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How to Learn Astrology 1

How to Learn Astrology 1

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Published by: moirann on Jul 28, 2010
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The literature on esoteric astrology is filled with crazy
diagrams, so I might just as well add a few of my own.
This diagram does not follow strict astronomy or
astrology, but it is intended to convey some idea as to
how the planetary energies work in astrology. If it looks
like nonsense to you, feel free to ignore it.

What It Is

This is what we could call the planetary sphere of life,
involving a sphere-like object (mathematically called a
torus) with a center channel running from the bottom to
the top. The arrows indicate that the energy flow goes
from bottom to top, and on around again - endlessly.

Running up the center channel, much like images we
might see of the chakras (but not in the usual order), are
the planets, from Mercury through Pluto. The Lights, the
Sun and the Moon, sit on the left and right sides of the

The Lights and Planets

From Michael Erlewine


diagram. They are not part of the channel, but together
represent the whole process of life.

This diagram represents in two dimensions a dynamic
process. It illustrates the endless life process that is
represented by the symbol of the Sun in its shining. The
Sun is Shining. Each of the planets represents a
particular part of this dynamic process, and even a brief
study of the diagram should help to make this clear.

Let's start with Saturn.


Saturn, the great master of form, provides the walls of
the central channel, the resistance that makes it
possible to feel anything, but also any obstacles that
may confront us. Saturn defines the physical course we
must all pass through in our lives, but not the course
itself, our path. That is Jupiter.

The Lights and Planets

From Michael Erlewine



Jupiter is our guide and the path through the channel,
the actual course itself, the way through the walls of
time (Saturn) which we must travel. Each of us has a
different path, and Jupiter is the way we can go. But
getting through that path depends on what drives us,
and that is Mars.


Mars is the energy or push that drives this whole
process, helping to urge us forward, and propel us
through the channel and its course. What drives each of
us onward can differ, it depends on what we care about
and love, and that is Venus.

The Lights and Planets

From Michael Erlewine


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