowry. We should punish the people who take dowry. It’s becoming a dangerous issue in poor class families. It is very sad to know that even few idiots ready to kill their best half just for dowry. If they give birth to a baby girl they are just throwing them in dustbin. Think for a while? These days 80% males want to study in US or want to work in US just to take more dowries. What a sick attitude? We have to punish these educated idiots. Even I have seen many of friends going to US or UK just to take more dowries. Yes its 100% purely a business now in India in fact it is a growing business. As a guy my suggestion to other guys: Marry a girl but not money. Money is sick it just come & go in our life but your wife will stay with you till your final breath. You cannot measure a girl with money. She is more than any amount of money. It’s our responsibility to protect them If not soon you will see a world with out these angles Start changing the attitude of your parents & sisters towards taking dowry. ** Think of our culture once " INDIA is the only place where a female has a lot respect “ But now wts happening?


What is the effect of movies on youth. (Is it good or bad)?
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What is the effect of movies on youth. (Is it good or bad)?

Posted By: keerthi

Hello friends, The Indian movies greatly effect our youth. The main purpose of watching movies is for the sake of entertainment or to have some relief. Every thing is ok till that point. But when we see a movie definitely we grasp something from that, some people may grasp good and some bad. The general attitude of the people is they quickly grasp bad things and they over look good. If something good is depicted in movies they usually say it’s "over" or sentimental. And most of our movies in India are love oriented and there is nothing creative about them.99% of the movies are based on a love story. These are influencing the youth to a great extent. Once our Indian culture is that a girl and a boy marries with the consent of their parents and well-wishers. But now by seeing the movies people try to imitate the characters in a movie. Most of them are committing suicides if they fail in love. Love is just a part of life why should one give up every thing if they fail in love. I think Indian movies should improve in certain aspects. The only motive of the directors and filmmakers is to gain more collections from movies. They should not think in that way. A movie can influence many minds. So they must think well before making a movie. They should see that they are creative and in some way different from routine.

Posted By: sowmya571
Hello Yes keerthi ur right Indian movies have good effect on youth ... they provoke many things like violence, love. Well not all movies are like that some are good too like RANG DE BASANTHI latest one which gives inspiration to YOUTH watt they shud contribute to INDIA, how politician are, ect... Well rather than focusing on LOVE they shud promote inspiration to YOUTH, WAT THE RESPONSIBILITIES OF THEM so that our nation will progress. THEY SHUD BE IMPROVED ALOT Posted By: Njoy I agree with keerthi & sowmya. Movies like PAGE 3 (HINDI), AA NAluguru (Telugu) are really exemplary.

Posted By: keerthi
U r right soumya. There are a very few movies like "rang de basanthi” which we can count with our fingertips. Hats why I said about 99% are love oriented .The remaining 1% may come under that category. I may be wrong in numerical statistics but most of them are love oriented, as we all know.


Globalization - Advantages & Disadvantages

Posted By: BINNY
Globalization has many advantages for developing and developed countries. But, this has lead to a great dissatisfaction among the under developed/developing countries. Though Liberalization has many impacts on any country's economy, it has increased the per capita income. Due to globalization the business market in the world has no boundaries, they can market their products in any part of the world. This has improved the chances of laying hands on global markets & technologies, which would definitely increase our Quality of Living Standards. But globalization has lead to a major dissatisfaction among under developed/developing countries where they are cut off from the rest of the world. This has also increased the chances of inferiority complex among these nations.

Posted By: sowmya571
Hello " Globalization - Advantages & Disadvantages " The Era of Globalization" is fast becoming the preferred term for describing the current times. Just as the Depression, the Cold War Era, the Space Age, and the Roaring 20's are used to describe particular periods of history; globalization describes the political, economic, and cultural atmosphere of today. People around the globe are more connected to each other than ever before. Information and money flow more quickly than ever. Goods and services produced in one part of the world are increasingly available in all parts of the world. International travel is more frequent. International communication is commonplace. This phenomenon has been titled "globalization." These are major advantages of globalization While some people think of globalization as primarily a synonym for global business, it is much more than that. The same forces that allow businesses to operate as if national borders did not exist also allow social activists, labor organizers, journalists, academics, and many others to work on a global stage. There is a fundamental problem with globalization, which will cause international tension and trade disputes without arresting the process. The problem is the irrational nature of the global market, coupled with the extreme vulnerability of the poorest and most marginalized in emerging economies to sudden changes in exchange, interest rates, or big investment decisions. Globalization therefore can sometimes be destabilizing. Everyone sells when the price is already rock-bottom You can have a bizarre situation where everyone privately thinks that the currency is already too low, but continues to sell hard only because they are certain that everyone else thinks the currency still has further to fall. Rates

fall through the floor in a mass wave of panic selling, as dealers dump currency in the near certain knowledge that they can buy it back at a profit in a few minutes, hours or days. Well it has got tremendous benefits as well as its own pitfalls


Cricket shud be banned or not. Cricket as a national obsession is a detriment to other sports.
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Cricket shud be banned or not. Cricket as a national obsession is a detriment to other sports

Posted By: Dr YVS
Don’t get furious with me. If banning is the only way, you create opportunity of rooter sports, its stupid. I suggest create equal opportunity of the sports people and games such a way that the other sports also cherish the fans. Don’t overdo...which we are doing for cricket. Just do it...

Posted By: mohanraai
Hi Good morning Guys, My idea is don't Ban. Bcz, Many of the children’s are interested only on cricket. If we banned that game then the 50% of children to loose the sports sprits. If we all thinking, we ban the cricket children may interested in other games. Not like that. Now days may of the aged people also playing cricket. It is a flexible game, in that game age is not a constraint. If u takes athletics and other games aged people can't play. Can play, but limited. So don't banned, we can encourage other games also and give more sponsorship to other games than cricket.

Posted By: moni
Hi all, In my opinion banning of cricket will not give a remedy for this problem. Why cricket makes a detriment to other sports/games it is some thing very interesting than any other

games.11 members forms a union and they are playing according to their own strength and their views. It gives the self-confidence not to players, but for all others who all are watching this one. We cannot ban this in a short span of time because it is very popular in India even in villages also people used to see cricket, and women’s are also interested. We can do only one thing using these cricketers we can make one show or procession for making the people aware of some other games. We cannot avert cricket. It’s my opinion (It is the only game or sport that we in first 5)

Posted By: vinvish
In my opinion cricket when it came to our country it was not as much success as it is now. Only after few years later it became famous among the common man. I think the management of any sport has a lot of responsibility in making any sport famous. Since the BCCI took the responsibility of publicizing cricket in the schools, colleges etc. They introduced domestic games like ranji trophy, duleep trophy etc. But on the other hand our national game Hockey has suffered a huge blow now. When we heard of the greats like Dhyan chand the whole world feared India in hockey. But because of the lack of good management, infrastructure today our hockey team is losing in every front. One thing, which the hockey management has done, is the introduction of Premier Hockey League, which is drawing huge crowd towards watching hockey. So these type new steps not only helps the players but also brings lot of public support into it. In Tennis for example with the performance of Sania the Indian tennis has got a huge boost which was there .Now there are more sponsor for it with organizing tournaments like chennai open and Bangalore open etc. So it’s not banning any game but giving support to all games.

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Does banning fashion shows and New Year parties save our culture?

Posted By: suresh_patike
Yes if we banning the fashion shows and New Year parties then there is a chance to save the Indian culture. Our India culture is greatest culture in the world. In previous days these fashion shows and parties are not at all celebrated. Now days just we have been following the British culture last when we got independence. So need not follow these extra cultural activities. Now a days in India so many girls and boys following the they were seen in the fashion shows. So we must ban these activities

Posted By: BINNY
I don’t think we should ban fashion shows and New Year parties. We should limit the nudity displayed in these shows. No body can justify that these are Western cultures. We have been following these parties since ancient ages. The kings use to celebrate by arranging dances & drinks in their courtyard.

We are just giving a 20 the century touch to these parties by arranging DJ's and Re-Mix dances.

