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How to Learn Astrology 1

How to Learn Astrology 1

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Published by: moirann on Jul 28, 2010
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This is not an article on esoteric astrology, and that is
what we are wandering into here. It would take a book
to present the picture in full, but let's take a quick tour of
this concept, since it is perhaps the best way to
introduce the outer planets.

The outer planets are just that, what is beyond Saturn,
what is beyond the physical. When we go sailing past
our Saturn return at around 30 years of age, we are
heading for those planets outside of Saturn, the
transcendental. My esoteric teacher used to say
"Transcend-dental," literally beyond the teeth - beyond
the physical. The next outer planet, Uranus, does not
complete its orbit until around the 84th year, so there is
a huge gap there, before we will be forced to get the
message. In fact, we will have Saturn wrapping two
times around before the experience of Uranus is
completed once.

The Lights and Planets

From Michael Erlewine


Another way to look at this is that each of us will spend
most of our adult life wandering beyond the reach of
Saturn (that is: beyond the physical) and we may not
even realize it. At thirty years of are, we are launched
beyond what we all recognize as the physical, but
awareness of that fact is almost nil in modern society.
Do you begin to see how obvious this concept is? The
popular way of saying this is: we are past our prime.

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