the level of the ground, and about one foot within the peat; and ova it was railed m artificial hill, abaft eight feet higher than the neighbouring gromd ; and as the whok hill akfifird of both peat and meadow. ground intermixed togabir, it phionly appeared, the the pelt was older than the ern ; and that the puke., who railed die hill, mai fiat have dug a large Ink

in the peat; to bury the an there, and to formed
the hill of the peat and meadow-ground mixed top ther. R.cond the hill, where the um lay, they had
made alio many half-circular ridges, with trenches be

tween than, one beyond another, in this manoer:

the ; and the hilf circles Blew fame of the ridges, the number 1 which Mr. Ofgood has now fagot. The urn am broke by the peat-fpade, and it ckne up only. it

Where a is the river, and

fmall pieces, fo that nothing was found in it r swl no body happened to bc there at that time ben tit

No coins of my fort have barn found he the pat

But there may, perhaps, be a variety of thing. e the bottcm of it : bra as the peat U always full el water, whkh is never quite drained off, fo it is ra so eary Maio to examine the bottom. I kg 7

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