Posted By: ozobalu
No It’s an art of culture Fashion is necessary to bring out new creation to change our life So it’s all-useful one to our dream come true

Posted By: meenakshisekar
Yes Fashion shows and new year Parties should be banned.b's we can say yes to these things when they didn’t have impact on Indian culture, but they have large impact on our culture. Due to these parties and all shows even girls have started cultivating the habit of taking drinks, which totally damages our culture. I dint mean that these are the only way that girls are spoiled but it plays a major role.

Posted By: ramesh_ram143
Hi Good morning everybody. It is somewhat difficult to decide that banning of fashion shows and New Year parties save our culture or not, but I personally feel that it does not spoil our culture. Today their r many corporate employees and other people work all the days. They will be much interested to attend these types of parties just for refreshment. But these types of parties should be held with out vulgar activities it should be up to the limits. I think it is the part of our culture because we have these types of parties from our ancient days. The kings used to arrange these types of parties during events such as after winning the war etc., Finally I think if these parties are held without vulgarity they do not spoil our culture.

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Posted By: sidhu
Balance between professionalism and Family is to be maintained in every individual life, avoiding any of these would create uncertainty in a individual life, because both gives identification to an individual, it is like railway track, if one of the track is damaged means

there will be every chance for train to be derailed, so as in life, professionalism & family plays same role.

Posted By: vinvish
Professionalism and family can be described as the two sides of the same coin as both are equally important in one's life. Our profession gives you an individual identity and financial security on the other hand family gives you an emotional security. Neglecting any one of these could result in distress in one's life. A balance has to be maintained between the two, which is very easy to say, but to do it in practical is very difficult. In today's hitech busy lifestyle one cannot find the time to spend with his family. In Bangalore we have seen that there is increase in the number of people going to psychologists to get counseling on how to handle the stress and tension. The people of today are more inclined towards their profession and hence they get very little time to spend with their family. They may lead a luxurious life but there is absence of peace of mind.

Posted By: moni
Hi all, Family gives mental strength to a person and the professionalism gives a man financial strength, and high status (luxurious) lifestyle in society. But if a man has all things but he didn't have any peace or calmness through out his life means it is utter waste of earning the money alone. Therefore professionalism and the family play a vital role in ones life, so we can't avert any one of these. It (professionalism and the family) looks like two eyes of a man. We can’t bear if any one gets lost.

Posted By: keerthi
Hello friends, I agree wid u all. Professionalism as well as family both is very essential for an individual. One needs to be financially in a good position to achieve any thing, which also needs the good support from his/her family. But it is not that family support is a must to achieve some thing. Many great people have become great though they have less or no support from family. When it comes to maintaining a balance between the both I think its not possible in all the cases. As our friend "Vinvish" said it is easy to say but very difficult to do in practice. And To achieve our goals sometimes we need to sacrifice our family. Take for example the people in the army, in order to sever the country they have to stay away from their families. As it is mandatory. Hence balance between the both depends on ones profession and their ability to maintain that.

Posted By: mohanraai
Hi all, I agree with all. Both we need now a days, bcz should need spend time with family to relax in our machine life. Otherwise as one of friend said to relax we r going to psychotics. We can spend more time with family. Profession is need but not life is a profession. Life is now a full of money.

Life is a full of joy and no need of much more money. Now a day’s people r moving to save money and earn money. Money is needed but limited money is enough for peace of mind. "Your r the owner of money, not money is the owner for u"

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Responsibility Of Politicians in Today’s Politics How to reduce corruption in Indian Politics
Replies: Posted By: sowmya571 Hello Well today’s Indian politics is mainly corrupted. Well though there are people who really want to contribute, their efforts r not getting done. There are very less people like chandrababu Naidu who really is disciplined, hard working and thoughtful 4 people It is the responsibility of youngsters to take part in IAS as well IPS to help our INDIA, India needs still development in enhancement of Farmers, since there is tremendous loss for our farmers in past few years due to drought and floods ... And facilities in rural areas also shud be improved a lot like setting up more internet centers as well as many Colleges with good faculties etc. Politicians are misusing their power and are striving more 4 power n money rather than implementing what they have promised to our nation In order to reduce these kind of acts our people who elect them shud be educated, and analyze the persons background and capabilities before voting them. Also politician’s shud follow some ethics in performing their duties Then INDIA wd be progressed a lot

Posted By: meenakshisekar
Hi all The topic given is quite intersting.b's whatever may be the societal problem if we go on browse through it ultimately u'll find out that corruption will be the basic reason for it. It starts right from the basic (smaller level like oa's) itself and it is the root cause for all the problems. Politicians need to play an active role in abolishing corruption. But no one is thinking of it they are thinking people as vote banks and forget them after they've won the elections.

Posted By: Krishna

Hello, This is very interesting Topic. But as Sowmya Told that the Former Chief Minister of Andhra Prudish is a hard worker...I too agree. But one person cannot do the whole changes. But in our many politicians are well educated? So, we who r electing them is not paying any attention to the person who is in race. Uneducated people don't think of all these things. Even the politicians are thinking that Politics is the way where they can earn more money in a short spell. Even these politicians are not even allowing the hard working Officials (I.A.S, I.P.S etc.). Now days we have seen many situations in the newspaper about the harassment of the politicians on Officials. So. Every Parents and person is thinking that we must become Software Engineer, Doctor etc. But how many are thinking that we must become a politician except the heirs of these Politicians. In olden days, when the King dies, his son is becoming the King. The same is going on now days. All that I say is, now a day’s literacy is going high in India. So every one should think about the person who is in race and vote for the best.

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Posted By: pooja
Hello frnds, I totally disagree with the concept of dowry I mean we should completely ban this concept. So many women are getting harass and they are getting killed cos of dowry and many of them are taking steps like they are attempting suicides which is a very shameless act so we have got the power we can change the world as only youth can change the world so youth should decide that they are not going to take dowries. Even taking dowry is a crime but more crime is giving dowries so we should come forward to eradicate it from our society.

Posted By: sowmya571
Hello Well I totally disagree for the sole reason that a person shud take dowry 4 marriage. Since when compared a guy will jus do a job, but a female will take care of home, her job as well as kids and lot more... And also what is more important is AFFECTION n LOVE 4 each other rather than all these things. I guess guys shud think reg this and change them

Posted By: Vision
Hey sowmya My sister always wants me to take dowry & even my Mom too. Like this lot of females supporting dowry. Not only guys but also girls also should think of it. They better not to enocourage their children and brothers to take dowry. What you say sowmya?

Posted By: Vision
Have a look at this:

Posted By: rathour
Hi frnds I agreed with "pooja's" view.definetly DOWERY is a curse Of sociaty.people think if they r taking more dowry they get prestige in society .so there should be awareness. 1stly,it should be banned. Women are getting harass and they are getting killed bcoz of dowry and many of them are taking steps like they are attempting suicides. We should come forward to eradicate it from our society. But it’s not an easy task. To eradicate the dowry from our sociaty, there should be awareness among youth especially in Indian woman. There should be awareness from childhood. To give and take dowry both r declared as a crime. If any one is caught he/she should be punished.

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US war on Iraq-justified or not.

Posted By: pooja
Hello friends, According to me it is not justified one killing so many innocent people for any one is not fair. I think war is not the solution of anything. So I completely against of war, which is not at all, justified one.

Posted By: AmitSrivastava

Well, Looking From the Perspective of being in a world where every moment has an impact on you, I wud say it is not justified, but then again what if our neighboring Countries have some one who is a threat to our Country and also to the World, What we wud have done?? I think the same thing.

Posted By: faraz
Well, it’s not justified, as the manner in which US carried out attacks is very barbaric and totally uncalled for. Such big bully attitude will only ruin the image of its allies and US.

Posted By: cishawsharma
I feel it as purely economic strategy. As US is a powerful nation and it can make any tom and dick stories to advertise that Iraq is a N-nation. And no one will dare to point out that its wrong. Why did US &UK try to show sympathy and try to step into the land of Iraq? Why not any other country. The answer is fairly transparent. Any country, which has abundant oil deposits, will rule the world and unfortunately Iraq is having abundant deposits of oil... And these countries try to exploit it and named it as "n-nation ". Eventually which lead to the war. Even our Kashmir issue is a political plot by rich nations. Because these nation have to sell their arms to someone to make money. Every country has such issue (esp. third world nations) like a pain in the neck. Thank u.

