Dear Lee: Over the past few weeks, anonymous cowards and political adversaries have attacked both

of us in a most despicable manner ± using innuendo, rumor and flat-out falsehoods. I regret to say these attacks have taken precious time from both of us. I know this personally because of your support for me and my work on the Cook GOP¶s behalf ± as part of our larger effort to win for Republicans in November. This cannot go on. That is why I have decided, freely and independently, to relieve you of the burden the cowards created by attacking me. It is not worth jeopardizing our efforts to reply to these individuals from the party office. I feel it is best for our GOP team that I step aside as executive director so you and the Republican Committeemen can continue without distraction the work needed to win in November. I appreciate the time you have spent conferring with and supporting me. I thank you for standing with me and urging me to stay and fight. Believe me, I will fight these smears, but not on your dime. You and the Committeemen have more important work to do ± electing Mark Kirk and Bill Brady. I deeply appreciate my work with you. I look forward to assisting you in whatever way I can. Unfortunately, it cannot be as executive director. Sincerely,

Jeremy Rose