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How to Learn Astrology 1

How to Learn Astrology 1

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Published by: moirann on Jul 28, 2010
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So what we are saying here is that the Sun Sign
astrology we all read in the newspapers and that folks
talk about amounts to nothing more than a difference in
birthdays, the earth was in a different part of its annual
orbit. This is what separates you from me, and if these
seem like a small difference, it just may be all the
difference in the world. After all, human beings are
mostly similar. If some alien race came from outer
space and sorted us out, the fact that I am a Cancer sun
sign and you are a Libra is probably not going to even
register on their radar screen. But for us humans, these
little differences can mean a lot. Again: this may be all
the difference in the world.

The Zodiac Signs

From Michael Erlewine


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