Posted By: s_riyazudeen
Hi to all, According to me us war against Iraq should not be justified. It shows that a nation with good wealth can do anything they want. The same thing can happen to our country also. US can also attack us. It should not be justified. They want to become the world leader.

61 Got contribution to IT

Posted By: BINNY

I think there is a lot of contribution of the Govt in the IT sector. With reduction of prices of PC's in last budget has made computers available to common man. With the infrastructure provided by the Govt, IT companies are eyeing on India as the dream destination. I think compared to Central Govt; State Govt has done a lot in Andhra Pradesh in developing IT. The construction of Hitech City has improved a lot of scope for the Computer graduates.

Posted By: kishi1985
Hi everyone, I personally think that the government has done a great deal in improving the infrastructure and providing opportunities for the MNC's to invest in our country. I think the boom of the IT sector has been well utilized by our country than any other country, one of the reasons for this would be the alarming manpower in the form of engineers that we possess. The ITES industry has also grown to a new stature because of the ever-adapting quality of us, since we adapt to any language and any country and our high tolerance level the MNC's are exploiting the mind power here and the government and the people of our county are rejoicing this wonderful opportunity. But I would like to make it a point over here that India should allow more MNC's to settle in very quickly because the east pacific countries such as Japan are adapting very quickly, anyway hats up to the government they have done a great job.

Posted By: sridevi_p_549
Hi frnz , I agree with u. our gvt especially state gvt in our AP is contributing well for the growth of IT. Our gvt is encouraging IT field well.

Posted By: madhab
The IT industry is the only industry which helped to emerge India economically so quickly to the front line of the World. India now become the cynosure of world's largest MNC's and the IT companies. We not only by our talents but the Govt. achieve this achieving also. Indian Govt. and the State govt. now giving a lot of opportunity to the IT and MNC industries to set their plant in their state. We can see it from the Planned IT Park of Several States. Bangalore, West Bengal, Tamilnadu, Pune, Kerala all these state govt. are competing each other to give the maxim facility to these industries to make their state fully industrialized. There is a lot of contribution of the Govt in the IT sector. With reduction of prices of PC's in last budget has made computers available to common man. With the infrastructure provided by the Govt, IT companies are eyeing on India as the dream destination.

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How to deal with international terrorism?


Posted By: meenakshisekar
Hi all This is a very very interesting topic. Now the whole world fears of this thing only. To deal with international terrorism we (all countries) must join our hands together and plan it out. Unless or otherwise this happens not a single country cannot abolish or deal with international terrorism. No country shud permit terrorist activities in their country and they shud stick to that. Each country shud be loyal to each other and to the world after that only we can fight somehow.

Posted By: BINNY
I think international terrorism is a curse to this mankind. I agree with meenakshisekar that all the countries should join hands to fight against this terrorism. All the law enforcing agencies should join hands and eliminate terrorism from a particular region on a monthly or biweekly basis. All the countries should combine their technology, weapons and manpower to fight against these terrorists. Not only the govt but also, we have some responsibilities in fighting against the terrorism. We should not elect any corrupt politician. These people are indirectly encouraging and funding the terrorism by Hawala and other means.

Posted By: pooja
Yes I totally agree with binny and meenakshi we can deal with it only when all the countries join their hands together not fighting against them but unitedely we should fight against terrorism which is really a curse to mankind.

Posted By: sidhu
How to deal with international terrorism? Hi, I agree with u all but I like to add some more to it, fighting against terrorism is indirectly achieve by removing poverty, racial & religion & region (rrrp) sentiment’s, these r the main reasons, why terrorism developing, if we able to spread a message, by saying only one & one only (rrrp) exists, that is mankind, then we r able to succeed in removing most the people from that type of organizations, with that those organizations become weak, then their existence will be in doubt, so friends first we have to make our mindset to invite those guys who r like to leave those type of organizations, then there will be every chance to eliminate any kind of organizations who r working against mankind.

Posted By: mohanraai
Well Guys,

Ya I agree with sidhu's suggestion. We should first find out which is lead to terrorism. We think all to combine all the nations, its is also a terrorism like now US fighted against Iraq like that. One of the nations won't like to join na then fight with that nation. This will leads to terrorism. So analyze y the terrorism happening and all and find the solution. If some of the organization may come to surrender. This will give the solution. Other wise can't stop terrorism.

63 Your opinion on these days LOVE (bf & gf culture) in youth

Posted By: pooja
These days it has become common to have Gf or Bf but no true love only just time pass sake. It is affecting our Indian culture. I am not at all against of it but I believe in true love not the one, which is done only for time pass. But today’s youth they are falling in love in such a small ages so according to me they should realize that this is not the age for them this is the age when they can think about their careers so for doing anything their should be some right time...

Posted By: rajapattanayak
I think now a day’s youth thinks that love is just a classroom. We have to enter into it. But I do believe love comes from the heart not from the eyes. Friendship is love and all other things are nothing but infatuation. We shouldn't make this love as a fashion. We have to think first what is infatuation and what is real love. I do believe if everyone thinks that love is nothing but giving everything to the beloved without expecting anything from her/him then this world must change to heaven.

Posted By: prasanna
Hi all I agree wid what pooja was saying but unfortunately this is only d age where ppl fall in love .It has become very common for a common man these days 2 have a gf and he wastes whole of his pocket for d sake of his gf. We shld first think of our carriers at dis age and first settle in our life. After settling we can expedite in our own way. It has also become a fashion 2 have a gf or bf these days. Our parents struggle a lot for d sake of our future n we shld even think of dem also .Who r all those gf n bf who come in d middle of our lives. First settling in our life is very important. Then we can think of other activities.

Posted By: Madhuri
Even I agree with Pooja. Now a day’s love has become a game between two people. First youth should concentrate on their career and should stand for themselves then they should think about others. Now days from small ages people are going crazy and spoiling their careers. But finally we should not forget our culture. Posted By: faraz

Well to define it precisely its not love between the youth but you can say its just infatuation. These things happen bcoz of the various films on display these days due to which the youth try to think that things in reel life can be enacted in real life. So, their friends to go ahead with such love acts propel such misguided youth. In most of the cases there is loss and misery to one or both the parties involved.

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If there were no armies in the world…

Posted By: arunabha2003
As someone said "Peace could be achieved with a barrel of a gun". If you think of this issue deeply, you will come across some questions I your mind. What is the price of your freedom? What is the price of your safety and dignity of you and your loved ones? You just cant it into figures, can you? Whatever freedom we enjoy in this world is because we are "FREE", because of our armed forces that protect our borders with their lives at stake. We all owe them. But power, military or political, can be dangerous if in wrong hands. So, it too has to be balanced, by governing bodies. Many think that without armies, the world would be a better place. Well, in my opinion, there will be nothing as such... Posted By: OOPS Yeh I agree with you arunabha

Posted By: faraz
I disagree with both of you. If there were no armies in the world then there would be peace. Well if you see at a global level; no armies, no boundaries, no countries, only one world. The world will be bursting out of its seams of nationalization and liberalization will take center stage. People will interact more and there will be free trade policies. When your wish of no armies is fulfilled then more constructive policies will emerge for betterment of mankind as a whole.

Posted By: chayanika
Dear faraz, according to you at a global level, we can think of a situation where thr is no army, no boundary, and no country. But faraz reality tells us to count from the opposite side. I.e. it’s because of countries and their boundaries, we need armies. And we can't ignore the importance of having well defined boundaries, as it is said,” Good fencing makes good relation". Now, u was talking about having one world, but I think it is always better to have small pieces of everything as then they can be looked after well. Just as we always break a large complicated program code into smaller modules.

Now comes the question of defense budget and war. Obviously to maintain an army we are to spend a portion of our wealth and I think it’s worth it. Its nothing but a part and parcel of any country. And regarding wars, I think it’s the authorities that are interested in wars or in waging weapons. And its not because armies are there, there is war. The truth is "as war is there the authorities employ the armies".

Posted By: pooja
Hello frnds, Yes even I agree with arunabha, it is not necessary that if their is no army there will be peace whatever we are today it is cos of army, to protect us they sacrificed their lives. Army is the heart of the nation and life of the nation...I am very proud of them. Army is fighting with terrorism they are the main reason who are controlling terrorism till some extent. Hats off to u army...

