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How to Learn Astrology 1

How to Learn Astrology 1

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Published by: moirann on Jul 28, 2010
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In understanding aspects and their orbs, it is very easy
to lose sight of the forest, because of the trees, and this
is a very important point: The reason we look at
aspects and aspect patterns is to see what is going on.
Since astrologers today, for the most part, use
computers, it is easy to set some orbs, and let the
computer churn out a list of aspects. The problem with
such lists is that once you set an aspect to a certain orb,
you may exclude or be unaware of many important
astrological events, without every knowing it.

For example, if I set the orb for the Sun at 9 degrees, as
we listed earlier, and I have the Sun and Moon with an
angular separation of 9-degrees and 1 minute for
whatever aspect they might be approaching, that aspect
is not going to appear on my list, even though I need to

The Aspects

From Michael Erlewine


be aware of it. This is the danger or setting and
forgetting orbs. There is no substitute for actually
looking at the chart patterns with your eyes. Don't only
depend on lists, or you will miss a lot that is important in
the chart.

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