65 Are studies more beneficial in India or in Abroad.
Posted By: arunabha2003
India is one of the fastest developing countries. Everything is changing, & so is our education system. It has been at par since British era, but recent years saw monumental growth, be that in quality or in quantity. Our government is doing quite a good job providing global standard education, and that is evident in the continuous emergence of quality graduates, engineers, etc. My words are further justified by the interest of MNCs to tap INDIAN talent. We have come a long way in education standards, but there is still lot to learn, lot to improve upon. Indeed, SKY IS THE LIMIT. We have to, HAVE TO keep faith...

Posted By: ulty
Hii All... According to my viewpoint studies are more beneficial in abroad as compared to India. Study abroad can be the opportunity of a lifetime — to experience another culture and its people, to develop friendships and to make professional contacts overseas. It can also provide a unique perspective to your academic course work and a greater awareness of yourself and the world. Study abroad identifies a person as an individual who is informed, confident, selfsufficient, and able to learn quickly and adapt to changing conditions To be educated in India and be a part of the Indian education system is an honor, or rather should be an honor for any Indian. There is no harm in getting educated abroad, but the implementation of the same knowledge, using that knowledge to improve the education system in India would prove a better bet, or give Indian education system a better tomorrow. We always have words to blame the system, but never have the courage to be a part of it and try change it for a better tomorrow. So these are a few words for those so-called " wise people" who have gone abroad and criticize the Indian education system, that they too are responsible for the

betterment of the system and should contribute towards by thinking good rather than criticizing the system.

Posted By: kiran123
Hi friends, In my viewpoint studies in abroad is more beneficial when compare to India. Why because the present Indian educational system is very poor when compare to other countries. The main system at Indian institutes are concentrating on only the THEORY PART, not concentrating on the PRACTICAL PART but the other countries give more preference to the PRACTICAL PART. For this our students are very lack at practical knowledge and the things are learned by the students at their education time those are Vanish to contribute at the time of practical part. So, give the importance to both equal. And the cost of MEDICINE at our country very high when compare to other countries. And maximum seats are based on Donation only. So the poor people are Not getting the chine to contribute their knowledge. If any comments please send me....

66 Women are good managers.

Posted By: arunabha2003
Time's changing, and so is the world around us. Women have always been good at managing, and I say this referring to all women alike. That includes not only women who are managers in leading companies, but also the housewives, who keep the "home dept" running flawlessly. Infact research shows that women have better multi-tasking abilities than most men. So it’s undeniable that women are good managers, sometimes, arguably, even better...

Posted By: sidhu
Women are good managers Hi friends, Yes, women are good managers as men, I would say that they are doing well at every platform for example people like Sonia Gandhi who is indirectly running the Govt at center, From Business arena people like Sailja Kiran who is a C.E.O of margadarshi chit funds & many more, who proved themselves what they are capable of in their respective business fields, so friends I want to say that women are not less to men from any corner.

Posted By: faraz

Well I believe that women are definitely good managers as they have the emotional quotient and are mentally more strong than their male counterparts in dealing with dangerous situations. But, to be more practical it’s not possible for them to compete against men in management.

Posted By: meera
Yah I accept women managers are well suited as they have more patience and ability to tackle the tricky situation. If they can be a good homemaker why can't they be a good manager?

Posted By: BINNY
Hi, I think woman are more flexible compared to men.they can deal with tough situations very efficiently, they can manage both home and business/office well compared to men. But, I think they need a man behind them to give them a morale boost and support Nenu Unnanu type. God has given all the ingredients to women.they can work under tremendous pressure ...I think by birth they have the managing skills.let it be managing the house or business. I think compared to men, women have a lot more patience and they work hard. But ultimately I think, " For every women to be successful, there should be a man behind her "

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Significance of GD in requirements

Posted By: arunabha2003
Well I think that Group Discussions are a perfect way to judge a host of skills, which cannot be evaluated, in any written test. Skills like leadership qualities and responsiveness to other peoples views and judgment, how people react and mould themselves into the GD are very important points to be evaluated in a future employee. The companies of today are fast moving, so changing and moreover adapting to the conditions is quite important. Pressure handling capabilities, public speaking qualities as well as modesty and humility and persuasive nature of a person are also put to test during a group discussion session, which all amount to the total evaluation of the candidate.

Posted By: OOPS
Yes I agree with arunabha2003.

Posted By: faraz
Performing well in a GD is definitely a very important prerequisite for getting a job. The person's rationale judgment and composure in dealing with situations are put to test. How the

person goes about interacting with people and how he behaves in a group is also given relevance. The one who talks more and dominates is not selected usually.

Posted By: sowmya571
Hello I guess GD is essential in requirements since we can know many things ab the candidate like 1 His Communication skills 2 His ability to work in Team 3 His behavior to some extent whether he is dominative or whether he simple in accepting things. 4 Last but not the least person’s confidence

Posted By: sreenu3442003
Yes GDs are essential in requirements. Because of in GD we can evaluate the following qualities 1) Communication skills 2) Reaction dealing with program 3) Thinking capability 4) Confidence 5) Leadership qualities So GDs are essential in requirements

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Is peace and non-violence outdated concepts?

Posted By: meenakshisekar
This topic wow very interesting! Peace or non-violence never gets outdated b's they always at a time or when situation demands need to be addressed. Not every thing can be achieved with violence. Whatever daz it may be nowadaz or olden daz there are things that need to be addressed purely as non-violence. For ex: problem b/w husband and wife these daz shud b approached with a mind set of peace.b's those are not things were violence cant play its active role.

Posted By: faraz

Well if you look at a world prespective, then I definitely agree that peace and non-violence are outdated concepts!!! The very word peace is out of the minds of people. Countries are competing against each other in building nuclear weapons, buying heavy machinery and arsenal, showing their strength and combat in air, water and land. On-violence has taken back stage with evolving technology and various forms of discrimination and hatred policies.

Posted By: mohanraai
Well, No, it is avail. Otherwise u can't live in the world. Some of the place avail violence. The people didn't have their needs, then that leads to violence. If u need then only that violence. If u would like to speak about violence, then u get tensed and ur pressure also increased. Ignore that news abt that, u feel happy. I don't say, don't to hear the news and all. U watches the news and don't be create this as big issue. Then only it becomes violence. Every one like to cool, then this matter is closed. Violence will happen always, u should stabilize that violence as peace of life. When the minds between people misunderstand, this will be a problem.

Posted By: ssrkraju
Hi All, The word Violence itself sounds panic and something bad or worse. Today morning we hear of violence in Varanasi Temple killing 20 and injuring other 50. That itself starts pinching somewhere deep in the heart why Violence? It is out of our area of influence but it still hurts. Even the violence to prisoners in the Abu-Garib Jail or at the Border does have an adverse impact on us. When this is the case why should one turn to violence. Coming to the point of today's scenario, we should not be misguided by the headlines by various news channels. Yes! I do accept that there is violence all-around but there is peace all-over which we are unable to sense. We see an incident in any remote place in the country and just go on commenting that our country is not a safe place, but we are not witnessing the calmness in 99% of the cities, towns, villages, schools, colleges, offices... If you have the heart to see, you can also find peace in yourself. It is the hectic schedules and busy daily routines that we are unable to browse through ourselves. The chart in police records may contain huge number of violent events but they didn’t achieve anything in sense. Destruction can never gain anything. They can boost only ignorant and arrogant people. Being optimistic and solving problems in an effective manner should take us away from this violence. I strongly feel that there is always an alternate way to violence. Yes! It may a bit difficult one but the point is There is. Not only now, but in future also, for mankind to stay on this Earth and for his very living, peace and non-violence are the only players.

69 Is it necessary to ban COCOCOLA in India

Posted By: 02091A0342

Regarding group discussion on love marriages. I agree that arranged marriages are more stable than love marriages. According to survey nearly eighty percent of the love marriages are failures. Most of the love marriages are failure because they lack sincerity. When they are in love they try to show some extra positive behaviors, which they actually lack in order to gain the heart of their counterpart. But after marriage they slowly start exhibiting their original character and misunderstandings will slowly crop up between the two. In order to succeed in love marriages one need to be really sincere and he must be able to convince their parents. Another reason for the failure of the love marriages are that generally the ages of both the persons will be same. According to research girls are three years more matured than boys. So due to the difference in their maturity levels there are more chances of misunderstandings.

Posted By: 02091A0342
Sorry friends I have registered today only. So I was little bit confused. You can include the above topic in love marriages verses arranged marriages. I wont repeat the mistake from next time onwards.

Posted By: biranchi
In my opinion not only coco cola all type of coal drinks should be banned. Because these drinks are having that much acid, which is equal to the acid present in liquids, used for toilet cleaning. And I have practiced it. So imagine what will happen if we drink that liquid. And we are unnecessary loosing 8 or 9 rupees, which is of cost at most 1 rupee. If we use that price for drinking a coconut drink then it will be healthier than that. So in my opinion it should be banned. But one think is more important that how to aware people about it. And if we banned than many people who are working on this will be uncork.

Posted By: cishawsharma
We once banned coca cola earlier and lifted the ban again. Yes coca cola should be banned in India, in the health point of view. It’s not good for health drinking coca cola or any fizzy drinks. However our cine stars are endorsing that product as if that is their own company. I wonder if anyone star will have it. Coming to the point, our money flows to foreign if we buy any foreign commodity. And coca cola plays a vital role coz we think that drinking coke is fad now. Almost all at one point drinks that. Its contains only sugar and sugar. Which will suddenly increase our blood sugar levels. Even though the cost of the product is less, drinking coke or coca cola is unhealthy economically and physically.

70 Multinational Companies: Are they devils in disguise?

Posted By: cishawsharma
I don’t think that multinational companies are devils in disguise. But there might be lot of pressure to complete a project. Sometimes we have to work day and night to complete it forgetting our family life. And there will b a huge competition at work. If we consider these reasons very tough then yes its devil in disguise.

Posted By: innovia
No. They are not. They bring in the new technology. Also helps to maximize the resource utilization. Think the number of options both in job market and in products they brings. Yeah.they do create more competition, but that’s what creates option!

Posted By: sowmya571
Hello Multinational Companies: Are they devils in disguise? Put it this way People ARE INVESTMENTS MADE IN INDIA BY MULTINATIONALS ARE WORTH FOR INDIA OR NOT

Posted By: sowmya571

71 What are your suggestions to develop this nation
Posted By: faraz
My suggestions to develop this nation! Wow never thought some one would ask me such a question. Well first I would suggest revamping the total political system to make it more transparent and honest. Next would be to make education compulsory and eradication of child labour. After that I would suggest using more alternate sources of energy and spending more money in this aspect by govt. Next online would be total networking of rural population to make them aware of latest agricultural practises. My final suggestion would be to make latest gadgets around the world more accessible to the nation. (On par with US) Hope these things will be noted ............

Posted By: sowmya571
Hello What are your suggestions to develop this nation? Well My suggestions WD be 1 Political System should be changed a lot 2 Rural Areas Needs to be concentrated since there are many areas where people are still suffering without water, electricity and proper education too. 3 Agricultural Aspects should be given more funds and also

Posted By: Rena
HI, To develop the nation, as faraz said, the present politics should come to an end. 1.There should be only one political party. Bcoz if there r more than 1 political parties, policians spend their most time in finding fault with ruling party and vice versa. Both the parties’ r not concentrating in the development of the nation. Both parties r aiming at telling against each other’s. People r not benefited anything. If the people come to know that the ruling party is doing something wrong, immediately they should be given rights to take that ruling party from the power. India can be developed only if the politicians think that it is their nation. 2. There should be some recognition for the talented people and the salary must be given according to their work. Less salary only leads to migration. If we have talented people, then only we can implement new ideas. But other nations r implementing the ideas of Indian in their countries and all r going to foreign countries due to salary. 3.Education system must be changed. This is not the right system followed here. Practical implementation will leads to good knowledge. We r concentrating only in theory and not in practical. There should be some correlation between the studies and the work. But now days, there is no relation between studies and job. Education should help us to improve much. But today's education is a burden for many people.

Posted By: keerthi

I agree with Rena regarding the point that we need only a single party. 1. Lets not think about parties for a while. These parties are formed because different people have different opinions. As rena said all the disputes arise between the parties, as each of them want to be superior over the other. Instead of concentrating on the actual problems of the nation they try to find fault with each other over trivial issues. 2. We need to improve our education system from the ground levels. Like teaching, discipline now a days we can hardly find the children who give merge respect to their teachers. They don’t care the teachers and comment in front of them. Our education system must be activity based as well as value based to make the children perfect in all respects like studies as well as communication skills, leader ship qualities and many more. 3. Most important point is Create a corruption free nation. Infact this is the root cause of all disasters. Carelessness, and absence of locality towards nation are the reasons. This change cant be bought about by any group or any institute. Creation of corruption free nation depends on today’s youth. Dont accepts or takes or encourages bribes that are the better solution for this problem. ya,i agree with rena's pt,but care should be taken on urban areas.there is very poor edu. system as well as they should develop their skills in various activities especially students.. no matter in which institution they are studying ie. either a govt. school r pvt. school..and our govt should takes care of poor students..if they so..all students ll shine.. and really our politcal system ll change,its goes in a very bad way.. and 'public ' ,we should treat nature as our mother v shouldn't pay way to destroy that prceious one..these are my pts (Reply to this comment) (Cancel this reply) (Comment Replies Disabled) the very first step to be taken by indian government should be towards the education. because people in india are very hard working and they do their work with honesty . they are paying tax to indian government just because of the govenment should take care of them but govenment is not utilising that money to indian population .instead of that these ministers and government enjoy with the money and they totally become careless about their work. next the govenment should start the free computer education everywhere in its nation. because if we will have more educated people we do not have to depend upon the others countries for our small services.government should think of this. (Reply to this comment) (Cancel this reply) (Comment Replies Disabled)

Time is money & money bring devlopment in all sphere of we must save time by oing work at time.we always start solvimg a poblem by its effect not byb its cause. History is the tastemoney of this. I fully agree that th major obstacles in our devopment , bureucracy, population politics,improper utilisation of resources.In null shell the problem is with wrong attitude not with any other thing .If the attitude of the people who are in politics & in any other thing will be correct than all problem will solve automatically. ."your attitude defines your altitude". (Reply to this comment) (Cancel this reply) (Comment Replies Disabled) Well, in order to develop our nation first of all our political structure should be reconstructed. It has to be transparent so that the common people should be aware of what the politicians are thinking about the overall development,whether they are heading towards the right direction or not and even they can express their views regarding that.And the education system should be directed in such a way that there has to be a proper blend of theoritical knowledgeas well as practical implementation.And the last but not the least we should not exhibit any inhuman natures. Child labour is one of the infamous thing that has been still going on over years. it must be eradicated as soon as possible. (Reply to this comment) (Cancel this reply) (Comment Replies Disabled) i agree with you all. but i think only young generation and the patriotic people can take the nation to new heights. but you know patriotism in us is lost. new generation is blidly follwing western trends. they dont see western people love their country and language. only some people knows wht is our national anthem and national song. now-a-days people use to complain whts happening in india. but they dont see their own contribution to this. what we have done for our country? everybody loves oneself. whatever is the reason, it seems as if i would never see any major progress in india in my life. as thins are getting worst by the time. (Reply to this comment) (Cancel this reply) (Comment Replies Disabled) well, in order to develope our nation,the only thing which comes into my mind is start the nation with a fresh thought by involving more young n dynamic people in the developement of the china,the government should motivate and

reward people who follow or help in controlling the population of the country.better focus on education sector,rural developement,infrastructure and ofcourse development of the country.plz gemme some tips so that i can also contribute in making our country better.

72 Success is all about human relations
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Posted By: Roopa
Hi frnz, Every one wants success in their life so they strive hard for it. But success without human relationships will not gain anything. For example: Take in the case of Ganguly. Of course he was a good batsman and captain ...But he didn’t maintain good relationship among his colleagues. But coming to the case of Dravid ...he is also a good player at the same time a good human being maintain a good relationship will every one. So every one like Dravid than Ganguly. This shows that success alone is not worthy but success with good human relationship gives us more happiness. Every one must remember that even though we have success or failure we should definitely must have at least four members beside us to appreciate us for our success or comment on our failure, so that we can better know about us where we have gone wrong.

Posted By: MightyMastero
Nice reply rupa. Maintaining cool relationships is an art infact. One of the best ways to educate our hearts is to look at our interaction with the people, because our relationships with others are fundamentally a reflection of our relationship with ourselves... By Dr. Dtephen Covey Yep it’s true. Successful people listen to others more & talk very less. Let me write down 2 important ethics behind highly successful people on the planet. 1: Talk in terms of other person interest 2: Walk in other person shoe. If we can able to adopt these 2 things into our real life will be so cool.

Posted By: cishawsharma
Yeah that true Every course we do is internally link with humans. Esp. management is purely linked with humans. So we have learned how to deal with people, how to manage with them. A negative person cannot succeed in his life. them, and how to work

To lead a successful life one has to b very positive.

Posted By: MightyMastero
Yep. To tackle with human being is very difficult in this world. If u masters this art you can rock everywhere

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Replies: Posted By: faraz • Yes, to some extent I believe advertisements are essential for a sportsman. As they play for the pride of the country they are regarded as public figures so it is but natural for them to go for ad campaigns, showing them sporting a product of a company. The companies and ad agencies are now cashing on sportspersons to rake up their brand values! And this trend is being given boost with such young talent blossoming and reaching their nadirs! From the azharuddin to sania mirza’s, ad has gone a long way. But the advertisements have its share of pitfalls. Excessive or overdose of ads may leave the sportsperson media savvy and a significant decline in his/ her performance in their respective sports! This has resulted in decline of top players in tennis, football, cricket, etc...The huge money and potential of earning big bucks is luring the sportsperson and ultimately result in an irreparable effect on his professional life!!!!

Posted By: ssrkraju • I would start today's talk with an example. When we are promoted to a new class, for good books and by good authors, whom do we ask for? A teacher or a bank manager? Looks very awkward, yes it is! Why do we need to have a tennis star or a cricketer tell us to eat particular biscuits? What has our sensational star Dhoni to do with Exude battery? (Sorry to use an example) What does Ifran or John know about the brand new Mobiles? Does Viswanathan Anand get the knowledge of chess by eating Parle-G? Does Amitabh Bachan eat chocolates? I want to make it clear at the outset that they don't have anything to do with the product they advertise. They do promote the product with the publicity they have. For example, Munaf Patel not known to these industries are running to sign him. Was he using their products, a little thought would give the answer as NO. The basic challenge before any sportsperson is to master the game and be the best in his/her discipline. He needs to win and prove the talent to others by giving out his best efforts. There are more successful sports people than the cricketers we see. We can get the fact that our Indians are getting gold medals in the ongoing common wealth games. Why are they not being targeted? The reason is we pay less attention to these games. Cricket or Tennis or F1 have become a great choice of viewers. They are getting lot of money for advertisements, the players also having their chunk.

If the sports personalities have influence they can come up with great messages for our Indian youth and others. I like some of them taking a large step in this direction. I don’t have any problem with them gaining huge amounts; they can spend a part of it to the society for its well-being. Indeed many do them and have set an example for all of us. I would like them to advice them that instead of advertising for some unwanted and irrelevant ads, they can start some programs/camps to entertain local talent whenever they find some time and with the help of government we can develop the game and just bring the best of country in to the limelight.

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Present state of Indian Cricket team
Replies: Posted By: ssrkraju • When we talk of Indian cricket we need to consider two aspects, statistics and overall growth. Recent statistics show that India is doing great winning ODI Pakistan series by 4-1, Win against England in the Test, Kumble achieving 500 wickets, Rahul getting into 100 test milestone, Sachin still the highest run scorer, Dravid still being the wall of India, new talent coming in like Dhoni, Sreesasanth, Munaf, among others. Indian cricket can be considered as reaching its peak as our Indian stock market. Talent in India has never been a question. Tapping it and giving it a direction was most essential thing. This is exactly taking place now, young blood coming in and many new faces getting opportunities and proving their talent beyond doubt. Nowadays we are struggling to keep cricketers out of eleven. One thing we are able to see know in Indian cricket is their improved attitude and they are no doubt doing all the homework to perform better everyday. In my point of view, winning or losing doesn’t matter much when our side is fighting not just giving away. Recently the matches between Australia and South Africa, in my opinion both are winners as both struggled to be the best and a matter of a ball or one run need not separate their ratings. The basic attitude of positive play is now seen in all players. I do accept Kalyani's emotions for Ganguly, here we need to understand that many new all rounders are coming by and we need to encourage them. Like dravid used to keep as well as bat, but there is no need for him to keep the wickets, they have found almost a good substitute in the form of Dhoni - a blaster. The outlook of our players has undergone a shift in the recent past. The fight is now more important, result is not. This orientation would help any team going a long way. For example, Australia worked hard for some time and now the results are shown. Beating each and every match in the world cup and being on the top of world, they have bought results from their sheer determination. I feel India is moving in the right direction and will be a good team to watch for in the 2007 world cup.

Small incidents like Sachin getting out for petty scores in last few matches should mask their talent to produce when others have given away. The performance of the team should be considered as a whole to determine the state of Indian cricket and we also need to change our mindset - we cant expect it to win all matches all the times. Winning and losing are both part of a game. At the end of the day, better team wins.

Posted By: winner • Present state of Indian cricket team is very good and there are both good bowlers as well as batsman. Now our team has become one of the best! But they have to work more to attain great destinations. I think INDIAN team was considered to be one of the best in the world with lot of consistency. Now the present team has lot of instability. The condition is like a SEESAW, when bowlers do well, the batsman's do a poor performance. When the batsman's do a good job means the bowlers will do a poor performance. This way it has become difficult to predict the chances of winning... Well yes to some extent I believe the Indian team is good enough to face any sort of opposition, but the young bowlers are very much inexperienced and need to be groomed and picked accordingly. Another area of concern is the fielding of most players! The players need to be very fast and fit, and I think in present cricket scenario fielding is playing a major role in deciding the winner!!

Posted By: BINNY •

Posted By: faraz •

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Management Education-Is it necessary to succeed in business
Replies: Posted By: Tan • • I don’t think so. It is like degree to get into some company. But to start a business we need right attitude and hard-working capability and positive thinking and proactive ness. There are many great businessmen in our country and i think no one did any management degree. Yes, to some extent I agree with cishaw, but you just can't say there were visionaries who have no degrees and therefore you don't need mgmt education! There is a difference. I believe management education is very important for entrepreneurs as it gives the total perspective and in this rat-and -mouse chase, strategies and goal plans can be framed if you have that ability which is most possibly groomed by your management education. With the dawn of 21st century you can witness an increasing number of people joining business schools and competing against one another, the astuteness or shrewdness may be in built in some, but mostly can be made only by B-schools! Be it IIM"s, or FMS, management education is here to stay!!You should first differentiate managers from entrepreneurs to get your facts right!!!!!

Posted By: faraz •

Posted By: chris_ti_na1234 • I feel that managerial skills are something which inborn to a person. I think it’s nothing of a good management institute to generate any genius but genius joins good

management institutes. I don’t feel a mere MBA could make a person a right manager. His decision making skills his problem solving capability and enduring the ill circumstances with brave and bold mind. • I would like to depict certain examples, the reliance group developer and patron Dhirubai Ambani was not a MBA, his will power his wise actions built a empire, but his both the sons were MBA and they destroyed the empire and shattered it into two. So I feel the management institutes are not the sole producer of the right managers but the circumstances and experiences make the man

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Public sector being a guarantor of job security is a myth
Replies: Posted By: BINNY • I think it is not a myth. It is fact that the "Public sector is a guarantor of job security”. As the increase of public sectors has lead to competantancy between the Government and Private Sectors. This is a good sign for increase in JOB opportunities.
Well now the scenario is other way round. Many people are shifting to Private sectors since. Good salary FLEXIBLE Good growths so better to analyze the features before entering

Posted By: sowmya571
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Posted By: ssrkraju • Is public sector a guarantor of job is a myth? No! Public sector is a guarantor of job. Consider for example, do you see your parents or your friend’s parents moving out of public sector of shifting jobs frequently. No! Anyone who joined in earlier days never thought of shifting of job even they are baffled to see the present generation moving from one job to another. There was lot of emotional touch with the job itself and they were very content with the job at hand. This led to the feeling from the other side also, even though the employer may not be so productive but is loyal. The key term over here is loyalty. We see the average years an employee works in an public sector would be staggering 20-30 years where as in today's IT industry it is far low at 2-5 years. Public sector has always been a non-profit organization in most of the situations and has never thrown out people as the private organizations do which strive for profits. They always have surplus of employees and they never feel the crunch and the work pressure will also be very less compared to other sectors. But the generation has changed, they still remain job guarantors but the younger generation is not attracted to it any longer. If recent IIM campus is any indication, seven PSU's have returned empty handed unable to beat the competition with MNC's in offering higher salaries. The main reasons quoted

were not only salaries but the challenges are also limited given the lack of freedom. The ideas do take a long process to come into action. Public sector like banking and other administrative jobs are still favorites of many but the growth potential along with performance is still a barrier to be crossed in PSU's.

77 Is china a threat to Indian industry?
Replies: Posted By: aayushkaistha • No, I don’t think china is a threat to Indian industry. This is because, it is now a wellknown fact that the products and services provided by china are much cheaper than any other country but at the same time they are much inferior to quality as compared to countries like India. Also, statistics confirm that India is the fastest growing industry and will definitely overtake china by 2010.Therefore, the fact remains that it is rather India

that poses a threat to the china's industry rather than the reverse.
Posted By: meera • Yes I believe that we have to compete a lot to overcome the threat of china to Indian industry. Their hardware, software & telecom were much bigger than India’s. They have huge captive in this domestic market as compared to India. It is estimated that Chinese domestic market is four times that of India. But these Chinese markets were currently dominated by MNC's. This provides an excellent opportunity for Indian firm to overcome the threat imposed by china. Before I start off, I would like to clear a point made by Aayushkaistha above, China's economy is increasing by leaps and bounds. Even by 2050, China is going to lead India and is going to become a Global leader whereas India will be trailing alongside America. China is definitely a threat to India. I would like to illustrate with a small example, China plans for Olympics, which is about to begin 8 years from now. It nourishes talent in a long run and the tally in any international arena would prove it. Coming to India, the recently concluded Common Wealth Games, out of 22 Gold medals, 16 were won in a single event shooting, among it 5 were picked by an individual. Rathore's silver medal, Karanam bronze medal in Olympics in the past two Olympics do say a lot about our planning. Yes! I do agree Chinese goods are cheaper, they may lack in quality, but they do have a market here. They are lot of middle class and lower-middle class people who cant afford

Posted By: ssrkraju •

to quality goods and do satisfy themselves with these goods and are happy about it. They don’t need ISO certifications for their children's toys and petty things like that. • They have taken Indian market by waves. It’s a fact that India is a leading country in manufacturing hardware and providing software solutions. But China is not far behind; they are also going for English as mandatory subject so they would overtake us in no more than 10 years from now. The rising salaries and costs are making the Giants to think of new places to save cost. It is not far away a day where China would be having a bigger piece of cake. i don't think that china is a threat to indian economy.As i have many reason for this,firstly we are not dependent on anyone. we have many mnc that are working not nationally as well as internationally.we have many foreign delegate like Us,russia. we grow our own resources and use it. and the most heartning nes is that we are much ahead in term of software field to is estimated that half of the software employee working for america are indians. yes of course there are few area in which we are somewhat behind china like that of technology,sports and tourism.But i don't think that the basis of any country economy could be these. and another point which i would like to mention is that if we want ourself to be much ahead of china then we must control is important factor and big hinderence in the payth of growth of any nation. but as now i don't think china as athreat to india. (Reply to this comment) (Cancel this reply) (Comment Replies Disabled)

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What shall we do about our ever-increasing Population?
Replies: Posted By: faraz • Well India with a ever-increasing population is a cause of concern right from its existence! But, with more self-help groups and better living conditions and increasing importance to girl child this is turning into an asset for India. HUMAN CAPITAL as it is called is growing into a very useful tool for India, right from cheap manpower to neutral accent for BPO’s, indians ever-increasing population may soon be turned down as not such a serious problem as it used to be with the GROWING education concern all over the country! I believe at this time we should concentrate on more of educational institutions and better awareness in health and mailto:hygiene! @! And - hygiene! @! And spend more on it on par with defense and army!!!!

Posted By: ssrkraju • I would like to start with small statistics, India is seven times more popular than America, but has its population, which is seven times that of America. That would underline how intense is Indian population. The view of it as an asset or liability is not of concern here. The steps we can take to reduce the growth in population are of concern here. In the initial days, the no. of children were more and the existing population was of not concern. But now even two or three children is adding to increasing population. Why? The reason is the increased number of couples. The younger generation population is now at an all time high. To combat the population, we need to have massive campaigns and education among masses regarding family control. The quote that "Children are god's gift" should be misinterpreted. Everyone on earth would agree on it, but that doesn’t imply that we give birth to him or her and let him or her starve. It’s a logical issue as well an emotional one. We need to deal it carefully. We need to take help from local agencies, local heads, and it should be a home-to-home campaign as election. When we can spend on election a lot, we too can afford to spend on these issues. Education would go a long way in dealing with this situation. The initiative of government to deprive people from government services having more than two people is applauded but should be followed in true spirit. The essence of these policies should be dealt at detail to all concerned and the problems that may arise out of huge population should be dealt with region wise. The educated youth can also play a role in its own way. The huge rallies carried out for no reason should be avoided and few could be directed to a worthy cause like this.

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When I woke up in the morning I saw…
Replies: Posted By: sowmya571 Well it’s a vague one to start with but then very interesting to describe · • Each day would be dawning with new hopes and aspirations; I always visualize what are the things, which are to be done, and my contribution towards it. Some times I wonder how things are going since days tend to be more routine, Which will be boring, but then ALL THINGS DEMAND EQUAL ATTENTION so justifying them wd be more easy and also Fulfilling the task is very important. On the whole every day is more A REMARKABLE/ Specific DAY.To proceed

Posted By: sweetsatish143 • When I woke up in the early morning I saw the climate was very pleasant. I went to a daily walk and had a bath and went to a temple. There I saw my childhood friend raghu.i

felt very happy for meeting him. He suggested me to write an IAS exam. By his encouragement only I got a job. Posted By: Tan • As soon as I woke I will check the watch because I will never wake up on time (every time very late). If I woke up early I will sigh! And have a nice cup of coffee. And if it is other way round then will try to spend as much time as possible in the bathroom and take bath and come out so that I will not get daily scolding.

Posted By: meera • When I woke up in the morning I saw the darkness around me. Then I prayed to god hoping that this day will teach me a new experience and I should be happy through the day. When I woke up in the morning I will first see my mother then God and prays him that I should be good to all! Then I will start with my usual work.

Posted By: winner •

Posted By: ssrkraju • • This is not a group discussion topic even then I would like to contribute something over here. Early Morning, this reminds me of a great comedian who said; every morning we have an option "Either we can be happy or we can be sad". I agree with him no one can make up happy or sad without our consent. It is purely our perspective that we see happiness in things or events. For example, we hear of a person being killed somewhere, we are concerned about him and we feel sad even if we don’t know him. Yes! That’s humanity but we need to judge our "area of concern" and "area of influence" rightly described by Stephen Covey in his book "The seven habits of effective people". We need to be proactive and we need to live every moment as said in a lighter vein in a Hindi film known to all "Kaho naa pyaar hai", "Ek pal ka jeena phir tho hai jana...” Do take things as they come and any blame-game would take you anywhere. If you share love and friendship, you will always get it in return may little delayed. Like any work done would give its fruits, you will reap your harvest as per your hard work. Live life to the fullest and see happiness in everything and do see that at the end of the day we don’t have any regrets again in a lighter vein "Kal ho na ho".

80 Marriage is a social trap
Replies: Posted By: Jyoti Bhatnagar • I would not agree to call Marriage as a trap. Yes it is a social bond. A bond that brings many families close to each other. A bond that passes our culture from one generation to others. A bond that increases our strength of passion, devotion and tolerance. If

everyone starts thinking that its a trap then our culture will be lost one day and we will start believing in live-in relationships, which i my not good for the society.

marrige is a very holy is based on the mutal trust betbeen two it would be quite unfair to labelled it as a social trap. As it help to share your burden, yours get respect from other after being get married. but some time it makes you to get bound within certain limitations. As you get responsibility of another need to take care of him/her. you are bound to become family person.neverthless ,some people enjoy the responsibility,some do not. so my point of view,it depend from person to .it's depend upon the atitude of person. (Reply to this comment) (Cancel this reply) (Comment Replies Disabled) I would not agree marriage is a trap becoz we should have the responsability of maintain the next generation people. It is a social purpose. Is a life long agreement between two people. we should understand the feelings and imotions of our partner. It will make beautiful family. In Indian culture family system is very important. The relationship between husband and wife is very strong as compared to western culture. so marriage is not a trap it is our duty for our nation. (Reply to this comment) (Cancel this reply) (Comment Replies Disabled)

81 Russia's offer to India in nuclear deal - How is it going to affect South Asia's stability?
Replies: Posted By: ssrkraju • All has known indo-US nuclear deal. Now, India is not a NPT country but is a special consideration in the eyes of the world. Given its history, it’s an exception. Russia's offer to India to supply nuclear fuel is a great achievement, the offer is for those 12 nuclear stations which would be under world preview once the deal gets materialized and everything gets streamlined.

If we once consider Russian foreign policy, it supplies fuel for NPT countries to which India is an exception. This shows the special place India has attained in the recent past. Now, they are coming to terms with India, now India is powerful, strong and an independent nation in terms of its foreign policy. Given Russia's friendship with India and growing Indian status, the South Asia's stability is under question. Pakistan, which tested its nuclear capability within weeks along side India, is a clear indication that it is not far behind. It being a close ally to US in antiterrorism could have a strong ground in international arena. It couldn’t get any deal from its Uncle Sam it now looks at China for help. It looks as if the arms race is still going to continue just to match each other as hackers do have a fight with developers. The deal which India is about to clinch allows it to have fuel for its reactors from International market can go a long way in developing India with a minimum usage of fossil fuels like oil and gas for generating power. India is not a threat - it’s a universal fact but need to be ready to face any attack from any country around it. That's the only reason why our nuclear weapons are always on alert state. Mutual faith is the only answer to the prevailing situation.

India share a healthy relationship with Russia.two countries have shared many foreign policies between themself.Russia has always being helping hand to India whether it is economical,political or social. the recent agrement of India with Russia regarding nuclear deal will make india more powerful,strong. i think this is crucial steps while considering the fact that our neighbour country are showing their nuclear power . i don't thinks that this will be threat to south asia stability as every nation has today the power of nuclear. nuclear source could be blessing in disguise considering the fact that we don't have much energy resources left in term of fuel,gas etc. so if we use it in the right way,the question of unstabiliyt never arises. i personally feel that as india has not signed NPT, india has a previlage over other countries those who have signed NPT.This is a clear indication that india is a rational country nd every other country belives in india that they are going to use this power only for the powere purpose not to harm any south asia country. (Reply to this comment) (Cancel this reply) (Comment Replies Disabled)


IWF being banned from commonwealth games - shame on India - what can be done?
Replies: Posted By: Rena


The Commonwealth is a unique family of developed and developing nations, a voluntary association of independent sovereign states spread over every continent and ocean. From Africa to Asia, from Pacific shores to the Caribbean, the Commonwealth's 1.7 billion people make up 30% of the world's population and are of many faiths, races, languages and cultures. CGF vision is to promote friendly, world-class games and to develop the sport and strengthen the commonwealth. Africa, America, Asia, Caribbean, Europe and Oceania are all participating in the commonwealth. In this great game, which is considered to be next to the Olympics, India faced a ban up to four years in weightlifting competitions, after it was confirmed that both the "A" and "B" samples of two lifters returned positive in the 18th Commonwealth Games. Indian Weightlifting Federation has been banned for the second time within seven months of a one-year suspension period and its disappointed officials are not able to explain the utter humiliation. This is a great shame for INDIA. Whole world will not talk about our third position in the final list. All will speak about the second time ban. Games are conducted to develop the spirit and relation between the countries. It is not for getting the prizes. Participation plays a major role. All should not aim at only prizes and all should not aim for the honour. Since all aim only at those things, the result is negative. All the players should set an example for others. They should not be a hot topic to be discussed happily by all. They should not give a place for other countries to gossip in this matter. ALL THE PLAYERS SHOULD HAVE SELF-CONTROL.THEY SHOULD ONLY THINK ABOUT PARTICIPATING AND THEY HSOULD NOT THINK ABOUT THESE DRUGS AND ALL.EVEN AFTER THEY KNOW THAT THEY WILL BE CAUGHT AS A RESULT OF THE TEST, I DONOT KNOW WHY THEY ARE ATTEMPTING THIS.SOWE CANNOT TAKE ANY MEASURES TO STOP THEM.EACH INDIVIDUAL SHOULD THINK ABOUT THEIR COUNTRY'S PRESTIGE AND SHOULD ACT ACCORDING TO THAT.THIS IS NOT ONLY A SHAME FOR THEM.IT IS A SHAME FOR WHOLE INDIA.






Posted By: rameshkrr Hai rena, · You are right. But there may be some reasons for those types of things, which happened in IWF. We cannot blame the person who participated in that. · Can any body that know about the fire will keep his hand in it. Even though some will come and join in hospital saying they had undergone burns. Hope you got my opinion.


Is Sonia's resignation a sacrifice?
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Is Sonia's resignation a sacrifice?
Replies Posted By: Rena • Gandhi resigned as MP and NAC chief on Thursday. That resignation took place only after they have been exposed. The party has received a first attack when Jaya bachchan had been disqualifed. According to me, that is not a sacrifice. If she did this before, we can consider it as a sacrifice. But all happened when her attempts to be against law gone useless and after she came to know that the President would not sign an ordinance to bail her out of the office of profit controversy. She resigned to be on the safer side. Before she is caught, she resigned and all r telling it as a sacrifice. She knows that if she continues to be in that seat, Congress would face the danger.

As Advani said, her resignation is "not a sacrifice but a compulsion, not morality but drama."

Posted By: ssrkraju • Sonia's resignation is depicted as a sacrifice in the lines of her rejection to highest coveted post of Prime Minister two years ago. I would like to mention that the conditions in May 2004 and March 2006 are very different and needs a deeper look to distinguish both. In May 2004 when Congress was elected to lead the country, she although not born in India, had an Indian citizenship. She became a Member of Parliament, which implied that she was in all respects eligible for the post of Prime Minister. Then came her rejection on basis of her inner voice. It was a personal decision as hailed by party cadre. It was a sacrifice, to gain more political mileage and given that the post would go to a well deserved Finance Minister Manmohan Singh who drove Indian economy with his bold decisions in late 80's. Coming to Sonia's resignation in March 2006. Let's first consider the circumstances where she resigned. It all started with the term "Office of Profit" which is not defined in our Indian Constitution. Not holding any profitable office under government is one of the eligible criteria for an Individual to contest for the post of Member of Parliament. The Jaya Bachan case, she was holding a post of UP film development chairman, which is an office of profit and Supreme Court, has ordered her withdrawal of her candidature as MP. If Sonia has resigned after Jaya went out of Parliament would have been a sacrifice. Instead they waited. The actual purpose of ordinance is that when the parliament is not in session and any emergency situation to bring in a bill can be brought through ordinance, which requires President's approval. Congress tried to bring an ordinance by stalling the proceedings of

the Parliament, which is unethical. Next as the media played its role of bringing the consequences to light. • The indications from Rastrapati Bhavan not in favor of Congress led to the resignation of Sonia. This is not at all a Sacrifice and is just a face-saving measure, which came at wrong time. The moral responsibility is not adhered to as she also said that she is going to contest again. Rather she should have left politics. Now, her victory from Rae Bareli is anyway confirmed and the ordinance will pull the NAC post from office of profit. Now, Sonia will again have her MP post as well as NAC post will a small gap. Is there anything she is losing?

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